In the one hundred and second World of Warcraft podcast episode, we return to Karazhan once again, for the third or fourth time, to visit our old friend Moroes, we calculate the version number for the Legion expansion that drops between 7.0 and 7.1 and determine the exact number of bosses that appear in the refurbished Karazhan dungeon raid, we learn that every single Alliance player was at the bottom of the gunship that abandoned Varian Wrynn as we break down the pre-patch, in-game cut-scene cinematics once again, we compare one disappointing Mage to one inspiring Warlock, and re-roll all of our talents to destruction out of pure embarrassment, and we completely redesign the World of Warcraft loot system, by removing all loot from the game.

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  • “Karazhan is coming back as a large five player dungeon with all nine bosses”
  • What did we see… Was this a pre-patch, pre-expansion, teaser before the expansion is even released? Blizzard is even confused… WE ARE ALREADY IN LEGION
  • Was that Moroes in the 7.1 teaser video?
  • We get nine bosses… Are we sure they are the same? Final boss will be Medivh?
  • Was this just to get folks to re-sub to play the best raid ever once again?
  • “This time around there won’t be a content drought” WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN

Blog Comment from Vlor

Hey guys.
Clearly Varian sacrificed himself to save us, our characters are on the ship. Just like Sylvanas retreated to save the horde players. It’s so obvious and you keep saying Varian didnt have to do it, such $%&#(*!%.

Cinematic Reactions Continued

  • So the Alliance players were at the bottom of the gunship doing who knows what
  • Didn’t hear the Demon Fel Reaver?
  • Jaina is a failure

Invasion Leveling

  • Why level a Hunter during Invasions? Is good?
  • Affliction vs. Destruction DPS… Zhend is inspiration
  • Warforged armor from invasions LOL

KatGhar is Back!

  • So while his Alliance friends were attacking demons alone, he was busy moving Dalaran to Karazhan
  • Why? Was it too far for him to teleport or ride a mount?
  • Jaina doesn’t want the Horde in Dalaran so she ragequits after the vote

LFR and Valor

  • Blackrock Foundry is on farm with Warlock

Molsan Suggests is Canceled for New Segment… Molsan Designs WoW

  • Change how loot works completely
  • Raids and dungeons ONLY drop/unlock cosmetic appearances

Email from Vaygon

Hey guys, great podcast again.

However I couldn’t help but notice Salty butcher the pronunciation of Tirion Fordring’s name a few times during the show. It’s Ford-Ring… NOT Forge-Ling, lol that makes him sound like a battle pet or something :p

Anyhow keep up the good work.

Voicemail from Strumpet

Salty Tip for Blizzcon

  • No frustration about Warcraft content


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Additional clips of music taken from “Overwatch Soundtrack” by Blizzard Entertainment

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