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In the twenty-ninth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we are ready to purchase tickets to Blizzcon, we wonder what to do now that we’re exalted with the Klaxxi, we use LFR to relieve anger toward raiding progression, we preview our AQ20 gold-making challenge results, we reveal tips for Tillers and Monks, we cover week 8’s PvP/PvE/RP debate for our thirty weeks of World of Warcraft, and we hear the epic tale of the pink dress.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Blizzcon Tickets on Sale

$175 Tickets to attend BlizzCon 2013 will go on sale in two batches on Wednesday, April 24, 2013 at 7 p.m. Pacific Time and Saturday, April 27 at 10 a.m. Pacific Time. Visit the official BlizzCon website or the online Blizzard Store on either of these dates for a chance to purchase tickets.

Tips for buying tickets

Sign in to the Blizzard Store and make sure everything is up-to-date for your account. Then sign in a few minutes before the tickets go on sale.

Big Blizzcon ticket buying tip: Setup your payment card BEFORE, like NOW!!! Add it to your account.

Blizzard Dev Live Q&A Thursday, April 25th

We’ll be hosting a live World of Warcraft developer Q&A open to the community on Thursday, April 25 from 5:30-6:30 p.m. PDT. Designers Dave Kosak, Ion Hazzikostas, Brian Holinka, Cory Stockton, and Greg Street will be available to field your questions about Mists of Pandaria gameplay and design, patch 5.2 and beyond. This will be a moderated chat on the Cover it Live platform hosted on the front page of our official site. Community managers will be there to filter your submissions for the developers.

Klaxxi Exalted

Now What?

What’s the deal with Tillers work orders?

LFR – Controlling Your Own Progression

With LFR, you can progress as fast/slow as you want and use whatever criteria (gear, iLevel, etc.) you want. A nice side-effect.

AQ20 Challenge Update




This was the result of a full clear by moomoocachoo (feral druid). Got about 750g after all items were sold/auctioned. Ran 6 other toons through. The others got about 350 – 500g depending on what pieces dropped for auction. The plate breastplates sold pretty well.

The Tale of the Pink Dress

Audio from Strumpet

Monk Zen Pilgrimage Tip

Audio from Rubmahbelleh

Noob Tillers Tip

Anvil and forge up the hill between sunsong ranch and flight point.

TWoWoW Week 8 – PvP/PvE/RP





I know I’m late for this weeks show but I’m sending my favorite piece of lore anyway so… 😛  My favorite piece of lore isn’t 1 piece per se, it’s all of the books that you find throughout the game. I love when you find one that’s written by some major NPC and you get a glimpse of their life at that time. It’s pretty cool. Honorary mention goes to the coins you fish up in the fountain in Dal. They’re pretty awesome too.

My week 8 of 30 weeks of WoW answer is PvE, but I’d love to learn how to RP. I hate hate hate PvP, even as a DK I get my butt handed to me no matter what BG I’m in. It gets frustrating waiting to rez when you know you’ll be back in a minute or two. >.< grrr!

Stay classy guys! Hugs!

Rubmahbelleh (Rub Mah Belly), Bitter and Salty Guild, Earthen Ring

You guys continue to make excellent podcasting look easy. Thanks and keep it up!

My favorite playstyle continues to be PvE with some RP thrown in when it fits and happens organically. One of my lowbie pandas was finishing some quests near Ratchet and ran into the inn for a quest turn in. The quest had something to do with Garrosh and I happened to be in a mood about him and made some cutting comments about the illustrious Warchief in spatial chat. Almost immediately, I received a whisper warning me he had ears everywhere and that I should be careful talking like that. Turns out there was a group sitting at the tables in the inn and they invited me over so we could trash Garrosh and look forward to his hopefully imminent demise. I sat there with them for about a half hour, drinking with them, answering questions about Pandaria and “translating their fortune cookies.” That began when I passed along one of Koltrane’s fortune cookies from the Convert To Raid podcast and eventually I had a bunch of websites open that were filled with fortunes and was cobbling together fortunes for them on the fly. Some were hits, some flamed out but it was a ton of fun doing this stuff off-the-cuff. We eventually went our own ways and I later discovered they were regular RPers just meeting out there to do a nightly meetup and included me, thinking I was another regular RPing friend of theirs that liked to show up as different characters.

From the sounds of what I just told you, it seems RP should be my preferred style but I’ve found the fun of it really disappears quickly if I try to make it happen.


When I started playing WoW like most people I started due to some friends recruiting me into the game. So that I wasn’t alone I joined the server that they were on, US Thunderlord, a PvP server. Being new to the game I didn’t know the difference as far as an experience so I went with it. Lucky they were all at level cap (Wrath) so if I needed help they would help me out. This created some challenges when leveling but some epic memories. Running to Scarlet Monastery from Southshore as an alliance toon to get my gear around level 30. The whole shouthshore experience and the PvP element that it had naturally. Just being ganked and ganked and going into general / trade asking for help.

Once hearing about the CTR guild on Aerie Peak I moved a character over there to a PvE server. It works out much better for leveling as I was never good at PvP and I still have the option to PvP. I still feel it’s missing a little something. Maybe that’s due to other elements like CRZ, Not really having to fight over a summoning stone outside on an dungeon or a bit of the quality of life additions have taken away from the experience since I first leveled. As much as I hated the waste of time of being killed and killed during questing I still feel PvP adds a huge element of Alliance vs Horde. The problem is, most servers are heavily Alliance or Horde, not really to many 50/50 servers.

Now I’ve been leveling with the Bitter and Salty guild, Earthen Ring RP server. So far I really haven’t had much interaction with others outside of the guild. I haven’t been in a capital city for a long period of time to be around trade / general chat. When leveling and seeing others in the same zone as me, I have gone out of my way to /wave to them. Overall the guild chat has been the biggest effect on my leveling. Just having that social aspect that you don’t get in a guild with 4000 players.

So my answer would be, no matter PvP, PvE or RP as long as you are around others who you interact with, stay there. I personally do like the PvP element but I’m very happy on Earthen Ring.

Mildrid/Batibat – Earthern Ring (US)

I’ve spent most of my WoW career on a PvP server, and have gotten somewhat accustomed to the paranoia, but at the same time I’ve been long frustrated with Blizzard’s attitude that it’s perfectly accepted for max level players to maurade around and one shot defeneseless leveling toons with no repercussion.  Personally I dont think a player more than 5 levels below you should be attackable at all unless they engage in specific behavior to flag them such as invading capitol territory, capturing a resource, etc.   It’s a terrible system that encourages miscreant behavior. Rarely does low level ganking culminate in full blown open warfare in the fields that proponents seem to offer as a defense for allowing this.  The population does not police itself like it may have in previous expansions and in the pre Cross Realm environment.   I’ve kind of had enough of it, and at the same time I started covertly playing WoW more at work(!) where I can’t devote my full attention to whether I’m safe at the end of a flight path, so I recently followed the podcasts to Earthen Ring PvE/RP for the lower stress experience.

On another topic, I found another source of Herald calibre gear that isn’t as obvious as the justice point vendors.  While at first it may seem that all the PVP vendors in Dalaran peddle gear too high a level to be suitable, if you take a flight over to the WINTERGRASP vendors you will find an assortment of interesting trinkets, rings, and some other gear in the 213-226 range that can be purchased for a couple hundred honor points.  I got a +95 int lvl 213 trinket and a lvl 226 int/haste ring.  They aren’t perfect itemization, but they are better than most available gear if you are having trouble getting drops from ICC normals or getting run through raids.

@strumpet101 PvE all the way. I do not enjoy getting banked. And I suck at PvP. (no audio for TWoW since I sent a different one)

Week 09 — Horde or Alliance?


@GrimmAIE Pro tip: you can already transmog from your void storage with…. Function built into WoW, just no UI

@GrimmAIE This week’s achievement: Dinged 80 on my DK

@lucasmines Thanks to @bitterandsalty for fueling my return to WoW after a 2 year break.  Episode 11 makes me want to try my own gold challenge

@_Winkee Sunwell 1 shot solo except I couldn’t take Brut with pally or warrior but hunter 1 shot. Outland raider achieved!




  • Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba.

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In the twenty-eighth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we talk about the patch 5.2, solo scenario quest chain on the Isle of Thunder, we wonder if the Warcraft novels can enhance World of Warcraft game play we discuss everyone’s favorite piece of lore as part of our Thirty Weeks of WoW, we now use macros for both milling and prospecting, we get back into the Transmog business, and we share more stories from LFR.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Thunder Island

Solo Scenarios are Awesome!

Warcraft Books and the Lore

Did you enjoy them? Did they enhance your enjoyment of WoW?

#TWoWoW – Week 7 – Favorite Piece of Lore

Molsan – The Horde!

Sláinte – The Illidan story


Rho – Dragonwrath

Hasteur – Medivh in Karazhan and the Trials of Khadgar

Strumpet – Tirion Fordring something or other


Favorite piece of lore:

As someone who generally gravitates to warlocks, my favorite lore has to be the demonology and the Burning Legion.  The Warlock green fire questline in particular is fantastic from a lore perspective.  Here’s to the hope we’ll get more insight into BL strongholds like Xoroth and Argas in an upcoming expansion.  The similiar Lovecraftian horror of the Old Gods certainly vies for my intrigue as well. but demons are where its at.

Haven’t heard much about the Herald of the Titans project on the last couple podcasts, but earlier episodes got me intrigued enough to start up a new warlock Batibat on Earthern Ring and race to 80.  Got there this week, turned off XP, and started to dutifully work on optimizing my gear for the required ilevel.  OMG queuing up for Wrath normals and heroics that drop the ilevel 219 gear is frustrating, for DPS you are looking at queue in the 90min – 2 hr mark for something like Forge of Souls or Pit of Saron, I imagine its not so bad for a healer.  Getting high levels to run you through will be less painful, so I hope B&S adds some calendar events for this.  I did luck out and talk my way into an Ulduar 25 run already and scored 226 head, legs, feet and a 232 sword, on top of the 219 neck, wrist, and gloves I’d picked up already I think I’m doing pretty good in one week and proof that it doesn’t necessarily take a prolonged gearing up grind to get where you need to be.

Mildrid (B&S – Earthen Ring US)


Week…I forget…5-6-7??

Favorite Vanilla dungeon:  UBRS!  The reasons are a probably a little odd but here goes.

1.        Leroy Jenkins achievement (Just reminds me of the good old days)

2.       The suspenseful walk through the BRS door, down the dark and dusky hallway, and ohhhhh &^%$!  There is 40 Ally gathering for MC or BWL.  Hunter flare FTL exposing me to bone form and then taking a mind controlled leap into the lava.  Woooohooooo!

Quest Chain:  The Ony Key

Favorite Piece of Lore:  Sadly, I am ignorant to the lore.  I need to read the books.  Been playing since the night the game came out and I pushed lore to the side.  Ya..I’m that guy!

Side note:

·         Keep up the great work and nice work on the podcast art.

·         I’d like to test out the TSM-Molsan-Method-Beta-trial-under construction-make-my-life-easier pack.  Something is not clicking for me with TSM mentally and time has been slim getting through the tutorials on Youtube etc.

Thanks fellas,

Proctor (Synnthetic)


Hey Molsan and Sláinte,

So, for week 7 and my favourite piece of lore I have it narrowed down to one thing, though admittedly, it wasn’t too hard, lol. Ever since TBC came out my favourite part of the WoW lore has been anything and everything Blood Elf related. I just find their stories, history, culture, and everything else in between fascinating.

Have an awesome show guys,

Tydanis, Blood Elf DK, Earthen Ring US


Prospecting Macro (version of the milling macro)

/run function FnO() for i=0,4 do for j=1,GetContainerNumSlots(i) do local t={GetItemInfo(GetContainerItemLink(i,j) or 0)} if t[7]==”Metal & Stone” and select(2,GetContainerItemInfo(i,j))>4 then return i..” “..j,t[1] end end end end

Use as your prospecting button, replacing “prospect2” with the name of this macro:

/run local f,l,n=AuP or CreateFrame(“Button”,”AuP”,nil,”SecureActionButtonTemplate”) f:SetAttribute(“type”,”macro”) l,n=FnO() if l then f:SetAttribute(“macrotext”,”/cast Prospecting\n/use “..l) SetMacroItem(“prospect2”,n) end

/click AuP

Weekly Challenge


Transmog from Void Storage in 5.3

Warrior loremaster leveling yields 5 TMogg pieces to sell… just when I thought I was out.


Death Knight dings 460… Is 7th on meters on first run. Thanks to epic glove pattern for getting DK to 460.

Exalted Reputation Grind

Ding exalted with Timbermaw – Grinding for Runecloth and Winterfall Firewater

Pet Battles

Cage mechanical or undead opponents so they don’t respawn

iTunes Reviews

Beemug- Aerie Peak US





Hi Guys,

I’ve been out of Wow for a while now but really enjoy listening to your podcast. I have a few toon’s my mains are Fooch (Druid 85) in AIE and Dewy (Shaman 85) on Kargath. Thanks to listening to you guys it has inspired me to try and get backing into the game while also balancing all my RL responsibilities. I’ve been playing since release and used to be a 40 man raider in vanilla but since lost all the folks i used to play with and the fun i would have with all my RL friends. I’m hoping to get back into things and meet some new folks and have that kind of fun again and you gents are really inspiring me to give it a go. I’m only on episode 4 right now but the episodes so far I have listened to have been awesome!! Just listening to you guys talk about how your playing the game casually and not raiding (at least not yet 😉 has been reminding me of the days when i played and enjoyed myself like you guys are doing. I just wanted to say thanks very much for the work you gents do on the podcast and it’s an absolute pleasure to listen to all the episodes. I can’t wait to get caught up to the present day episodes and get back in the game.

Many thanks and keep up the great work!




@benredington Hit 20 on my BE Paladin, mounting up and riding through the Ghostlands questing. Glory to the Sin’dorei! #forthehorde

@benredington Just hit lvl 40 on my paladin. I’ve played started the character a week ago. I’ve just been questing, what a blast.

@_Winkee Solo day going well! MC, UBRS, and BWL down so far with ret pally. Classic Raider achieved. Tempest Keep, you’re next!

@GrimmAIE Dinged 78 on DK last night

Next Week’s #TWoWoW – PvP/PvE/RP?



  • Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba.

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In the twenty-seventh World of Warcraft podcast episode, we raid and ponder all things LFR including comparisons to heroics, why raiding makes us want to run dailies, and fixing the “not enough tanks and healers problem.” We uncover more TradeSkillMaster macros to help with crafting and build a new method for tracking transmog sets on the auction house, and we reveal everyone’s favorite questline for week 6 of our 30 weeks of World of Warcraft.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.


Easier than heroics?

Making us want to do… dailies!

The “Not Enough Tanks and Healers” Problem. How to Solve it?

Our solution.

Auction House Strategies and Automation

TradeSkillMaster Macros

Queue up items to craft… you have to click the “Craft Next” button or… use a macro!

/click TSMCraftNextButton

/click TSMAuctioningPostButton

/click TSMAuctioningCancelButton

/click TSMAHTabBuyoutButton

/click TSMAHConfirmationActionButton

You can bind this macro to your mouse scroll wheel as typically these actions are on different TSM screens.

Why having hundreds and even thousands of auctions is a bad idea

Using TradeSkillMaster_Mailing addon

Molsan Methods

New set of functions that integrate with the WoW Armory and Blizzard API and connect them to various data sources

Transmog Set from a particular resource and builds item lists for importing into various consumers such as Wowuction, TSM, Chrome Bookmarks, etc.

First method is currently available in beta.

#TWoWoW – Week 6 – Favorite Questline






Mominatrix – Week 6


Hey guys, it’s Grimm with another double submission for the 30 weeks of WoW segment. These questions both gave me a lot of trouble, one because there were too many good choices, the other because there were too few.

My favorite Vanilla dungeon is a tough one, because I don’t particularly like any of them. They were all so long and punishing if you failed, I had a hard time getting excited to ever do them. I suppose if I have to pick one, I’ll go with Scarlet Monastery, mostly because I love the run up to it in Tirisfal Glade. The long winding path lined with decaying trees with the Scarlet Crusade’s victims hanging from the branches was so eerie, and being a low level in a world of elites at the time, I found the whole thing pretty daunting. I also liked the environment of the Monastery itself. I enjoyed the different feel of each wing, and really loved the hidden room with High Inquisitor Fairbanks. I also remember longing to know someone with the Corrupted Ashbringer, so that I could see the way the dungeon supposedly changed for a player who carried it. I thought that had to be one of the coolest Easter eggs in the game.

My favorite quest chain, on the other hand, is nearly impossible to choose. Wrathgate and Quel’Delar are both awesome, as are many of the quest chains in Icecrown. But for pure nostalgia’s sake, I can’t not cheat a little and give a tie to the original questline in Eastern Plaguelands with Tirion Fordring, and the original chain to protect Pamela Redpath in Darrowshire, also in Eastern Plaguelands. I think I love the Tirion chain because as a Horde player it was really the first time that I had participated in a long chain with a big story payoff at the end, when (spoiler) you save Tirion’s son from his brainwashing at the hands of the Scarlet Crusade, only to have him killed in battle on the way out. I think it also stuck with me because when I did it, I had just finished the Chris Metzen short story about Tirion and felt for him being exiled from his family, and never really getting another chance to be a father and husband to them. And Darrowshire just felt epic to me because it reminded me of Seven Samurai, in that you have a very small force trying to defend a village from a huge invading force. Plus you are doing all this to protect the spirits of the town, and correct a past wrong, which was a cool twist I hadn’t encountered before that.

Well, I’ve probably rambled on long enough. Thanks for the great show, and I’ll talk to you guys next time.

Grimmclaw of Alea Iacta Est Dignitas, Earthen Ring US


Hey  Molsan and Sláinte,

For this week’s question “What is your favourite quest chain?” I immediately thought of 3 quest chains. The first one is the Greatmother Geyah quest chain in Nagrand. I think this is the single longest quest chain the game with all the quests you have to do to start it and finish it. This is my favourite one in the game, so long, epic, and lore-packed. Second: The Wrathgate; simply one of the most epic quest chains in the game. Third: the quest chain in Icecrown with the quest called “The Hunter and Prince”. In this one you get to take control of Arthas and fight Illidan! It was  one of the most fun quests I’ve done in the game to date.

Hope you guys have a great show, and I’ll see you next week!

Tydanis, Blood Elf DK, Earthen Ring US


Hey Bit and Salt,

Kanzaki, ER, here and loved that Onyxia fight. 1-shot on my shadow priest. Brings back some memories.

For the 30 weeks of WoW, I’d like to combine question 4 and question 6. I loved Stormpeaks and the Sons of Hodir quest line. More specifically, the Thrusting the Spear quest of soloing  drake while fighting in his mouth. I also enjoyed jumping from drake to drake around thorim and finishing one of the greatest old achievement for a priest, Who needs a Knuckle Sandwich, because priests need to cap their unarmed weapon skills.

Keep it up and always look forward to the next episode.



Favourite Questline. There’s been so many, I bet I’m forgetting some great ones!

I actually really enjoyed the majority of the attunement quest lines. They were long, required effort, and had a rewarding goal that wasn’t just a bit of loot that you’ll replace tomorrow.

The oldest one I recall is the Onyxia attunement (alliance side!) Helping many (many) folks with the Blackrock Depths prison run!

Karazahn attunement is an obvious favourite – very epic, plus it brought out the best in guildies helping each other.

But the quest line that I remember most fondly that is “just” a quest line would have to be the Linken quest in Un’goro. That kind of chain that takes you all over Azeroth, and spans many levels (if you start it at level) was a ton of fun and very rewarding. I still have Linken’s Boomerang on most toons – I remember when it was one of the few ways a pally had a ranged pull ability!



Hey Guys,

So I have two favorites, one is Amberseeds!  I knew I never should have touched that damn thing.  The second one is all of the quests leading up to the destruction of the jade serpent statue in Jade Forest.  I loved learning and reading all of the pandaria lore, and I enjoyed the whole questline where you are revealing the 3 prophecies on the wall as you complete each quest series.

Catch ya laters!

~Jellad CTR Aerie Peak


Hi guys,

I will try and keep this short but apologize if it’s not (I get verbose when typing).  I love the podcast!  You guys are the first thing I listen to in the morning and typically the last at the end of the evening.  I’m working on getting caught up on all episodes.

My main is Tazilhoff a level 90 gnome mage on Frostwolf but I’m in the process of leveling up Lowpand a pandaren warrior and Lizat a blood elf paladin on Mal’Ganis.

First things first to get caught up on the last 5 weeks of WoW and add my 6th:

1. My first character was Tazil the gnome mage.  I started playing in BC and I still have him to this day.  He’s my first and only 90 at this point.  Unfortunately I did lose the name Tazil when I realm transferred so he now goes by Tazilhoff.

2. My favorite raid is hard to come up with since the very first raid I’ve ever done was Mogu’shan Vaults.  Which was…well a little underwhelming.  I think that’s because it was using LFR and not with a group of people going the whole route.  The dragon was a fun fight though.

3. I’ve never been able to get excited about Shamans.  Not sure what it is.

4. I really liked the Hellfire Peninsula zone.  It was very epic at the time with the transition through the gate and the big war that was going on.  The sense of scale there was great.

5. My favorite vanilla dungeon would be Zul’Farrak.  That fight on the stairs of the temple was a blast!

6. I liked the quests with Tarenar Sunstrike and Gidwin Goldbraids in the Eastern Plaguelands. The friendship between the two from different factions was a lot of fun and very touching.  “The Paladin Palls” was a good touch.

Last but not least!  I was in Warsong Gulch with my warlock and trying to capture the flag.  I was about five steps away from the flag when I was killed.  But!  I was able to use my soulstone to come back, grab the flag, and capture it for my side!  I thought that was pretty epic. 🙂

I hope you guys are having a great show and keep up the good work!


Favorite Quest Line:

Welcome to the Machine in Hillsbrad Foothills.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s going to pick this, but it’s pure meta-hilarity from the first leg of the chain.  This quest is reason enough to roll horde.

“Yes, this IS horse made of STARS. ” -Johnny Awesome

 Mildrid (Earthen Ring US)


From Tanasttia:

Hey guys,

I’ve very much wanted to participate in your 30 weeks of WoW but kept putting it off until now it’s like Week 6 already.

I thought Tweets would be a succinct way to “catch up,” but I still would hate for you to have to read all that.

Suddenly, I had an epiphany! I will do the first 5 weeks in haiku form (though some are more like haiku couplets). Here goes:

Week 1

figured the game would suck

rolled the most ugly undead

Tardmo the Warrior

like a total noob

left the starting zone too soon

infinite corpse runs


Week 2

raided only Mists

two tiers of Cataclysm

fun folks but meh raids


Week 3

sneaky stabby-stab

never leveled one past 10

BG resentments?


Week 4

I longed for Vashj’ir

since my days in Desolace

plumbing wat’ry depths


WoW under the sea!

Molsan can’t understand me

swimming 3D quests


Week 5

Healing as Shadow

from 35 to 80

before LFG


so hard to choose one…

desert trolls, sunken temples

fathoms of black depths


lost centaur kingdoms

mountain complexes of dwarves

Okay… BRD!


Week6 HaikuCouplet favorite quest chain? / I like the one with hog snouts / or flights round the world

Week6 HaikuCouplet Part Deux: no, seriously / I really don’t remember / best just say WrathGate


@Lumpythegnome The Day Deathwing Came is the best single quest, but Wrathgate is best chain for me.

Weekly Challenge Update

Onyxia update

Audio Submissions

Satyr Dings First 90


  • Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba.

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In the twenty-sixth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we learn about gardening habits, we compare notes on our Onyxia challenge, we go through our stories about everyone’s favorite classic, vanilla dungeon as part of our thirty weeks of World of Warcraft, we spellsteal a popular Warcraft rumor, and learn the backstory about Bane the Infected Squirrel.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Leveling Alts and Farming
Farming vs. Farming vs. Gardening
Farmer Yoon spoilers
All of the everyday dailies

Weekly Challenge #1: Onyxia Solo
Handling the air phase
Handling the many whelps

Call from Matt / SpankingBeaArthur
Attempts with Feral Druid, Enhancement Shaman, Shadow Priest
Embersilk farming in Twilight Highlands
Request for Fire Druid spec

Review of Class Abilities
Death Knight

Origin of Bane the Infected Squirrel
First to level 25
Met in Western Plaguelands
Team Player in Pet Battles
How to Give 110%

Email from Synnthetic

Reins of the Drake of the North Wind in The Vortex Pinnacle time saving tip.

After killing Altairus you can jump off the side of the as to plummet to your death but it will zone you to the beginning of the instance so you can step out and reset. Happy hunting!

#TWoWoW – Week 5 – Favorite Classic Dungeon
Dungeons in Vanilla: Navigating to the dungeon entrance was a pain
Wailing Caverns, Shadowfang Keep, Zul’Farrak

Hasteur – Deadmines
Rho – Deadmines
Strumpet – Scarlet Monastery
Jerome – Blackfathom Deeps (a.k.a. Shadowfang Keep) and Weeks 1-4 roundup

Email from Jellad – Aerie Peak – CTR

So my favorite classic dungeon is Dead Mines… ORIGINAL deadmines. I hate the new re-work of deadmines because the story is completely different and kinda boring. It was the first dungeon I’ve ever done in any MMO. It made me LOVE dungeons, and want to do every one of them. It was also my real first interaction with other players in WoW.

Email from Tydanis, Blood Elf DK, Earthen Ring US

Hope you guys are having a great day and a great show. So week 5’s topic of my favourite classic dungeon was a bit of a difficult one for me. I had to take a bit and remember back to my classic days and all the times I ran every one of those dungeons to figure out which held the best memories for me. I narrowed it down to two: Maraudon and Dire Maul, and of those two I’d have to say that, while Dire Maul is awesome in it’s own right, Maraudon is my favourite.

It’s so large, which was awesome at the time I remember; it was like an epic adventure going through that place, especially on your first time through. More importantly, I think it’s one of the most beautiful dungeons in the game. It’s awesome how you go through different “zones” in it, huge waterfalls, moss-covered rock vistas, large pools of water, and crystals of many colours. Just awesome 🙂

Have a great show guys, and I’ll talk to you next week

Email from Mildred – Earthen Ring (US)

Another great spot to farm Embersilk is Tol Barad Pennisula on the Restless Front, very low health mobs fighting each other which drop a ton of cloth for a tailor. By the time you pull several packs and AOE them down they will respawn. These guys are higher level than Deepholm so have better drops. Popping a treasure finding potion helps as you’ll get a worthwhile amount of bonuses that contain tons of cloth, and increased green drops that you need for the enchanting mats for bags.

Made 500gold this morning thanks to tips from @bitterandsalty . Thanks guys!

@Wowhonen @Molsan @SaltySlainte @bitterandsalty can never tell if you guys are serious but there is a show on hgtv called that. Pretty good show too

Synnthetic hit exalted with the Anglers!

@HunterKamosa @Molsan @SaltySlainte Fun episode! thanks guys!

@Mominatrix75 My fave vanilla dungeon was Strat. I think because I’m such a lore nerd it really engaged me and also “Youve been Malowned!”

Third Spec
Tri-spec datamined, but Ghostcrawler says, “don’t hold your breath.”
Pointless for Rogues and not a game-changer

New Raid – Central Park
How to get attuned
Gathering the documents

Glory of the Auction House
Crafting and selling epic Leatherworking pieces
Free Leather Day – farming skinnable mobs

Summer Raid Team
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