In the eighty-first World of Warcraft podcast episode, Lei Shen opens up his heart and offers the twelfth and final Titan Runestone for a Legendary Cloak, Molsan learns about Repentance and stunlocks Wrathion into submission, Entitlement flexes all over Siege of Orgrimmar, we use addons to explain boss fights instead of doing our own research, Slainte is bitten by Thok and then wiped by Garrosh on Normal, we ask about the kinds of devious player behaviors that would justify getting kicked out of a raid, we close in on the Stay Classy guild achievement, and we give props to those who bring drama to Blizzcon.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Lei Shen and the Titan Runestones

Defeated Lei Shen for 12th Titan Runestone

Return to retrieve the heart of… Lei Shen

Wrathion and the Retribution Paladin


Hammer of Justice!!!


And then… it was Legendary!

Entitlement – Week 1

First three bosses of SoO1 down


Raiding Addon

Arbitrary Commands with WoW Fight Explanations

Salty Raiding

Two-Heal all the things!

10 bosses no wipes, THOK BITES HARD

Learn FIGHTS!!! Mechanic we had no clue about.

UPDATE: 13/14 Working on Garrosh now

Failing to Plan for Buffs is Fail

Now Shadow Priest needs Test of Valor

Second on meters against Sha of Fear

What Reasons Can You Vote-to-Kick


Rolling Need?

Toon Leveling

Mage for Stay Classy- Was called a Warlock in one dungeon; next dungeon was called a Priest.

Isn’t Strumpet getting us Stay Classy? CONFUZED!

Blizzcon Tip

Leave the drama at home.


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Additional clips of music taken from “Threw it on the Ground (Instrumental)” by The Lonely Island

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