In the twentieth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we find out the actual dates for Blizzcon 2013, we talk about user-interface compilations and addons, we reveal a time-saving tip for posting auctions, more raiding pet peeves, and get into some character-naming back story. We recap our recent Eye of Eternity run, wonder if Shadow Priests are OP, and do a little Pet Battling… and we try to understand why we make Meat sick.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Blizzcon 2013

User Interface

  • Graphical Compilation – MayronUI Gen2
    • Configuration
    • Getting used to new addons
      • Kgpanels
      • Auto quest acceptance
      • ShadowedUnitFrames
      • Bazooka
      • Ara Tradeskills
    • Missing crucial addons
      • Wow-pro
      • GoGo Mount
      • TSM
      • Carbonite
        • Minimap issues
        • Quest tracking issues
          • /run WatchFrame:Hide()
      • Arkinventory vs. Bagnon
      • Altoholic
      • Ara Reputations


  • Scroll wheel macro posting/canceling

Sláinte Story time

  • Rogue dies too much
  • Too many alts
    • NEVAR
    • Not Communicating
      • I can’t talk while raiding, too focused.


  • Eye of Eternity run
  • GTFO is NOT a raiding addon!!

Shadow Priest

  • OP or just fun?

Pet Battles

  • Audio from Strumpet
  • Forget leveling… just capture a pet a couple levels above you and add them to your team
  • Molsan’s team now uses 16s and 15s, but main team is now 14
    • Use rare Strand Crawler, “Ghostcrawler,” when capturing higher level pets

Character Names

Bitter and Salty Guild Update

  • New members Kick arse!
  • HotT Updates
    • Ulduar this Friday… Do we have 10?


From Meat:

So you want raiding level blacksmithing plans for non-raiders via “epic” questlines? Is not the game easy enough for you already? There are 496 plans in this first tier that are indeed BoE as well as the patterns themselves, merely takes gold. Yet you suggest “epic” quests so you don’t have to raid, I know why not just take raiding out of the game and people can just quest all day for all thier epic gear and patterns, because obviously players love doing this already via this new dailies system MoP has…….



Mildred Phone Call

@GrimmAIE Latest achievement: Stay Klaxxi and “The Wakener” title for reaching exalted with them!

@benredington I’m going to lvl a horde character & join the @bitterandsalty guild. I’m worried about joining the dark side.#alliance #crtguild #wow

@JetrixAdune Got my 4th 90 over the weekend and my image is now 475 and can now be a back up dps for my raid team.

@DustinDTC Spirit of Competition. Got it 1/10/2012 😀

@strumpet101 Even if I’m playing Skyrim,@bitterandsalty is still the best podcast out there – and I’m still a WoW player at heart. #guilt #bloodelves

@jwesleyproctor Next step to Salty title complete! Me. Pinchy…check!


  • Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba.

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