In the thirteenth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we discuss old world raiding achievements and pet farming, we open our Winter’s Veil packages and wonder how to get started with the WoW TCG, we explain how to farm one of the Dominance Offensive rare spawns, we look into the cross-realm pet market, we reveal our totals for week 5 of the gold-making challenge, and we beg to get out of the Inscription market.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Raiding Achievements

  • Why wasn’t Molsan invited?

Farming Old Raids

RL Winter’s Veil Loot

  • Figure Prints from Strumpet!
  • TCG Stuffs
    • Dungeon Decks… Jaina and Sylvannas

TCG… Seriously, How do You Play this Thing?

Call from Strumpet

AddOn – Dark Soil

  • What is it?

Monk Talk

  • Enlightenment; DO EEEET
  • Rested XP

Patch 5.2 Preview

How to Farm the Dominance Offensive Rares

  • Dalan Nightbreaker
    • Avoid other mobs and Cracking Blow
    • Biggest problem is add respawn that can stun you
    • Clear path to keep and pull Dalan inside… no mobs path to you during the fight

Buying, Selling, and Collecting Pets Across Realms

How to Get Out of the Glyph Market

  • Another gold-making disaster by Molsan

Gold-Making Challenge – Week 5 Update

  • Sláinte
  • Molsan

FFL Finals

  • Grimm vs. Molsan

@Grozlok I know I just annouced Çhip dinging 75 but he just now dinged 80. 70-80 in dungeons only!

@RealmPodcast Your site’s offline due to bandwidth.

@The_Koltrane Hey guys! You should check out @bitterandsalty one of my new favorite wow podcasts! Great chemistry between the hosts and great info! #wow

@SpankingBArthur DING! 6th 90 Firemage Alarriah on Proudmore! 🙂

@Disneygirl85 Seriously though, my best friend gave me a sparkle pony for Winter’s Veil, so I’m happy. 😀

@badtauren I got ashkandi for my paladin on my first nefarion kill on Christmas. I spelled most of that wrong.

@SoCalWowGal Winter Veil presents – meh, sales of small eggs have been good though, up to 2k and the holiday isn’t over yet


  • Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba.

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In the ninth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we cover patch 5.1, raiding pet peeves, broke players, and the week one update of our gold-making challenge.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

The 5.1 Patch and All the Things!

  • Is it too much content or is it not enough?

Salty’s Raiding Pet Peeves

  • Your computer doesn’t work (ie sound,mic etc…)
    • Really… the 4 days prior to raid you NEVER tried to fix it??
  • Call from Tackle

Raiding Talk

  • Molsan’s Pet Peeves

Broke Players in the Game… Say it isn’t so!

  • Call from Strumpet
  • Using the auction house to sell, but not playing the market
  • Is it ever okay to whisper someone about their undercutting? Do you get whispers about this? What do you do if you find people undercutting your stuff?

Gold-Making Challenge Week One Questionnaire

  • What race did you choose and why?
  • What professions did you choose and why?
  • How did you earn your seed money?
  • What market(s) are/will you focus on?
  • What Auction House Goblin/PvP methods are/will you use?

What We’re Learning from the Gold-Making Challenge

  • Reveal your first gold-making tip
  • Since pets are account-bound, wild pets found in Alliance zones are worth capturing
  • Focusing on specific markets are yielding better results
  • Better configuration using TradeSkillMaster for use on all realms

Gold-Making Starter Tips

Ret Paladin DPS

  • Binky Sent Me Gear
    • Shoulders, Gloves, and Bracers – PvP iLevel 450
    • I tried to send him gold, but he returned it along with a giant axe

Players that Make You want to Play

@bitterandsalty This week’s achievement: finally revered with the Klaxxi, and have my first besty with Tillers, Chee Chee!

@bitterandsalty I dinged 90 on my pally main on thxgiving!

Call from Jaminbee (ding Honored with Golden Lotus)

iTunes Reviews

  • Six new five-star reviews!
    • Ahrag from Cenarion Circle: podcast is, “really fun to listen to and its clear to me that you guys actually play WOW.”
    • Binky from Earthen Ring: “These guys must be mind readers. Their take on raiding (from episode 7) was awesome.”
    • Duffus the Wrenchmonkey: “Love the podcast,” but wants to know if we like to watch Gladiator movies?”
    • Juuno from Ctrl Alt Wow and Juuno’s Corner: “I could eat these two up!! They are witty, intelligent and entertaining; I learn something new during each podcast.”
    • Landshark: An “enjoyable podcast” with “good gold making tips and jokes.” Likes to “run away from Sláinte when we have Jasper Chains o and by the way all the landsharks.”
    • Jaminbee: “Like an old married couple, these two banter in the most delightful way about a game we all love and adore.”

Lil KT Contest

  • RT Post and Follow to Win

Jade Owl Contest


  • Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba.

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