In the eighty-eighth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we roll brand new Hunters and heirloom them out for the third time, we critique various ways to level a character and determine that semi-AFK battlegrounds is the worst, we reveal our official list of expectations for day one of Warlords of Draenor, Sláinte deletes all of his alts except for four, or five, maybe five, no four, Molsan bids farewell to a friend, but still has the nerve to ask if he can have his stuff, we plan to raid normally and mythically up until the very last moment before the expansion, we decide to build professional gaming rigs using eight-core processors and quad GTX 980s, and we reveal what Blizzard will be revealing during this year’s Blizzcon opening ceremonies.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

The New Hunter

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Hunters are fun and easy to level

Heirlooms… Leather and then Mail or Mail first

Best Worst Way to Level

Mousewheel or Semi-AFK in Battlegrounds?

Why no experience from fishing?!?

How to Start Out in an Expansion

How to get ready for xpac

What to expect during the first few minutes

How much gold to have going in

What to do with addons? Will they be updated?

Deleting Alts

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Characters will be deleted

Only play three or four or five or four characters

A Rexor Retrospective


Rexor will Be Missed but I can have his stuff

Almost gold capped now!!

Salty Raiding

Getting carried through the hard parts of SoO


BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: It’s a new computer build time!!

WTH is M.2 and why I must have it

Rampage V x99 LGA 2011 MOBO

5820, 5930… or OMG the 5960?!?

Video… 780 or 780 TI, or just go 980? is awesome

Tentative Molsan build:

Salty Blizzcon Tip

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Character model reveal

Buy all the computer parts and headsets and mouse pads


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