In the eighty-fourth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we announce that Blizzard has an announcement about an announcement about the Warlords of Draenor release date, we light up our weapons with Mongoose and Crusader using the new transmog enchants, we plan on raiding normally when the expansion drops but don’t want to rush to level 100, Molsan continues to let everyone down yet Entitlement continues to progress through SoO2 Flex, we build up our hatred for Taran Zhu and complete all of our Sunday-morning achievements, and Slainte finally reveals the history, lore, and back story behind his love for Druids in our new segment: The Thirty Weeks of Druids of World of Warcraft.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

The Big Announcement about the Big Announcement

On or before 8/14

Weapon Transmog Enchants

Finally something for Enchanters to do!

What will we do to make gold when the expansion is released or will we just fish?

Raiding Normally in Warlords

So Normal works like Flex but there is no Flex only Normal?

The Slainte Raiding in Warlords Plan

Rush to 100 for raiding?!?!1

Garrison lumber… who cares?!?

Entitlement Week 4

Manifesto needs adjusting

I am constantly letting everyone down

Siege of Orgrimmar Fill in the Blankz

Molsan will ask Slainte stuff about SoO and raid leading/organizing

Why Does Salty Hate Druids?

Full explanation plox

Barkskin is terrible and useless and requires Holy Power

Tier 16 Druid looks awesome!! BWAHAHAHahahaha no. Ram horns and a spider?

Sunday Morning Cheevz

Shado-Pan Dungeon Place – bowing and hatred

Slainte Blizzcon Tip

Bring your own pills


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