In the fifty-sixth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we buy Ice Cold Milk and Flour from vendors to make Gold and Marionettes, we share our favorite resources for getting started with building your very own gaming rig, we list what we would like to accomplish in-game before the Draenor Warlords arrive, we speculate one last time about what the next expansion will be before it’s announced, and we recommend that you relax, take it easy, and don’t panic… because Blizzcon is almost here!!

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Vendor Item Sale

Ran around to the vendors in Thunder Bluff and flipped at extreme prices

Macabre Marionette

Buying all today!

Hardware Chat

Call from Strumpet

Legendary Cloak ding!

Expansion Talks

What is the ONE thing you’d like to accomplish before the Draenor Warlords arrive?


Yeah, we’re going… now what?


LurryDean – BunnyZugZug

Howdy all ye Bitter and Salty 🙂

After leaving most of my toons languishing in the mid 80s, I’ve finally picked up my Mage and gotten her to 89. Her biggest issue is having to make trips back to Shrine of the Two Moons to maintain her transmog set (aka, keeping up with Magmaw). From the top down…

Helm = Crown of Endless Knowledge

Shoulders = Black Mageweave Shoulders

Cloak = Dark Phantom Cloak (not displayed)

Chest = Black Mageweave Vest

Wrists = Netherweave Bracers

Gloves = Black Mageweave Gloves

Belt = Beach Party Thong

Legs = Black Mageweave Leggings

Feet = Black Mageweave Boots

Staff = Tanjo Staff

Soon to be 90!

Call from Juuno

Dings and a new car!

Sláinte’s Final Blizzcon Tip

Don’t Panic


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