In the ninth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we cover patch 5.1, raiding pet peeves, broke players, and the week one update of our gold-making challenge.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

The 5.1 Patch and All the Things!

  • Is it too much content or is it not enough?

Salty’s Raiding Pet Peeves

  • Your computer doesn’t work (ie sound,mic etc…)
    • Really… the 4 days prior to raid you NEVER tried to fix it??
  • Call from Tackle

Raiding Talk

  • Molsan’s Pet Peeves

Broke Players in the Game… Say it isn’t so!

  • Call from Strumpet
  • Using the auction house to sell, but not playing the market
  • Is it ever okay to whisper someone about their undercutting? Do you get whispers about this? What do you do if you find people undercutting your stuff?

Gold-Making Challenge Week One Questionnaire

  • What race did you choose and why?
  • What professions did you choose and why?
  • How did you earn your seed money?
  • What market(s) are/will you focus on?
  • What Auction House Goblin/PvP methods are/will you use?

What We’re Learning from the Gold-Making Challenge

  • Reveal your first gold-making tip
  • Since pets are account-bound, wild pets found in Alliance zones are worth capturing
  • Focusing on specific markets are yielding better results
  • Better configuration using TradeSkillMaster for use on all realms

Gold-Making Starter Tips

Ret Paladin DPS

  • Binky Sent Me Gear
    • Shoulders, Gloves, and Bracers – PvP iLevel 450
    • I tried to send him gold, but he returned it along with a giant axe

Players that Make You want to Play

@bitterandsalty This week’s achievement: finally revered with the Klaxxi, and have my first besty with Tillers, Chee Chee!

@bitterandsalty I dinged 90 on my pally main on thxgiving!

Call from Jaminbee (ding Honored with Golden Lotus)

iTunes Reviews

  • Six new five-star reviews!
    • Ahrag from Cenarion Circle: podcast is, “really fun to listen to and its clear to me that you guys actually play WOW.”
    • Binky from Earthen Ring: “These guys must be mind readers. Their take on raiding (from episode 7) was awesome.”
    • Duffus the Wrenchmonkey: “Love the podcast,” but wants to know if we like to watch Gladiator movies?”
    • Juuno from Ctrl Alt Wow and Juuno’s Corner: “I could eat these two up!! They are witty, intelligent and entertaining; I learn something new during each podcast.”
    • Landshark: An “enjoyable podcast” with “good gold making tips and jokes.” Likes to “run away from Sláinte when we have Jasper Chains o and by the way all the landsharks.”
    • Jaminbee: “Like an old married couple, these two banter in the most delightful way about a game we all love and adore.”

Lil KT Contest

  • RT Post and Follow to Win

Jade Owl Contest


  • Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba.

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