In the one hundredth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we explain the differences between Personal, Guild, and Master loot, and decide to roll need instead, we determine the best system for finding a group in-game for questing and raiding, we wonder if it’s worth leveling all characters to 100 before Legion, including bank alts, we propose all new challenges for Legion, and agree to complete several of them, we update the community on the successful raid progression of the Bitter and Salty raid team, we discuss Blizzard’s intentions for creating Warcraft content outside of the World of Warcraft, we review methods for Canadian gold-making using custom TradeSkillMaster groups, and we decide to get everyone a Yak mount.

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Guild Loot/Master Loot/Personal Loot

Best Method to Find a Group

  • In-game group finder?
  • status spam?
  • Custom guild channel?

Before Legion Leveling

  • Is it worth it to level all alts to 100 before Legion?
  • Because of lack of character slots, leveling banker… got stuck without a Hearthstone

Voicemail – Dominia’s Favorite Moments

Legion Challenges???

  • First to 110?
  • Level 1 goblin bank alt and 50K gold in one month
  • Actually completing a challenge?
  • Make noodle carts for Illidan

Bitter and Salty Raid Team

  • Firelands full clear with mount
  • Heroic Bastion of Twilight… Sinestra was tricky… needed a guide
  • Heroic Dragon Soul… Ultraxion 25-man solo with drums and flask
  • How much can one solo? Pandaria raids?

Warcraft Becoming More than World of Warcraft

  • Harbingers, comics, videos, movies… what about the game itself?

Voicemail – Celia from Scenarios

Gold Making with Canadians


Yak Mount

  • The Yak mount is pretty much essential for WoW now
  • How do we get everyone a Yak mount?

Ask Bitter and Salty

Poll Bitter and Salty

Molsan Suggestion

  • Don’t send us money or food made with white flour… Give us a review on iTunes instead

Voicemail – Is this Bitter and Salty

Salty BlizzCon Tip

  • Empty water bottle


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