In the ninety-sixth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we deliver the spoiler-free review of Warcraft: The Beginning… and then spoil everything we can about the movie, we discuss our favorite and most disappointing characters, plot points that deviated from the lore, and tell Blizzard how they should have built their Warcraft cinematic universe, we analyze the opening weekend box office take, and speculate on whether or not it will be enough for sequels and spin-offs, and… we determine which faction won in the movie… The Horde? Or… The Alliance. Yes, of course, it was the Horde.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you by Molsan and Sláinte.

Spoiler-free Review

Review with Spoilers

That WoW Moment

Favorite Character

Disappointing Character

Antonidas & The Council of Six and Floating Dalaran

  • What in the World of Warcraft?!?

Shocking Plot Twist/Change

  • What Lore

How Would You Have Introduced Non-WoW Fans to Warcraft?

  • World Building
  • Stories focused on few characters instead of many
  • Themed trilogy films or standalone character movies

Box Office Report

  • Warcraft: The Beginning opened in China last week, taking $156M in five days and topping box offices
  • Warcraft is now on its way becoming the highest-grossing Hollywood film in China
  • In the US, Warcraft is considered to have bombed, having opened to $24.4M

Will/Should There be sequels?

Characters We Want to See Next

Who won: Horde or Alliance?

How did it feel to be in the movie?

Blizzcon 2014 Recording



If the Movie Inspires us to play again… shouldn’t it be considered a success?

Molsan Can’t Get Out of the Garrison


Where do you get Salty title


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