In the ninety-first World of Warcraft podcast episode, we recap all of the major Warlords of Draenor news from Blizzcon, we discuss our first impressions of the Warcraft movie trailer, we ask Blizzard game designers if having a Garrison in Warlords is necessary, we ask each other the questions that we forgot to ask at Blizzcon, we realize that playing a Goblin isn’t as much fun as playing an Orc, especially when abilities are missing from your rotation, and we choose to ignore our own tips and decide to go big and have lots of regrets as we head into the next expansion for World of Warcraft.

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So Like How Was Blizzcon

Where our Warcraft stuffs?!?

WoW Movie

Warlords is still on schedule


BlizzCon Store Update

Still can’t get in… All I want is a t-shirt

Questions We Asked

Do I have to play Garrisons in Warlords?

Do you need 50K for Garrisons in Warlords?

Questions We Wished We Would Have Asked

Why can’t you update the 16-slot “Backpack”

Flying in Silvermoon, obviously

Do you really think we need the AH in the game?

New Orc Warrior

Ding 90 and race change to Orc

So much more fun to play Orc Smash

Had been missing Rend in Arms rotation this whole time until 89 1/2

Finally Loremaster

Hunter dings in Cape of Stranglethorn after saving Booty Bay from fires and pirates

Slainte’s FINAL Blizzcon Tip FOR NEXT YEAR!

Don’t go big and haz regrets!!


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