In the twenty-second World of Warcraft podcast episode, we share our feelings about the 5.2 patch, discuss leveling a pet to 25 in less than 10 fights, we get into the iLevel 409 bind-on-equip item market, we ponder the gold-making etiquette when selling items to friends, we run Naxxramas for Herald of the Titans gear, and we ask about your first character for week 1 of our thirty weeks of World of Warcraft.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Patch 5.2

  • Bonus reputation for scenarios and dungeons

Level a Pet 1-25 in Ten Fights

Level 80 i409 BoEs

  • Call from Jameson/Rubick
  • Twink yourself out when you run Cata dungeons for JPs

Buying/Selling Etiquette

  • What do you do if someone you know buys your stuffs? Give gold back?

#HotT Update

  • Who is our raid leader?!?
  • First Ulduar Gear Run
    • No one showed… Including me
    • Funn ICCs
  • OpenRaid
    • Help power level “lowbies”?
  • Justice Points from Weekly Raid Quest (thanks, Knoxinbox)
  • Gearing run in Naxx
  • VOA 25
  • Achievements!

Thirty Weeks of World of Warcraft — Week 1: First Character

  • Sláinte
    • Night Elf Priest
  • Molsan
    • Human Warlock

#TWoWoW Submissions

  • Call from Strumpet
  • Call from Honen
  • Call from Plastic Duck
  • Audio from Hasteur
  • Audio from Rho
  • Email from Mystek AKA Tydanis
  • Email from Mildrid
  • Email from Sabrina
  • @HunterSalty 2008. Female Nelf Druid. Used random name generator. Spent ~40 hrs getting out of Darnassus. Got better w/ Bear in Darkshore
  • @NevAHAddict human paladin & still my main achieve junkie even tho I hate the holy power mechanic!
  • @Hend_Horderlies I still play my very first character as my main. A shaman named Hend I rolled on release day. /flex
  • @LowPopWow A human warrior that I dressed in shaman spirit mail since I couldn’t heal and someone told me spirit helped health regen
  • @Aldirick1022 Aldirick, Tank/Fury Tauren Warrior. Named after character in a good book. Tanked through LK and DPS through Cata.


  • Zavulon

Hi Guys,

Have only recently started listening to your show and I would like to add that 11 90’s is not impossible, I work full time and manage my time with my wife first and WoW second(Luckily she is really understanding of my Warcrafts).

Really enjoy the show


@BREELYRICAL Shout out to @bitterandsalty for the free pizza
@SpankingBArthur DING! 8th 90! Alli Feral Drood.


  • Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba.

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