In the thirty-fourth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we fall behind what’s happening in patch 5.3, we continue to argue about herb and ore prices, we wonder what the rare MoP BoE armor and weapon market is, we ask why one would run both TSM and Auctionator, we sort of figure out how to manage in-game whispers, we realize wow-pro is broken in Northern Stranglethorn, and we progress in LFR, pet battles, and with our thirty weeks of World of Warcraft by answering the question: what is your favorite Burning Crusade dungeon.

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More 5.3 Thoughts

Sláinte hasn’t even made it to 5.2 yet. Am I falling behind too fast??

Screw End Game, level all teh things.

Counter-Argument for Pre-Mop Herb/Ore Market Changes

Sláinte says… NO!

Blue Market Blues

What blue armor/weapon market?

TSM and Auctionator

Why both?

AddOn/Manager for Tells

I miss a lot of whispers/tells… how do I manage these?

WoW-Pro Broken?

Northern Stranglethorn Crash… now what?

Loremaster tales, story line continues. Stop and smell the lore!

Taming pets with Hunter. Pogeyan <The Fire Spirit>


Running out of bag space for possible TMogg pieces…

Pet Battle Weekend?

Oh heck yah!

Okrut Dragonwaste is OP! Then I found this and this and decided to go get some MoP pets and level them.

Pet Battle Daily Quest Guide:

Raid Progression

All the ToEs! They removed loot-from-bosses from the game, but was still fun.

Call from Strumpet

TWOWOW – Favorite Burning Crusade Dungeon


Shadow Labs… and Sethekk Halls… and ALL OF THEM!


Mechanar (for Rogue farming)

Magister’s Terrace (for looks and crazy boss fights)

Hellfire Ramparts (for nostalgia)

Old Hillsbrad Foothills (young Thrall)




G’day Lads,


Like most things in wow, I have favourite things for different reasons. There’s been some great times had in several of the BC dungeons as part of the Kara attunement, grinding sporregar rep and ‘erbing in Slave Pens and Underbog was always fun, and I loved the look of the Netherstorm dungeons. But I’m going to choose Opening the Dark Portal as my favourite. This dungeon was different than most; once you started the event , it was do-or-die. This made for an exhilarating and adrenaline filled time, beta cause no one wants to start over again!  The tank would often dash off to the next portal while dps finished off the current one, leaving the healer (me) to decide who gets heals, or sometimes to even go pickup some mob that had gotten through and was beating down the shield. Good times indeed!

For the Horde!




#TWOWOW – Week 14 – Your least favorite/most challenging dungeon/raid/world boss?

Answers that include “Elevator Boss” will not be accepted


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