In the fortieth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we exclude ourselves from being included on getting legendary cloaks in patch 5.4, we disagree with the claim that WoW is only about end-game, we stalk, err, track each others Death Knight Double Agent leveling progress, we admit that we’re making gold to help us level but state that this is not a gold-making challenge, we use the gold we make in the race for the three-piece heirloom set, and we choose our favorite class for our Thirty Weeks of World of Warcraft.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Legendary Cloaks

Animations are cool… but interesting that they are required to defeat new world boss in 5.4

The war to balance the including and excluding of players rages on

Is WoW All About End-Game?

We’re leveling and having fun but are we doing it wrong?

Experience Tracking

Alliance vs Horde PUGs

Are they different or the same

Interesting LFD stories

Molsan’s DK kicked from Nexus group… So proud!

N00b DK Tips

Sláinte is still a n00b and needs tips. I just mash buttons!!

Glyphs? What about em? Oh yeah… I guess I should buy some.

WTH is Blood Tap

Complaint that Leveling Challenge is Gold-Making Challenge

Are we making gold or spending gold?

The Heirloom Race

Requirements and cost

Dark Moon Faire Wheeeeeeeee… and ticket grinding?

DMF: Use only 1 ticket and have unlimited buff…

DMF Level 25 Pet Battle daily… getting over 30K experience per victory! Easy with SoC, Fel Flame, and Lil XT

Call from Double Agent Strumpet

TWoWoW Week 19 Favorite Class

Sláinte – Was going to say Paladin, thought about it more and still says Paladin

Molsan – Paladin… No, Death Knight. No, really, Paladin.


Tanasttia from Earthen Ring, Alea Iactus E Pluribus Unum.

I am woefully behind on the 30 Weeks of WoW.

[But, I have a plan. I will start doing audio submissions this weekend, with one or two catch-ups each week as well as the current week’s question.]

However, after finishing up Episode 39 this evening, I found I could not delay answering this newest question: Favorite Class.

WARLOCK! without a doubt!

First, warlocks have the coolest spell of all: Rain of Fire. Nothing is nearly as viscerally satisfying.

I remember when my warlock Mairabelle was just a wee little nub, traversing the Barrens on foot, and a herd of gazelle, mostly fawns, came bounding by. Without a moment’s hesitation, I dropped my Rain of Fire on these innocents and immediately fell in love with my class.

Second, warlocks are intimately connected with the lore in a way that surpasses all other classes (except maybe druids, but of course they suck). Warlocks are at the heart of the initial conflicts of Warcraft.

Third, warlocks are an “underground class” (similar to rogues, but yeah, rogues also suck). The trainers are usually hidden away, and some of the initial class quests talk about how warlocks are despised by the Warchief yet tolerated in small numbers.

Fourth, they’ve had some of the best class quests in the game, to get the mount, to get the minions, etc. Those have been removed, but now we’ve got the green fire quest, so Yeah!

Fifth, well, there’s too much awesomeness to explain. Overall, they’re fascinating lore-wise and they have a huge toolbox!

(and yes it kind of ticks me off to hear someone talk about a one-button warlock rotation… ahem.)






TWoWoW Week 20  Your favorite or most sought after loot and whether you got it?



Good afternoon gentleman!

I just wanted to say that I really thoroughly enjoy the podcast you guys produce every week. I hadn’t heard of it until a little while back Koltrane had mentioned you guys on Convert to Raid, and I’m glad he did. You guys have quickly become one of the top 3 favorite podcasts that my fiance and I listen to. I haven’t made it through all your back episodes yet, but hopefully by the end of the week I will have made it through all 39 shows. So I just wanted to say keep up the good work, I look forward to each episode, it’s definitely more enjoyable than mining my own ore.

I did have one question. What does it take to join the fabled “Bitter & Salty” guild? Just a little backstory, my friends and I have played WoW since launch, though we did take a break for 6 months to try the new Star Wars MMO. When we came back, our old guild had pretty much died out and we decided to join the Convert to Raid guys on Aerie Peak. This was a huge change as we had all been Horde only for 7-8 years. While I love the CTR guild, I do miss all things Horde-side, and have thought about starting a new tauren up on Earthen Ring. Not to play hardcore, but just to relax and enjoy the game in a casual, friendly guild and the ways you guys talk so well of your guildmates, well, it sounds like a guild I’d love to be in. So, is there a secret handshake? Do I need references to submit forms in triplicate? Do I just need to flat out bribe you with money?

Thanks for your time guys!

Rhett – CTR, Aerie Peak

For the AlliHordeAnce!

Pet Giveaway

Pandaren Fire Spirit – July 19th @ 10:00am

Rules: Mention @bitterandsalty with pancakes, waffles, or french toast for an entry into the pet giveaway contest (US realms only).


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