In the one hundred and tenth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we reveal all of our exclusive BlizzCon tips, and put our special guest through a rigorous Q&A to help you maximize your enjoyment of the convention, we learn that Frost Death Knights are almost as awesome as Blood, and even get their own hidden artifact weapon, we switch Mage specs and explain why it doesn’t cost you as much Artifact Power as you might think, we find out that you are supposed to use five specific order hall champions for each class, we learn about passive aggressive loot etiquette by running heroic Neltharion’s Lair, and we confirm that the Headless Horseman mount is once and for all… a lie.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you by Molsan and Sláinte.

BlizzCon is This Week

BlizzCon Q&A

  • What will be the WoW announcement?
  • Will Metzen be there?
  • Where does one go for dinner?
  • Do Candy Corn Oreos count as dessert?
  • Can you wear Blizzard or Jinx t-shirts or is that lame?
  • Does anyone watch and/or care about the WoW Arena tournaments?
  • Can I attend BlizzCon just for the games and news about the games?

Kara Attunement

  • How’s it going

Ding iLevel 824

  • Used seal on Flotsam for 860 gloves
  • One away from raid finder!!
  • What’s a Life Relic?
  • Char level is stupid; why not reset everyone to level 1 at each expansion

Double Ding Part 2

  • Warrior and DK
  • Frost vs. Blood

Hidden Frost DK Artifact News

Changing Specs

  • Is it worth it because of the AP cost?
  • Tried it with Mage…Changed from Fire to Arcane

Specific Order Hall Champions for Each Class

Loot Guilt

  • 825 ring dropped in heroic Neltharion’s Lair… I d/e it, then DK ask for it. I felt bad
  • HH rings are 835 though
  • Bear tank d/c on last boss

Hallow’s End

  • HH mount yet?


“Just wanted to say thanks for the podcast.  

Do you guys get game time with gold?  It is only like 1200 gold per day to buy tokens which is like 60 leystone ore or 20 felslate on my realm.  I haven’t paid for game time since they made the token. How about you guys?”


Salty Pre-Blizzcon Tip

  • Pack your suitcase


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