In the forty-second World of Warcraft podcast episode, we double ding Double Agents and recap the greatest and worst challenge of all, our race to level 90, we examine the stress that the game can sometimes put on our in and out of game relationships, we reveal our slash played and gold made during the challenge, we explain what a monkey run is, we offer up another Blizzcon tip, and we try really, really hard to pick a favorite battleground for our Thirty Weeks of World of Warcraft.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Worst challenge ever…

It affected us negatively.

Trying to find the positive.

Remember, it’s just a game.

The Negative Side of Relationships in WoW

What negative experiences can carry over into IRL?

Burnout on the game or the stress of maintaining real player relationships in an MMO?

Call from Strumpet

Blacksmithing and Whack-a-moe with Fishing pole

Leveling Tips once 85

In MoP you can pick herbs/mine your own ore from 1-600.

Pre-Announcement Mini Board Bets

Who has more gold on their person?

Who has more/less /played?

Call from Satyr

Kicked Out of His Alliance Guild


Stormstout Brewery up to first boss

Snooter28: “I was rested when we started and was averaging 450-500k experience roughly every 3 minutes. With completing 20 runs an hour that is 10 million experience in an hour and 1 level up in a little under 2 hours.”

Mini-Monkey Runs!!

Blood DK is for Grind!

Slingtail Treeleapers and Slingtail Mudseers in Jade Forest for The Path of War

Mystery Caller

We were doing leveling challenge wrong and unscientific like

Molsan is wrong about comparing things to Brawler’s Guild

Things Don’t Feel Legendary – Benediction

Board Best Results

Slash Played

Gold in Bags

Secret from Episode 40

For the Alliance!!

TWoWoW Week 21 – Favorite Battleground


Vanilla Alterac Valley


They all suck






TWoWoW Week 22 – Your favorite Non-Combat or Hunter Pet




Molsan & Slainte,

Bitter & Salty is, hands down, the most enjoyable WoW podcast out there, especially for those who play it “our way.”

I’ve been playing since launch, most of the time in a friends & family guild, which has now dwindled to just two of us.  I miss the social aspect of a friendly, casual guild and your show has made me feel like I’m in <Bitter and Salty> even though I’m far away on Kirin Tor.  So like a few recent audience members, I’ve decided to start a character on Earthen Ring.  Looks like you need a pandaren warrior for the Stay Classy achievement, and that is a class I need to learn.  So I’ll leave my druids at home and Weian (Way-anne) would be thrilled for the opportunity.

Also, I hate it when Mom & Dad fight about levelling challenges, so please hug a little bit in your next pre-show.

Strumpet Makes a Best Friend

Blizzcon Tip #2

Drink water Always Be Drinking

Bring water bottles… small ones


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