In the thirty-fifth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we are done with the Blacksmithing of the Lightning Steel Ingots, we challenge ourselves to participate in some patch 5.3 Barrens content, it’s end-of-game for Sláinte after completing Loremaster, our alts get some love thanks to the MoP zone experience bonus, TradeSkillMaster continues to be awesome, two new Molsan Methods are revealed, the Pet Battle addiction is now being fueled by dailies, and we try to pick our least favorite boss for our thirty weeks of World of Warcraft.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.


Are the “Reborn” weapons worth it now?

Prices falling while time-consuming

Weekly Challenge

Do the Barrens stuffs?

End of End Game for Sláinte

No longer actively looking for Epic items, running LFR or World Bosses.

Oh yah, Sláinte got Loremaster… no biggie.

Seeker/Insane/Beloved Title Challenge.

Need addon to help track quests not completed.

Everyquest – to show incomplete quests?


Rogue is 90, Warrior is 88.35 and holy crap that was easy.

Warlock leveling is easier!


Guild ‘Stay Classy’, will level FemBElf Warlock and Monk last two Bitter and Salty need for Blood Elf.

TradeSkillMaster Accounting

You don’t need Auctioneer’s Bean Counter

Auctioneer has been removed

TSM Sending Emails

Desktop app is awesome… will send me emails if my in-game dealfinding list(s) criteria are met

No need for scanning the AH

How to Create Your Own Market

New Molsan Method: Smelt Check

Checks to see if the price of ore is greater or less than the cost of making bars

New Molsan Method: Flask Maker

Checks material cost of making flasks and compares it with average and current prices to determine potential profit

New Molsan Method for Enchanting (Coming Soon!)

Determine enchanting mat prices against which armor/weapon pieces yield those mats and display the pieces currently on the AH you should buy

And maybe one for Inscription, and Jewelcrafting, and… EVERYTHING

Friends shouldn’t buy items from friends off the AH… but friends can undercut you? WTH

Terrace of Endless Springs

It’s TES on the Armory, but Heart of Fear is HoF. Why isn’t it “ToES?” Why does this bother Molsan?

Pet Battle Addiction

Okrut Dragonwaste down… Now on to Major Payne with epic-level pets

Tried the “Level a Pet to 25 in 9 Fights” guide from Episode 22 with Cinder Kitten

Fight #1 – Dinged 6

Fight #2 – Dinged 9

Fight #3 – Dinged 11

Fight #4 – Dinged 12

Deviated from guide at this point as level gained was less than expected

Fight #5 – Dinged 13 (Zangarmarsh)

Fight #6 – Dinged 14 (Nagrand)

Fight #7 – Dinged 16 (Shattrath)

Want complete, simple guide to daily quests: which flight point, matchups, and what pets you should use against the tamer… so I made a spreadsheet.

Now alts are placed at PB daily quest givers. So sad.

Pet Battle N00b Question of the Week

How to I use abilities 4,5,6?

#TWoWoW – Week 14 – Your least favorite/most challenging dungeon/raid/world boss?


Flame Leviathan (WotLK)

High Prophet Barim (second boss of Lost City of the Tol’vir; Cata)

Faction Champions, Trial of the Crusader (WotLK)

Vaelastrasz the Corrupt (Vanilla)


BPC (Does this count for 3?) Keleseth, Valanar and Taldaram







Lord Godfrey from Shadowfang Keep

I know he’s a Lowbie but, back in the day, this guy was the bain of my dungeon existence. The combination of being under-geared, new to the game, and learning to heal had me dead so often it just wasn’t fun. As a self-confessed Altiholic and a fan of dungeon leveling, I have spent excessive amounts of time in Shadowfang. I recently ran it on a new girl, in full Heirlooms (!), and I’m not sure if I’ve changed so much, or if they Nerfed him, but we had him down in minutes. Man it felt good!!


Week 10-14 Haikus

week 10: (favorite mount)

my favorite mount

I spent a lot of money

for Yak with vendors

Week 11: (favorite gear set)

favorite gear set

AFK in Alterac

warlock shoulder skulls

Week 12: (proudest moment)

am I proud that I

stole an account from a child?

deleted his toons

Week 13: (favorite BC dungeon)

Escape from Dunholde

Pal with Thrall before he got

married to Yoko

Week 14: (least favorite boss)

We beat Twilight Hour

now boat to take on Deathwing

Why is this cow here?


#TWoWoW – Week 15 – What is your favorite addon?



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