In the one hundred and first World of Warcraft podcast episode, we invade Azeroth with the Legion, and recall our experiences from both the Horde and Alliance perspectives, we wonder what Demon Hunters are like as we check the order status of the physical copy of the expansion, we recommend visiting the Darkmoon Faire on or before Legion for quests, tickets, and cards, Slainte cheats in heroics by climbing up walls and topping meters, Molsan ponders switching mains from Paladin to Warlock… or Warrior, but not Rogue, we visit our buddy Kael’thas who decides to drop two mounts after eight years of farming old content, and we reveal the true savior of World of Warcraft: Legion… Garrisons.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you by Molsan and Sláinte.

Legion is Here

  • Invasion events
  • All spoilers go here
  • We called everything
    • ____’s _____
    • ____’s _____
    • _______ the Warchief
    • _______ the King of Alliance?
    • All the Gnomes are dead, and you can now harvest druids for Legion herbs
    • We called it all!!
  • Do you believe in “Victory or Death”
    • So what happened… Did the Horde/Sylvanas betray the Alliance or are Alliance just stupid?
  • What are DH’s like?
    • DKs officially replaced
    • What is name of your DH
  • Jeremy Feasel from PCGamer interview
    • So much content scaling by level… Legion invasions scale “from level 10 to 100. So anybody that’s in that zone that’s even just leveling up can participate and can get loot from it that is potentially a loot upgrade that scales down to their level”
    • Garrisons Saved Legion
      • “If you were looking at this from very high top-down, and this was Warcraft 4, what would the demon RTS mission look like? And we took a look at the tech we had at the time for that, and it turned out that the garrison buildings were kind of our saviour on that one. One of the pieces of technology that allowed garrison buildings to work was our ability to swap entire huge structures into the world whenever we felt like it—we didn’t have that ability before and we had to do crazy terrain phasing and things like that that you’ve seen in the past and took a lot of production time.”
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Darkmoon Faire

  • Get the Inscription Dark Moon Cards for Legion stuffs now
  • Get Test Your Strength before doing the pre-expansion quest

Cheating in WoD Heroics

  • Salty Salty Prot Pally
  • Jumping and clicking on mounts
  • Hunter DPS was 3x Ret Pally DPS

Farming Kael’thas

  • Ashes of Al’ar
  • White Swift Hawkstrider
  • Using AddOn Rarity –


  • Dafyed (daf-yed aka David)

“I’m fairly certain that you can’t get out of the goblin starting area without leveling. Your only option may be to race change any other race to a goblin. But I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a minimum level for that service. And I’m certainly not spending real $ to find out. Thanks for providing content to my ears.”

Do We Have an Official Challenge in Legion pre-expansion pre-patch?

  • No… We need help

Molsan Suggests

  • Nobody listened to me so canceling this segment
  • Or… Play an Arms Warrior because Assassination Rogue is terrible
  • Or… Play an Affliction Warlock because you never lose health

Salty BlizzCon Tip

  • Don’t be THAT GUY


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