In the thirty-second World of Warcraft podcast episode, we catch up on our Loremaster progress and talk about things we like and dislike about the old zones, we wonder how we can make our weekly guild mount runs more fun and efficient, we continue to spy on each other at the auction house, we talk outfits of all kinds for our thirty weeks of World of Warcraft, and we help out a lazy, profession-less Mage.

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Loremaster Weekend
Completed Badlands and Burning Steppes
Hated the Power Core quest!!1
Received a missing pet as a quest reward – Tiny Flamefly
Ding 60! Outland… or continue with Loremaster?
Badlands… Imperfect Draenethyst Fragment turn-in for bag of Transmog, then Flawless Draenethyst Sphere turned into Valorous Greaves and Cassandra’s Grace!


Mount Run Disaster
How do we make this more efficient?
Use second account with alts stationed at summoning stones and/or get a Mage
Why was Kaelthas all bugged out?

Auction House Crafting and Spying
Sold first BS-crafted item with Blood Spirits: Bloodforged Warfists
Sale was about a 55% profit using Living Steel bars and Blood Spirits
Using crafting spreadsheet, but don’t take into account Spirit of Harmony, Imperial Silk, etc.
Trying this with Tailoring next
Molsan caught flipping rare BoEs!

Call from Aleeve

Auction House Etiquette Follow-Up

#TWoWoW Week 11 – Favorite Gear Set
Priest Tier-5 Avatar Raiment

Priest Tier-2 Merciless Gladiator




Jellad CTR Aerie Peak

Hey guys,

As far as week 11 goes. I don’t really have a favorite outfit. I like a couple of pieces that could make a cool outfit but I am generally too lazy to transmog stuff. I really like the new tier 15 pieces, but that’s pretty much all I’ve got


@benredington Favorite gear, Tier 3 Dreadnaught’s Battlegear for a Warrior. Only obtainable via BMAH

@GrimmAIE favorite gear set? The t15 druid set. It’s a Sleepy Hollow tree with a giant spider in it! Looks like a druid ate a warlock.

#TWoWoW Week 12 – Your proudest moment/achievement?



Also, if your trying to become best friendlys with the tiller squad. Mouse over their xp tab it will tell you what item they like as well as what FOOD they like. IF you have 5 foods that they like in your bags when you talk to them, then they will give you a food turn in quest for about 2000 rep with them. But the quest is only available once a day and you need the food in your bags.

Love the show.


Call from Jean #2

Call from Jean #3


@CSprandel My alt is a resto druid with engineering.. Aitze@aerie peak… I don’t pay attention to lore though. 🙁

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