In the forty-ninth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we catch up with patch 5.4 and run around the Timeless Isle, we spend all of our coins on keys and chase giant sharks around on our raft, Sláinte flexes but not as holy while Molsan begins his Legendary LFR grind, we have a spoiler-free discussion about the Siege of Orgrimmar cut scenes, we prepare our blacksmiths for more ingot grinding, and we reveal our favorite dungeon, raid, or world boss for our Thirty Weeks of World of Warcraft.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Timeless Isle

Find all teh coins/treasures! FREE LOOT!

Email from Svander (Dark Iron) / Mildrid (Earthen Ring)

So there’s that big whale shark Evermaw that circles the new Timeless Isle frequently and drops over 1000 coins per kill.  Kind of a pain to pew pew something in the water that’s moving as fast as it does, right?  Well did you know that you can hop on your Angler’s fishing raft and chase him around as long as you board it before entering combat?  Makes the fight much easier and more hilarious to look at!

PS. Grats to Svander on obtaining his legendary cloak!

Cloaks and Reputations and Changes in 5.4

Eternally in the Vale – Completed and… removed from the game.

Time to buy gear with Justice Points… now what to do with Valor?

Legendary Questline

Why is this so confusing and weird? Stones dropping in LFR but not all LFR?

Sláinte is retired

Pally will no longer be actively played sans from JC duties.

Dangui takes over as “Main”

War Ch(i)ef Talk’mon


Molsan’s UI

Did you use any new HUDs?

Call from Mystery Man

Tell Me When

Started using TellMeWhen … thank you, Grimmclaw and Mystery Man!

Cluttering my UI a bit… Would almost prefer using only TMW and dropdown menus to keep everything else tucked away

In non-ElvUI-is-the-best-evar news… MayronUI Gen 2 was updated last week:


28 Days later… EPICS!!!

#TWoWoW Week 28 — Your favorite dungeon/raid/world boss

Molsan – BPC or Kara Opera or Kara Chess

Sláinte – VDW



Big Steve aka Soulfinger

Strumpet (revision for Week 28)



#TWoWoW Week 29 — Your favorite Mists of Pandaria dungeon

Call from Mominatrix

Terrific Trio!

Call from Jaminbee

Achievements – Reputation Dings

Call from Strumpet

Achievement Goals – Pandaren Ambassador

Armored Bloodwing Giveaway

From Rubmahbelleh/@wheeble_esq

Another Q&A number-answer reveal!

Blizzcon Tip

Do not party too hard Thursday night. You’ll want to feel your best on Friday!


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