In the thirty-ninth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we care a lot about the valor-to-justice point pricing changes to epic vendor items, we assure you that making bags is still a great way to make gold, we really get into leveling and share our initial stories from our race-to-ninety leveling challenge, we wonder why it’s so easy and difficult to join a guild, we run down various ways of getting bonus and rested XP, and for our Thirty Weeks of WoW, we share our best and worst of World of Warcraft.

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Time to Read the Patch Notes


  • Adjustments have been made to Mists of Pandaria faction quartermasters.

    • Epic quality (purple) Valor items sold by the Shado-Pan Assault now have their reputation requirements reduced to Friendly or below, and have their Valor Point cost reduced by 34%.

    • Epic quality (purple) Valor items sold by all other Mists of Pandaria faction quartermasters no longer have reputation requirements, and will now cost Justice Points instead of Valor.

    • Rare quality (blue) items have their Justice Point cost reduced by 75%.

    • No changes for items that require an Exalted reputation.

  • The conversion rate for Justice Points to Honor Points have changed. The conversion rate is now 500 Justice per 250 Honor (up from 375 Justice per 250 Honor).

Secret Gold-Making Tip

Netherweave Bags – STILL MAKING GOLD

Not a lot, but gold is gold.

Sláinte’s Guild Bank Gold Donation

How much did we make and why did this happen?!?


Warlock n00b

Level 69 and still learning, by not knowing WTF I am doing.

Now I will ignore her

Leveling Challenge – Week 1


Death Comes From On High Quest: made me want to quit… Arcane eye “researching” the buildings

WoW-Pro broken for DK starting zone!!

Got immediate level 25 guild invite within 5 minutes… They won’t know what hit them.

Getting into a Guild

Got invite almost right away but nobody grats’ted my dings and the guild bank was locked down so I quit.

Tried CtR… whispered a couple people about how to join. One person responded with the Web address… the other responded suggesting I join the channel “ctrlfo.” Sounds so familiar.

Hellfire Ramparts run… We tanked, we DPS’d, we won!! #LetMeCheck

Alliance side is confusing

Secret weapons are secret!


Why I chose my toon name.

Love starting Zone! Addon wasn’t broken

Got Guild invite before I could turn in first quest (When in Doubt)

Not checking GB… no time.

Got grats on achieves but otherwise pretty quiet.

LFD where Tank = Insta Queue.. LIES!!

How to Get Bonus Experience

Log out in an Inn

Dark Moon Faire’s Wheeee buff

Fire Festival pole dancing

Call from Mystery Guy

LFR moot and heroic scenarios

Hardmode Scenarios are Hard

Three noob melee in a heroic scenario is a recipe for disaster

#TWoWoW Week 18 — Best and worst thing about World of Warcraft




Best : Gameplay

Worst : Bag UI, Voice Comm, Gnomes and Cut scenes


Donna Suggarz







Hello Bitter & Salty darlings, Molsan and Slainte!

In reference to the latest week I wanted to chime in real quick.  I play many different mmorpg’s so I had to really think about what it is that makes WoW different and has kept me in the game (other than the amazing people who play it.)

I decided that my favorite thing about WoW is its depth and variety of gameplay…because World of Warcraft has been around so long Blizzard has been able to enrich its game like no other, in my opinion.  With patches, expansions and time, it’s created a game that provides multiple ways to level, many things to do at end game and a plethora of things to do in between.  We have questing, dungeons, pvp, raids, battlegrounds, pet battles, crafting (including fishing, cooking, etc), archaeology, guilds, transmogrification, ranching, dailies, weeklies, LFR (and flex-raiding coming soon) and more!  They really have listened to their player base and continue to improve our game.

Now for my least favorite thing…it’s a much simpler answer…hehe…I hate the travel system in WoW!  It’s a damn waste of time having to ride birds and whatnot to get from one place to another, and I long for the day they finally get rid of this out-dated system.  Waiting an hour to hearth is another waste of my time.  Give me a system like the one in Guild Wars 2, where I open my map and with the click of a button, I’m where the action is…that’s where I want to be, killing and looting and not finding something else to do in the RL while I wait for my tired, old bird to fly across Azeroth.  😉

Thank you for the show!  And thanks for hanging out with us on Friday night, Slainte!  =D

Your friend,

Juuno of Korialstrasz

#TWoWoW Week 19 — Favorite Class

Call from Jean



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