In the eighty-seventh World of Warcraft podcast episode, we download Warlords 6.0 and let it squish our gear and hard drives, we ask for additional character slots so we can undelete our deleted characters, Sláinte faces off against Malkorok repeatedly, while Molsan gets owned by the pre-expansion doldrums, we ponder recruiting ourselves as we lust hard over the Cindermane Charger Lava Horse, we cancel all things Titan: raids, movies, and new MMOs, but decide to perma-lock all Hunters, we provide game-breaking ideas for improving PvP, And we remind everyone attending Blizzcon to bring a friend for protection.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

That Six Point Oh Pre-Patch Download

Warlords is almost here!

Stat squishy is almost here!

Brewfest… and nobody cares

Soloing Old Content

OH MY, from Washer: “To offset the effect of this change on players’ ability to solo or otherwise do old content, we’ve made a change to the combat system that gives players scaling bonus damage and reduced damage taken when fighting enemies that are lower-level and from a prior expansion. With the sheer amount of content involved, and the number of special-case mechanics found in boss fights over the years, it’s quite possible that there are some exceptions or quirks for which we’ve failed to account.”


Malkorok wiping

Character Undelete


New RAF Fire Horse

Cindermane Charger Lava Horse!!

Have you ever done a RAF?

Any desire to RAF just for a mount and is it worth the money?

Titan Canceled

Wasn’t WoW 2.0, but a different game

Will we ever have WoW 2.0 or is this it?

How to Fix PvP

1v1 Arena

Random class-spec for Battlegrounds

The Pre-Expansion Doldrums

Tehy are hit hard

Auction housing

Lost desire to defeat Garrosh before 6.0

FWoWoWFL Waiver Claim Process

What are the rules?

Too soon to put in a claim?

Salty Blizzcon Tip

Go with other people to protect you


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Additional clips of music taken from “Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines ft. T.I. Pharrell ( INSTRUMENTAL )” by ADreamOfficial

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