In the thirtieth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we wonder if we can play the game without the auction house, we recap our official results from the AQ20 challenge, we complete our second Herald of the Titans run for gear, we review what we’ve been putting on the board, we answer the epic question, “Horde or Alliance” for our thirty weeks of World of Warcraft, we explain what the second Molsan Method is all about, and we find out why we’ll never be able to fly in Silvermoon City.

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How We Got Our Blizzcon Tickets
We refreshed and clicked to buy the ticket

Sláinte Ah Ha at AH
Get out!
EGP #46 w/ Zero Hour… Master spreadsheet for determining which markets to be in
Mentioned one of my secret markets: Saronite Ore to Saronite Bar to Titanium Bar

Transmog Market is Dying
Prices falling, can’t stop buying/selling, reducing thresholds and fallbacks

AQ20 Results
– Gold looted: 19
– Grey Items: 167.5
– Repairs: -2.5
– BOP Vendor: 30
– AH Sales: 114
TOTAL: ~328g

1271.69.15 total

Essence of Air from last episode… sold for 150g each

HoTT Gearing Run

Tiller Work Orders Update
Revered with Golden Lotus Unlocks Reps and W.O.

What We Put On the Board
Thanks, Ben!

Do you still have the honeymoon feeling with Mist of Panderia? In episode 1 you were loving the game, was that the peak of the new smell of the xpax? What is your opinion of the xpac 6-9 months into the game.
How is the Warcraft Trading Card game going?

Are pet battles still a time sink? (Episode 1)
Do you still feel that you are still playing WoW the way that you want to? Episode 7, 17:30. Leveling your characters, do the content that you want, are you raiding yet?

Sláinte rep/loremaster grind chat

#TWoWoW Week 9 – Horde or Alliance?




G’day Molster and Slainto!

While most of the time I enjoy the comfort and safety of PvE realms for questing, there is a certain thrill and excitement that I sometimes miss from my days on PvP realms. I know I could flag myself as pvp, but it’s not quite the same and doesn’t produce the same effect. Alot of good times have been had in reaction to guildies getting ganked – the escalating responses from both sides can be a ton of fun. While the same thing can be done in a more organised fashion as seen in Nagrand’s Halaa, it’s not quite as epic.

So strangely, I mostly prefer and play PvE, but find myself arguing the benefits of PvP. Go figure.

It’s scientifically proven that taller people are far superior to their height-challenged cousins.
A recent study found the IQ of alliance players to be a full 3 feet lower than their Horde counterparts.
Lastly, when it comes to the crunch, alliance players tend to pull up short.

For the Horde!
ps I do love short bread cookies though.

Jellad – CTR – Aerie Peak
Hey Guys,

Fell behind again of course, so here are my week 7 and week 8 responses!

Week 7: Favorite Piece of Lore

My favorite piece of lore has to be the introduction to Culling of Stratholme. I think this is a turning point for Arthas’s character from thinking and feeling the evil brewing inside him to bringing it to fruition.  Seeing the change in dynamic where Jana Proudmoor essentially abandons Arthas to his whims introduces a whole new element to the relationships within the alliance.

Week 8: PVP, PVE, RP

I grew up on Eredar, I dont mind PVP, i just hate senseless ganking.  Nothing is more infuriating than trying to level your toon with a max level jerk camping you for an hour(or 4).  I moved away from Eredar because it was just killing my enjoyment of the game.  BG’s are OK, but can get a bit static and boring after a while.  My true love is lore, questing, and raiding.  I would rather spend 10 hours in queue for a raid than actively doing BGa.  As far as RP goes, as a person who frequents Ren Faires, I love me some RP, but its more for fun than anything else, and I dont think I could live on an RP server.  (Although I’ve been thinking about making some Horde on Earthen Ring)

See ya!

I’m bi. Bi-factional that is. I have ally and horde toons but most of my friends play horde. Also, ding’d 11 on my ret pally Kinkerbell in the Bitter and Salty guild

Grimmclaw, AIE Diggnation, Earthen Ring US

I had a really hard time trying to think about my favorite lore in Warcraft, but what I started noticing was that I kept going back to different stories surrounding the Forsaken. So I guess my favorite lore is all the lore surrounding the Forsaken. How they broke away from the Scourge. How they have made a home where they once lived when alive, and you find them referencing their old lives from time to time in quests. How the Light pains them terribly, so any Forsaken priest feels pain when casting holy magic, or any Forsaken warrior is basically having their wounds cauterized during battle. The whole thing with Lillian Voss being a member of the Scarlet Crusade in life, hunting undead, and then becoming one and being hunted by the people she called friends and family herself. All that stuff I find really thought provoking and interesting.
As far as servers, I can’t stand the idea of trying to level while getting ganked. To me that would make the game unplayable. I am a PvE player all the way. I don’t RP, but to me an RP server is interchangeable with a PvE server. So I’m on an RP server, but I pretty much just shrug my shoulders about what that really means.
Horde or Alliance? I’m a life-long Horde player, and will likely stay that way. I wouldn’t mind seeing the quests on the Alliance side, but my time to play makes that unlikely, and I’m fine with that. I will say that I haven’t liked where the Horde has gone under Garrosh, but I’m stoked to knock him off the throne and see where the Horde goes from there.


Flying in Silvermoon

Children’s Week – Get All the Pets

Pet Quest Line
* Piglet’s Collar Stormwind/Orgrimmar Quest Line
* Rat Cage Stormwind/Orgrimmar Quest Line
* Turtle Box Stormwind/Orgrimmar Quest Line
* Snail Shell Stormwind/Orgrimmar Quest Line
* Elekk Training Collar Shattrath Quest Line
* Egbert’s Egg Shattrath Quest Line
* Sleepy Willy Shattrath Quest Line
* Legs Shattrath Quest Line
* Curious Oracle Hatchling Northrend Quest Line
* Curious Wolvar Pup Northrend Quest Line

New Molsan Method
Missing Pets

It looks like it will be easier to collect those  Sigil of Power and  Sigil of Wisdom to catch up on the legendary quest line in Patch 5.3!



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