In the sixtieth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we go on sale and slash prices on all items in the auction house, Molsan experiments with crafting Phantom Blades and Invisibility Potions, while Sláinte gets all destructive with his Warlock on his way to level 90, we work on our to-do lists and gain exalted rep with factions and progress through the Siege of Orgrimmar, we ponder over the release date change for “War Crimes” and question why there is so much Anduin in “The Shattering,” and we put everyone’s guesses for the expansion release date on the board for our Thirty Weeks of Warlords of Draenor.

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Black Friday Sale

The results are in

Secret Crafting Making Gold Experiment Thing

Blacksmithing – Phantom Blade

Call from Trofie

Dings and a TODO challenge


9% + 10% = 19% BOUNS XP!!!!

Mouse wheel macro FTW

What is/was your favorite faction dailies?

Wrapping up the Cloud Serpent

SoO Progression

Nazgrim down… Wiped on trash in SoO3 many times

War Crimes Release Date Change

From June to May oh My

The Shattering Update

Why so much Anduin?

Story of the Expansion

Spoiler time!

Logitech G700s REVIEW

Oh that Mouse Wheel….

TWoWoD Week 2 Release Date

Release date timeline:

Molsan – 7/18/2014

Sláinte – 9/30/2014



Blizzard keeps saying they want faster releases on expansions, but it always ends up being in the fall, nearly two years after the previous one. I have the feeling that they’re wary of a summer release as well.

Plus, what was available at BlizzCon seemed very incomplete. Just the fact that there were only 3 races fully upgraded makes me worry.

So… though my hopeful release date prediction is June 10, my realistic release date prediction is September 9.




Hello darlings!

I hope you’re both doing great this week! Also, my undead Shadow Priest just dinged 90…woot!  Enough about me though…

The Warlords of Draenor release date will be (drum roll, please!) Tuesday, August 12, 2013!!!!  That’s my guess anyway and it’s basically just because the War Crimes book is due out June 3, so the expansion should follow that fairly closely, right? Plus, my birthday is Aug 13 & I like to take my bday week off, so that date would REALLY work for me this year! Hehehe… ;D

I wish it would be here sooner, but that’s just the way it’s gotta be. Love ya!

/great big hugs!!!

Juuno  🙂

Whoops…I meant 2014, of course… xD


Hey guys, gonna hit you real quick with thoughts from the first two weeks of Warlords. For week one, it was pretty much all said. I tend to side more with Molsan on this one, in that I think Blizzard will keep the garrisons relevant. My only far-fetched hope is that you will be able to unlock a hearthstone back to your garrison that is separate from your normal hearth.

For week two I feel that the expansion has to come out before the summer, but it certainly looked a long way off at Blizzcon. This would lead one to think maybe June. But my gut was telling me long ago, well before we even knew of the expansion, that Blizzard would shock us all and have it out by April. So I guess I have to go against my logic and trust my gut in saying to look for an April release of Warlords.

Thanks guys!


Strumpet – August 16, 2014

Rubmahbelleh – May 27, 2014

Trofie – May 2014

Lilulicious – May Whatever 2014


TWoWoD Week 3 History of Draenor


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