In the one hundred and thirteenth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we go back in time and run timewalking dungeons and fish up all the achievements in Draenor, Molsan is permanently banished to Helheim on his Holy Priest, while Sláinte is forced to run heroic Emerald Nightmare instead of Trial of Valor, we open our Bloated Threshers to loot Darkmoon Daggermaw and sell them for crazy amounts of gold, we venture out to Suramar with a full quest log, but without a disguise, we stumble on the World Quest Group Finder addon and can’t believe we’ve been playing without it, we run battlegrounds to boost artifact power, and run old raids to collect missing appearances, and we discuss the rules for our new gold-making challenge.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you by Molsan and Sláinte.

Holy Ding 110

  • Dinged in Helheim so was banished/stuck
  • The 810 dilemma… Raise professions to craft your own gear, but need dungeons… or buy 810+ so you can run heroics for profession quests
  • External resources say that crafters are “giving away” 810+ gear (like Imbued Silkweave)… Min buyout is 2500g so not really

Heroic Emerald Nightmare vs. Trial of Valor

  • Salty gets salty

Timewarping Weekly Five

  • Died in every dungeon
  • Party was nice enough to give me agility gear to get me over 810
  • AIE Monk’s name was offensive
  • I fell and didn’t click on wind

Dark Moon FairE Fishing

  • Dat Dough Nut
  • Bloated Threshers OMG… Contain 5-10 Darkmoon Daggermaw when opened

World Questing in Failamar

  • You don’t have the portal?
  • You don’t have the disguise?
  • Shouldn’t you always try and help the weakest link get better, or do you toss them aside?
  • Returned for the masquerade deal… just winking a lot
  • Non-stop either “Something’s Not Quite Right…” or “Your Quest Log is Full”

AddOns: World Quest Group Finder

Legendary Cloak

  • Off Nithogg… when you least expect it to happen… it happens
  • Bonus rolled an 860 helm too… why not

PvP Battlegrounds

  • Oh yes… It means the end of WoW for Molsan
  • Trinkets upgraded from 799 and 825 to 840 and 845

AddOns: mOnArs WardrobeHelper

AddOns: Adibags

No Effing Gold-Making Challenge

  • Weekly event on show
  • Rules to be revealed LIVE during recording


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Additional clips of music taken from “Tainted Love (Instrumental)” by Soft Cell

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In the one hundred and twelfth World of Warcraft podcast episode, world quest bosses drop legendary and hidden artifact weapons as long as you remember to loot them, Molsan falls in love with the Holy Priest, and running Skyreach over and over isn’t enough to break him, Sláinte’s headset and computer melts down mid-raid, and he decides to go wireless for the first time, we discuss how to properly level Cooking by avoiding your Garrison and participating in Pilgrim’s Bounty, we explain how Fishing is not painful, but relaxing, especially when using a laptop while watching TV, and we break down shoulder enchants, making gold with fishing lures, and we help copy weak aura strings into your game.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you by Molsan and Sláinte.

Raiding Updates

  • Raid progression stuff
  • Salty legendary
  • Salty DK weapon things
  • Nothing for Molsan on world boss… rest of party got epics… was asked if I “got credit” for the kill

Legion Story

  • Do you even care or know what’s going on at this point
  • Doing the same thing… AH, world quest, leveling, etc. so there is no time for story

In Love with Holy

  • Story time… Getting reaquainted with Holy spec…
  • Insta-queue dungeons
  • WoD random… Skyreach
  • Timewalking WotLK… much more difficult… was called “brain dead”
  • Researched, added macros… WoD random… Sky Reach… AGAIN
  • OMG it’s great… will now level as Holy

Firmware Saltware

  • Computer drama
  • Wireless headset recommendations

Leveling Cooking and Pilgrim’s Bounty

  • The proper way to level Cooking instead of “Garrisons”
  • Can level Fishing simultaneously by fishing up mats for Cooking
  • Complete all PB quests for 8K experience per quest, 12K for dailies. Easy leveling!
  • Pick the “Pilgrim’s Bounty” bag as reward for chance at Toy and Pet (Frightened Bush Chicken)… Sell pet for 11K-21K

Fishing is Dumb and Painful

  • Why it’s not
  • It’s relaxing… low stress
  • Seriously crazy amounts of gold
  • Get into the Lure gold-making business
  • Oh, Molsan got Underlight Angler… Now what
  • How do you AFK fish while doing something else (watching TV, working, etc.)

Shoulder Enchant

  • Which one do you use?

Email from Eelor

Greetings Molsan and Salty,

Thought I would take the time to write you an email after hearing how you don’t get to many of them. I can only imagine how much work goes into producing your show on a regular basis and I want you to know it’s much appreciated. I thoroughly enjoy the format, the loosely scripted back and forth that harkens back to some of the old radio shows before TV. Listening to you guys kind of makes me think of Felix Unger and Oscar Madison hiring a goblin kodo caravan to take them from Crossroads to Ratchet. ( I’ll leave it to you guys to decide who is who) 😉

Between Molsan, who lifts up the hood of the game and dives down the rabbit holes of WoW’s unique characteristics, and Salty, the classic raider who takes the simplistic view and just has fun getting shinies, you guys have nailed it. You struck on the formula that gets me immersed in your show and in-turn gets me immersed in the game through the show, which is exactly what I want in a podcast.

I work 70 hrs a week and game time is limited which wasn’t a problem until Legion. This expansion is just too much fun to walk away from. As a  trucker, podcasts are the best way to pass the miles and it wasn’t until Legion that I thought of WoW podcasts to somehow bring the game with me on the road. I have tried a lot of them and I do have a few that I really like a lot but I have to let you know that Bitter and Salty is definitely my favorite of them all. So thanks!

  • Couple of footnotes; passive-aggressive add-ons, hysterical but true! …love it.
  • Also, how do you copy and paste weak auras codes from that Web site. I suppose I could look all that up but any extra tips would be appreciated.
  • Finally, artifact power, OMG, what a channel for my OCD. I could make a list:  things I could do but instead I have to grind artifact power! Lol!

Sincerely,   Eelor…Draenei Resto Shammy on Moon Guard.

No BlizzCon, No Tip

  • Stay Classy


Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Slainte” by Tartalo Music (on YouTube and Facebook)

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In the one hundred and eleventh World of Warcraft podcast episode, we open up our BlizzCon goodie bags, and drink the kool-aid from our tenth anniversary steins, we rate and recap our BlizzCon experiences and predictions, we agree that quantity is quality when considering new WoW content and patch releases, we review all of the 7.1.5 and 7.2 announcements, and prepare ourselves for Garrisons in Legion, flying, more invasions, class mounts, and the continuation of our artifact quest line, and we explain our theory about the upcoming journey to where it all began: underwater questing.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you by Molsan and Sláinte.

BlizzCon 2016

  • Goodie bag

No new expansion

  • We’re working on one, of course

BlizzCon Predictions… How Did We Do?

  • Winston from Overwatch announced as new hero for Heroes of the Storm
  • I won’t let YOU ruin my fun… Khadgar
  • People will wear their badges around all the time outside of the convention hall
  • Some people are more exciting on Twitter than IRL
  • Some people will be excited, some people will be jealous
  • People will get in lines both too early and too late
  • Diablo 25th anniversary video montage
  • Warcraft Legion 7.2 announcement
  • We will find out what Overwatch Sombrero means
  • SaltySlainte will sleep in


  • Varied patch structure
  • A “minor” release is not a “patch” release but okay
  • Quantity is quality
  • Getting content to us quicker instead of one major change holding up the whole release

Patch 7.1.5

  • Legion’s first “small” patch
  • MoP Timewalking dungeons… example of “evergreen” content… content that can go in any patch but will be around forever
  • Brawler’s Guild with dozens of new bosses
  • Micro Holidays
    • AQ Remembrance Day… Horde banner will fly for a year
    • Volunteer Guard day… swap appearances with a guard
    • Pepe-style hippogryphs
    • Boat Day… Azeroth spring break
  • PvP Changes Were Crazy
    • Throwing stuff out there and see what works
  • Class Updates
    • Reworking talents… will they ever be able to balance?
    • Secondary stats… buffing
    • Traps coming back to Hunters. Great.
  • REALLY SOON… Going on the PTR now


  • Return to the site of our greatest failure
  • All 12 classes = Armies of Legionfall
  • New World Quests… Love WQs!
    • Class-themed WQs
  • “Build a Base, Create a Foothold”
    • Sounds like.. GARRISONS!!!!1
    • But wait, no, it’s like Isle of Quel’danas
    • Nether Disruptor, Command Center, and, wait for it… a MAGE TOWER!
  • Legion Assaults
    • Just like the pre-legion invasions… yay?
    • WQs will be disabled in the zone… so you can participate in other WQs
    • Three-player scenarios!
  • Flying? There’s no flying in Legion!
    • Part two of Pathfinder… Salty was wrong
    • All about outdoor content to unlock flying… no dungeons or raids required
    • Unlocked for your character, and all characters on your account
    • See? No alts… just characters
  • Class Mounts
    • Warlock and Paladin are stupid… But that DK mount!
  • ToS Raid
    • Harvesting the Pillars of Creation
    • Kil’jaeden final boss
  • Patch Dungeons Return
    • Do you miss them?
  • Artifact Changes
    • Can play catch up in 7.1.5… Is this fine?
    • Relics that unlock multiple trait bonuses… Awesome
    • Continuation of the Artifact questline
    • Solo content to unlock an additional appearance… YES!!
      • Similar to Benediction, Green Fire, etc.
  • Dungeon Stuffs
    • Heroics and Mythics getting boosted (difficulty, rewards, etc.)
    • Upper and Lower Kara split
      • Attunement removed?
  • 7.2 The End of Legion
  • Except… We’re going to Argus

Content Overload

  • Is this the most content you’ve ever seen from WoW in a short amount of time?

Salty Theory

  • Underwater Mounts


Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Slainte” by Tartalo Music (on YouTube and Facebook)

Additional clips of music taken from “Overwatch Soundtrack” by Blizzard Entertainment

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In the one hundred and eighth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we grind away at artifact power and gather all the order hall resources as we venture into Suramar for world quests, we wonder what alts are good for, and why we really need them, Sláinte fishes up his artifact fishing pole, and meets Nat Pagle himself once again, Molsan encounters annoyances and bugs with order hall class quests, and wants Exodar to burn to the ground, we organize our guild banks properly, and worry that everyone will steal our full stacks of Fjarnskaggl, and we mount up on our foxes as we prepare to take on the Druid leveling challenge.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you by Molsan and Sláinte.


  • Silver Tail Mountain G.O.A.T. in Stormheim


  • What is it
  • How do you feel about it
  • Muffins wants to know if 1 or 5 on Twitter


  • What good are they?
  • Do we really need them?

Salty Fishing Stories

  • Projection of Nat is not Nat in-game
  • Salty Fishing status

Blacksmith Chain Quests

  • Followed WoWHead

Paladin Class Order Hall Followers Bugged

Halls of Valor Bug

  • Couldn’t open chest for enchanting because in combat
  • Had to jump off bridge… Guildies Junipyrrh and Dewid were encouraging me to kill myself
  • All that for recipe to make Enchanted Pen pet

Organizing the Guild Bank

  • Where to start
  • Best practices, best for guildies
  • Tabs by item or tabs by permission

Druid Challenge

  • WTF

What is the Fox Mount

  • Faux mount

BlizzCon Tip from Salty

  • Safe Words


Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Slainte” by Tartalo Music (on YouTube and Facebook)

Additional clips of music taken from “Overwatch Soundtrack” by Blizzard Entertainment

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In the one hundred and sixth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we race to max level only to find all the withered things we need to do to get raid ready, Sláinte dings 110, while Molsan lets his Legion companion app tell him how to play, we rediscover group finder in-game to fight world bosses and complete group quests, we regret raid finder almost as much as Ghostcrawler, and blame LFR for him leaving Blizzard, we run dungeons instead of questing, debate over the best and worst order halls, ask you to hearth to your Garrison before returning to Dalaran, but most of all, we want you to not be disappointed in the World of Warcraft.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you by Molsan and Sláinte.


  • Leveling up for… what?
  • What’s next? World Bossing, Suramar, Artifacting, Keystones, Withered?
  • You ding and… nothing happens; no new talent, no grats in guild chat, etc.

Mobile App Order Halls

  • You can just do these forever… Oh, until you run out of OH resources. GG

Molsan Wonders

  • Why can’t you just get a rez timeout where you die instead of making your corpse-walk through Hightmountain?



Salty is Fishing Again

  • Meta phone screenshot of Salty Salty on a raft
  • Death Knight fishing only on mains kk

Happy Pirate Day

  • Who cares

Group Finder is Awesome

  • Created a group, and within a couple of minutes had help in Stormheim to take down elite quest mobs (Stonefang and the eagle for Rigging the Wager)

Challenge: Leveling Together

  • Fresh hundeyz
  • Demon Hunters

Ghostcrawler Regrets LFR

  • Tweet about him regretting LFR?
  • “To be clear, the goal of getting more players into raiding is a good one. But the way Raid Finder turned out removed, IMO anyway, a lot of the epicness of what made raiding raiding. I also haven’t played WoW in a few years, so it’s entirely possible they have solved the problem by now.”

First Dungeon: Darkheart Thicket

  • Tank was Pally… 110
  • Healer was Pally… 101
  • SP and Rogue were 103… I was 103
  • SP damage was pathetic… was around 24K… I was around 50, Rogue and Pally tank were well above that
  • Great if you are an Herbalist
  • Very linear… looked great
  • Never felt like anything was threatening
  • Gained about 16% xp and got a couple of i730 pieces!!
  • Always thank the tank


  • Before you hearth to start your next quest or talk to Khadgar… Hearth to Garrison first

Best/Worst OH

  • Best… Warrior/DK?
  • Worst… Mage? Rogue? (you can’t mount in either)

Salt Tip

  • Do not be disappoint


Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Slainte” by Tartalo Music (on YouTube and Facebook)

Additional clips of music taken from “Overwatch Soundtrack” by Blizzard Entertainment

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