In the twenty-sixth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we learn about gardening habits, we compare notes on our Onyxia challenge, we go through our stories about everyone’s favorite classic, vanilla dungeon as part of our thirty weeks of World of Warcraft, we spellsteal a popular Warcraft rumor, and learn the backstory about Bane the Infected Squirrel.

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Leveling Alts and Farming
Farming vs. Farming vs. Gardening
Farmer Yoon spoilers
All of the everyday dailies

Weekly Challenge #1: Onyxia Solo
Handling the air phase
Handling the many whelps

Call from Matt / SpankingBeaArthur
Attempts with Feral Druid, Enhancement Shaman, Shadow Priest
Embersilk farming in Twilight Highlands
Request for Fire Druid spec

Review of Class Abilities
Death Knight

Origin of Bane the Infected Squirrel
First to level 25
Met in Western Plaguelands
Team Player in Pet Battles
How to Give 110%

Email from Synnthetic

Reins of the Drake of the North Wind in The Vortex Pinnacle time saving tip.

After killing Altairus you can jump off the side of the as to plummet to your death but it will zone you to the beginning of the instance so you can step out and reset. Happy hunting!

#TWoWoW – Week 5 – Favorite Classic Dungeon
Dungeons in Vanilla: Navigating to the dungeon entrance was a pain
Wailing Caverns, Shadowfang Keep, Zul’Farrak

Hasteur – Deadmines
Rho – Deadmines
Strumpet – Scarlet Monastery
Jerome – Blackfathom Deeps (a.k.a. Shadowfang Keep) and Weeks 1-4 roundup

Email from Jellad – Aerie Peak – CTR

So my favorite classic dungeon is Dead Mines… ORIGINAL deadmines. I hate the new re-work of deadmines because the story is completely different and kinda boring. It was the first dungeon I’ve ever done in any MMO. It made me LOVE dungeons, and want to do every one of them. It was also my real first interaction with other players in WoW.

Email from Tydanis, Blood Elf DK, Earthen Ring US

Hope you guys are having a great day and a great show. So week 5’s topic of my favourite classic dungeon was a bit of a difficult one for me. I had to take a bit and remember back to my classic days and all the times I ran every one of those dungeons to figure out which held the best memories for me. I narrowed it down to two: Maraudon and Dire Maul, and of those two I’d have to say that, while Dire Maul is awesome in it’s own right, Maraudon is my favourite.

It’s so large, which was awesome at the time I remember; it was like an epic adventure going through that place, especially on your first time through. More importantly, I think it’s one of the most beautiful dungeons in the game. It’s awesome how you go through different “zones” in it, huge waterfalls, moss-covered rock vistas, large pools of water, and crystals of many colours. Just awesome 🙂

Have a great show guys, and I’ll talk to you next week

Email from Mildred – Earthen Ring (US)

Another great spot to farm Embersilk is Tol Barad Pennisula on the Restless Front, very low health mobs fighting each other which drop a ton of cloth for a tailor. By the time you pull several packs and AOE them down they will respawn. These guys are higher level than Deepholm so have better drops. Popping a treasure finding potion helps as you’ll get a worthwhile amount of bonuses that contain tons of cloth, and increased green drops that you need for the enchanting mats for bags.

Made 500gold this morning thanks to tips from @bitterandsalty . Thanks guys!

@Wowhonen @Molsan @SaltySlainte @bitterandsalty can never tell if you guys are serious but there is a show on hgtv called that. Pretty good show too

Synnthetic hit exalted with the Anglers!

@HunterKamosa @Molsan @SaltySlainte Fun episode! thanks guys!

@Mominatrix75 My fave vanilla dungeon was Strat. I think because I’m such a lore nerd it really engaged me and also “Youve been Malowned!”

Third Spec
Tri-spec datamined, but Ghostcrawler says, “don’t hold your breath.”
Pointless for Rogues and not a game-changer

New Raid – Central Park
How to get attuned
Gathering the documents

Glory of the Auction House
Crafting and selling epic Leatherworking pieces
Free Leather Day – farming skinnable mobs

Summer Raid Team
Coming Soon™