In the forty-third World of Warcraft podcast episode, we are ready for WoW to go free-to-play and are buying the vanity helms from the Blizzard store but not really, the Isle of Thunder is new to those of us that have never been, we talk video card upgrades for multi-monitor gaming, we debate about whether or not the leveling challenge permanently changed us, we are intrigued and confused by flex raiding, we lack focus and try to get back to our normal routines in game, we throw out an idea for what to do with the generous donation to the guild bank, and we choose our one, favorite pet for our Thirty Weeks of World of Warcraft.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Helms of the Blizzard Store

I have lots to say about this and people will not like me or what I have to say. Love, Molsan.

Sláinte Went to Thunder Island!

How was it? Did you do Treasure Room?!?

Any chance we can have a hardware show?

New NVIDIA card: EVGA GTX650Ti

But then I found out I only need one card as the 650 has four outputs.

Audio from Mystery Man

Leveling changed us… we’re not the same

Sláinte keeping DK, Molsan are you?

Molsan: Yes and buying pets after the Foxely debacle

Flex raiding

Looks more and more intriguing the closer it gets into game.

Achievement Roulette Results

Molsan – Done! I now know more about Unga Ingoo than I wanted to know

Sláinte – Thank you WoWHead!

WoW A.D.D.

How to focus on one achievement/FoS/whatever and not get distracted by other shiny things

Auction House Routine

Do you cycle your auctions at the same time? Different days/times? Whenever?

The Big Guild Bank Donation

Ideas on what to do with the gold

Build new Molsan Method that looks up various pet-related achievement (i.e. Raiding with Leashes)… if incomplete, but one ore more pets are owned, we pick players at random and help acquire pets for them.

TWoWoW # 22 Favorite NCP or Hunter Pet

Sláinte – Singing Sunflower, Hunter Pet: A Druid

Molsan – Ghostcrawler

An aquatic pet, Strand Crawler with Surge. That. Is. All.



Grimm: Ethereal Soul Trader



Hey Guys!!

Despite having a growing menagerie of non-combat pets, I have to say that my favourite would have to be my warlock minions. Those guys have been with me through thick and thin! I think I relate to them because they came with their own names, unlike hunter and non-combat pets. I forgot what patch it was, but I was really upset when we got “upgraded” minions, and their names changed; I was quite elated when Blizzard decided to restore their old names!

Naltip my imp would have to see the most action with me, even though I know now that’s really noobish and I should be using my Felhunter.

I think my most appropriately named minion is my Succubus, Heltai. I always read it as Hentai. Deal with it!

ps. Sorry about the radio silence ; internet in the back-blocks of Texas is worse than Australia! Which is the answer for next week – 3 weeks holiday being the longest I’ve gone without playing.

pps Very quick catchup : People, people, warlock, Benediction (yes, on Ashayo v1), any where I win and don’t get constantly killed or stunlocked by a rogue (probably AV)





Mystery Man

TWoWoW #23 The longest you have gone without playing.


Blizzcon Tip #3

Eat outside the box – TRY to go away from walking distance to eat some SoCal favs.

i.e. Habit Burger (Santa Ana is closest). although Subway rulez

Molsan’s Blizzcon Eating Tip #3: ALMONDS


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Additional clips of music taken from “Daft Punk Get Lucky (Mexican Monkey Mix)” by Magic Finger

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