In the ninety-ninth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we bathe ourselves in the glory of accurately predicting the pre-Legion patch release date, we explain exactly what will happen to Garrisons before Legion, and decide whether or not it will burn and drown in the Shipyards, we fix everyone’s bank storage problems by mailing each other Hexweave Bags and vendoring all the things, we declare that appearance unlocking and the changes to wardrobe and transmogrification are clearly the best things ever, we love and hate everything you can and can’t do with the Legion bind-on-pick-up crafting reagent, Blood of Sargeras, and we ask that you bring not one, but two bags, so you can mix it up this year at Blizzcon.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you by Molsan and Sláinte.

Pre-Legion Patch

  • 7/19! Salty was right!!

What Exactly is Going to Happen to the Garrison

  • Disappear? Burn to the ground? Submerged somehow by your Shipyard?
  • The trader in your Garrison’s Trading Post will no longer sell the bags of gold for blood or garrison supplies

How to Fix Bank Problems

  • Hexweave Bags
  • There will be no bigger bags added to Tailoring in Legion
  • 24-slot bags will be easy to make

Wardrobe Changes

  • Appearance unlocking!
  • Where to find a missing appearance!
  • Improved Transmog interface with a preview!
  • Save looks as outfits!
  • Outfits by spec!
  • Transmog weapon enchants!

What is Blood of Sargeras?

  • Q&A with Senior Game Designer Paul Kubit (Professions lead)
  • Measure of “a measure of how much you are playing the game”
  • Used for crafting
  • Obliterum… an item obtained at max level that increases iLevel of gear. The application of Obliterum will use Blood of Sargareas
  • Obliterum forge can increase iLevel to 850
  • Can’t unbind it… using it as a measuring tool… a protection for those with a lot of gold from just buying “power”
  • Can’t be BoA either… Don’t want players to rely on alts… although, Blizzard loves alts? Do you think they do or don’t?
  • You can obliterate anything into… Obliterum

Suggestions for Pre-Patch Pre-Legion Day One

  • Sell everything

Random Stuffs Before the Patch

  • Outland Raiding for Full Crystalforge Set
  • Chasing Outland Rares
  • Elemental Plateau Farming for Air stuffs
  • Getting factions/rep grinds done… Argent Dawn



Salty Tip for Blizzcon 2016

  • Bring two bags and switch it up


Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba

Additional clips of music taken from “Overwatch Soundtrack” by Blizzard Entertainment

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