In the twenty-third World of Warcraft podcast episode, we comment on the bombs Blizzard dropped on Mage bomb buffs, we discuss strategies for the Glory of the Hero achievement, we share our and your favorite raid for week two of our thirty weeks of WoW, we talk Ghost Iron Ore (again), along with professions, and a remote auction house noob tip, we get into level 80 twinking with iLevel 409 items, drink some potions of luck, and give big grats to the Bitter and Salty guild for reaching level 25.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Today’s Hotfixes… Mage and Tank Buffs!

Glory of the Hero

  • Couldn’t Solo Old Kingdom
  • Zombiefest strategy

#TWoWoW – Week 2 – Favorite Raid

My favourite raid would have to be Karazhan!

Part of it was the mechanics – they were interesting, new, and challenging.

Part of it was, strangely enough, the effort you had to go through to actually get attuned. I know raid attunement is a double-edged sword, but I did enjoy the challenge – mainly because I got to do it with friends. Which brings me to the main reason I liked Karazhan so much – the friends and guildies that I got to run it with. I always looked forward to raiding not because I might get loot or down a new boss, but because the people I ran it with made it a very enjoyable time for me!

(Although our tank had this crazy notion of doing difficult pulls of packs of undead by gathering them all up and AoEing!)

Keep up the great work guys!

    • Mystek AKA Tydanis, Earthen Ring US

So for my week 2 submission for my favourite raid I had a bit of trouble deciding on one. I’ve been playing since WoW has released so I’ve experienced every raid that’s been out, so I had to take some time and think about each one and which I had the fondest memories of. After some thought, I narrowed it down to only two: Kharazhan and Sunwell. Not only do I have my fondest memories during this time in WoW (the Burning Crusade exspansion) from both content and the people I played with then, but both of these raids were long, interesting, fun, and beautiful in design. If I had to choose just one of those raids, well I can’t haha, but I would say Kharazhan for overall fun, and Sunwell for overall beauty and lore.

Keep up the awesome job guys, the show is a pleasure to listen to each week 🙂

 Hello Molsan and Sláinte! It’s Grimm writing in with my 30 days of WoW. I’m gonna cheat and backdate this first email to include week one, so:

My first toon was a Tuaren feral druid named Sala (after the Indiana Jones character) on Korialstrasz. I started playing in december of 2006, right before the launce of BC, and didn’t know feral was not a viable spec. I just liked turning into a cat and stealthing past everything. I was on Korial for 3 years until all the friends I had been playing with had finally stopped playing, and I wanted to go somewhere that I know people would be on even at my late hours, so I transferred to Earthen Ring to join AIE. Sala was taken, and being terrible at selecting names the best thing I could come up with was Rowlf (like the Muppet). That lasted a few months until I got sick of it and decided to come up with something that I could work into any character to make naming easier, and thus Grimmclaw was born. So yes, original toon played since vanilla.

As to my favorite raid, although I love the design, look and feel of Ulduar, I have the best memories from ICC, when Floor Tanks made it through to defeat the Lich King. We may not have been cutting edge, but it was the first time I ever killed an end of expansion boss while it was current content, and by the end of ICC that team had a great chemistry.

Ghost Iron Ore

  • What is the deal with the raw uncommon market?

Remote Auction House Noob Tip

  • Manipulate the query string and bookmark your favorite searches
  • Change “faction” and “search_term” in the query below

Auction House Etiquette

  • Call from Tethedra (sorry if we misspelled your name)


  • Crafted shield and BoE Gift for main tank

i409 Twinking

    • DK 310 Item Level

Potion of Luck

  • Molsan
    • Session 1 (Blood DK) – Howling Wind Caverns
      • 6 Plundered Treasure
      • 4g
      • 2g, 5 GiO, 2 MoH
      • 25g
      • 1g
      • 2g
      • 4g, 2 GiO, 3 Black Trillium Ore, 3 White Trillium Ore
      • 3 MoH
      • 21 Windwool Cloth
      • 3 Uncommons
      • Bunch of GiO (from Mining)
    • Session 2 (same)
      • 8 Plundered Treasure
      • 3g, 3 WWC, 4 BTO, 4 WTO
      • 4g
      • 4g
      • 24g, 4 BTO
      • 2g
      • 5g, 5 GIO
      • 4g
      • 2g, 1 uncommon
      • 1 MoH
      • 11 WWC
      • Bunch of GIO (from Mining)
  •  Sláinte
    • Used in HoF LFR Trash
    • Thanks for tip Rho
    • Looted 6 Treasures
    • Gold and other stuff
    • Got 4 Treasures
    • Mostly Gold and White Trillium Ore

Soul of the Aspects Pet Giveaway

  • From @benredington
  • Mention us on Twitter with… Your favorite in-game battle cry (for the horde, glory to the alliance, Anu belore dela’na, etc.)!
  • On Thursday, March 28th, we will select one random person who follows us and mentions us with their favorite battle cry.
  • Follow us @bitterandsalty so we can DM you the code!

Bitter and Salty Guild Dings 25!

  • Thank you all!!!


  • Jean Dings 25 on a Pet
  • Jean Dings 90 on 3rd character


@badtauren how many palis between the two of you

@JetrixAdune by the way guys, I got the “Diplomat” Title earlier this week…would love a shout out!

@Ashayo Sorry I missed Q1! I don’t believe all those folks whose first toon wasn’t a NE Hunter. Mine was 🙂

@jeanbees My first toon was a dwarf pally. My son deleted her.#lateagain
@jeanbees My NEXT first toon was a NE druid named Saris. Now she’s a troll named Aless. STILL not max level (88).

@Wowhonen My first toon might be gone but his namesake lives on! My next toon to 90 will be my rogue Nobag

@Nick20Q @Molsan congrats to your podcast and guild! that is awesome


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In the nineteenth World of Warcraft podcast episode, love is in the air and we’re hot for some love token grinding, we review the 5.2 valor point reset and Elder Charm changes, we explain the upcoming changes to Fishing and break down pool migrations, we reveal more Tiller tips, and we deliver breaking news that valor points actually won’t reset after all.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Love is in the Air!

The Valor/Justice Point System and 5.2 Changes…

  • Valor/Justice and Conquest/Honor Resets
    • “With 5.2 we won’t be changing current Valor items to cost Justice, but they will be much cheaper (discounts from 50-75% off their current costs). You’ll need to acquire Valor after the patch is released to buy pieces for their discounted rate, or to buy the new 5.2 Valor items, but we’re also introducing new items to spend your Justice on, including heirlooms and Pet Battle stones.”
  • Elder/Lesser Charms
    • “While Charms won’t be converted, Lesser Charms of Good Fortune will no longer be used to purchase Elder Charms in patch 5.2. Instead Lesser Charms will purchase Mogu Runes of Fate. They’ll be purchasable in the same way; once a week, 90 Lesser Charms can be converted to 3 Mogu Runes of Fate via a quest in your faction’s Shrine. Mogu Runes of Fate will be usable for bonus rolls on 5.2 raid and world bosses only. Elder Charms will continue to be used for bonus rolls on 5.0 raids and world bosses, and will now be acquired as item drops by killing enemies in the new 5.2 Thundering Isle outdoor zone.”
  • Grimm fighting it out with Bashiok on Twitter


  • After reading your feedback and locking ourselves in dim, florescent-lit rooms for much deliberation, we have decided that we are NOT going to convert Valor to Justice and Justice to gold when 5.2 ships.
  • In addition, we’re making a change to ensure that there are some gear rewards available via the Kirin Tor Offensive and Sunreaver Onslaught, the two new factions with which players can earn reputation in 5.2 without raiding. The patch was shaping up to be a real challenge for players who don’t like raiding (including LFR), as our original design meant that no new Valor rewards would be available to them without needing to run Throne of Thunder. You can expect to see the Valor rewards on the Kirin Tor Offensive and Sunreaver Onslaught quartermasters updated on the 5.2 public test realms in the near future. These rewards are ilevel 496 and will only accommodate a few slots, as they aren’t intended to be very attractive to raiders (including those running LFR), but should give non-raiders something to shoot for in 5.2.


Tiller Tip

Tracking Raw Level Mats

  • GIO price up… so stay away!

HotT updates

  • Crafting gear
    • Sons of Hodir enchants
  • New concerns??
  • Always looking for alts to help out
  • Monthly event for B&S guild?

Sláinte is Dual-Boxing

  • SoR on myself


@Ashayo – Now I understand why ghost iron prices have gone up Thanks @bitterandsalty


  1. @bitterandsalty 7th Alt to 90. 8th is 3 levels away. 3 pets to level 25 Spending time on lowbies waiting for patch 5.2.
  2. Question for show: Do you think crossrealm mailing of heirlooms is a possibility at some point soon?
  3. Oh, and Doombringer got me 500gold on AH
  4. OH! Just hit Exalted with Hydraxian Waterlords AND hit 55 exalted reps! 🙂 No more Molten Core!


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In the eighteenth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we are not panicking about Ghost Iron Ore and the changes to leveling Blacksmithing in 5.2, we buy Battle Pets through the RMAH, we figure out that JCs can make their own Primal Diamonds, we discuss auction house ethics when someone mistakenly lists an item too low, we walk you through using a script to retrieve item IDs from Wowhead, and we realize that it’s time to get organized.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

The Great Ghost Iron Ore Debacle of 2013

  • Buy and Hold? Who cares; buy and prospect? Panic?!?
  • Blacksmith Leveling Kits
    • What are leveling kits?
      • Leveling a profession from 1-600

Battle Pets Now Listed in the RMAH

  • YES! Now what? Available for scanning yet?

Call from Strumpet – Pet Battle Update


  • Jewelcrafting
    • Design: Primal Diamond
      • Takes 5 of each uncommon MoP gems and 1 Spirit of Harmony
      • JCs can make use of the SoHs, but if you have an xMute Alchemist, is this better?

Noob Tip

Marketplace Ethics

  • Email from Postblue (night elf hunter, is there any other kind of hunter?)
    • “I have a question, when you find a market mistake I.E. is it ethical to proceed with flipping the item.  I found and item posted for 1k that regularly sells for 25-30k and was very excited.  The person that made the mistake contacted me in game and explained he simply posted it wrong. He then proceeded to offer me 2K for it back which I thought was low.  After a little banter I declined to return it to him because I felt it was his responsibility and not mine to post his auctions right. What do you think?”

How to Setup Wowuction Broker with Items from Wowhead

__rows = $("#lv-items table tbody tr");

__itemids = "";
__rows.each(function() {
__cells = $(this).children("td");
__itemname = $(__cells[2]).find("a").text();
__itemlink = $(__cells[2]).find("a").attr("href");
__itemids += __itemlink.substr(6)+",";
__newOutputrow = $("<div />");
  • Copy and paste comma-separated list into Wowuction and categorize your items by naming the list (i.e. “Herald of the Titans BoEs”)
  • Update prices on broker sheet and enable email notification

Call from Plastic Duck – How Do You Get Organized?

#HottT Talk


  • Snupsen Grim Batol EU

Hey, just listened to episode 16 and 17. figured molsen felt like the tank should be geared first and I totally agree.

But Your plan for the gearing is not optimized so after giving it a fast thought I came up with a easy suggestion.

you would need the best gear on all Your 10 level 80s.

hopefully you are not stacking a class so just split up the group in half, 5 80s with diffrent needs of loot and the other half bring their level 90 and boosts you though it all for gear.

(like at freya you leave the 80s at the middle circle, run inn with the 5 90s and zerg her and out. if you run by water with strider you can manage to pull like zero adds)

after the run is Complete, you swap. the next group of 80s and the 5 90s.

Lately Ive been doing ulduar 10 for the proto drake Mount, we was a monk winder Walker 90 and a hunter 90 survival 90. struggeled only with yogg  +1 guardian =)

I dont know if it tracks flasks or you allready know but cata flasks only require leve 80 =) as the MoP flasks require level 85 (great for leveling)

I hope this is readable and that you get my point =)

Friendly regards from a huge Norwegian bitter and salty fan =)


@Grozlok I have 34 stacks of windwool cloth. Can we use this for the HotT group?
@SoCalWowGal silly q but can the show line be called at anytime? Or is there a bad time to call in?

Call from SoCalWowGal – Remote Auction House tip

@strumpet101 LF warriors to join@bitterandsalty so we can use these glyphs. @Molsan has a problem and needs a hug.
@badtauren I was promoted in the@bitterandsalty guild, and I’m not sure why.
@aquagorillabear Hit level 75 on my Shaman last night, Bodarru. Have discovered that Shaman healing is super easy.#GettingReady4Ulduar
@MichaelHewesAus I just dinged 90 with my Hunter 🙂 my 5th 90 and already working on my Mage who is 81

iTunes Review

  • CoastalSatyr
    • “I’m on a casual player, but this show is informative as it is entertaining!”


  • Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba.

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In the tenth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we panic over the herb and ore spawn rate reduction from patch 5.1, gear not in the game, but shown as an upgrade, Sláinte’s pre-raid checklist, more raiding pet peeves, we ask what happened to Blington, and the week two update of our gold-making challenge.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Herb and Ore Spawn Rate Reduction in Patch 5.1

Gear Not in Game, but Shown as Upgrade

Salty Prep List for Raid

  • Headset/Mic Working
  • Mumble/Vent Working
  • Addons Updated
  • RL Beverages and Snacks Close By

Salty’s Raiding Pet Peeves

  • Don’t FB during raid
    • You might just miss out on an achievement we are trying for
  • Don’t place Jeeves out where we pull the boss trying to repair
  • Being told to “Know the fight”


  • What happened to Blingtron?
    • Players could only receive the gift on one character per account… forever?
    • Seems to be fixed now?

Call from Strumpet (Mooncloth Shoulders/Gloves and BRD)

Dual Boxing

  • I’m getting ready to start multi-boxing again. How/why?

Gold-Making Challenge: Week 2

  • Considering changing how items are posted/canceled using TSM
    • Using UJ prices and percentages for all items instead of groups
  • Second new character/new server gold-making tip
  • Grand Total Update


  • Call from Matthew @SpankingBArthur
    • ACHIEVEMENT DING! “Master of All” Raise all 11 main professions to max level. WOOT! 🙂
    • DING! 4th 90 on Proudmoore (my Engineer/Alch Enhancement Shaman Patrillo) – signed, Moomoocachoo on Proudmoore. 😉
  • @WoWDerfis
    • Joined @bitterandsalty guild last night and it was probably the most fun I’ve had in a while. If you are looking for a change come on over
  • Rexxxor69 @Grozlok
    • Dinged 90 on my shadow priest and earned the Terrific Trio achievement.
  • iTunes CANADA!!

Great WoW Podacast!

by RhuneHolyPally

These guys provide an easy listening, highly-entertaining podcast that is both exciting and informative! Thanks for all the great gold-making tips dudes!

From your favourite Canadian fan,



Dwarf Holy Paladin


U.S. Kul Tiras

Cinder Kitty Giveaway!

  • Just follow us. No RTs necessary.
  • Giving away two: One from the show, and one from Jerome.


  • Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba.

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