In the fifty-third World of Warcraft podcast episode, we fix all the problems with professions and request a new UI for crafting,  we wonder if our alts would get any attention if our mains had access to every profession, we get back to our weekly challenges and discuss participating in a new gold-making challenge; Sláinte wants to delete some of his 90s, while Molsan begins powerleveling pets to 25, we give out yet another tip for Blizzcon, and we continue the circle of rage over LFR and Flex Raiding by speculating about a Blizzard conspiracy to get rid of LFR.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Professions and Alts

Deleting 90s

Should Sláinte just delete 3 of his 90s? (Druid, Rogue, Warrior)

Weekly Challenge

Finish old dungeons/raids? Mount runs? Level another alt to 90? Level LW to 600 NO BUYING MATS

Weekly Challenge #2: Attumen the Huntsman

Gold Making Weekly Challenge

Dominate the market with one item / process (i.e. Living Steel Belt Buckles, Flasks, etc.) instead a bunch of random items

Try for a week to focus only on one way to make gold and report back with detailed stats and compare it to posting random transmog/flipped items

Guild Bank Random Item of the Week


Need recipe: Scalding Murglesnout

Pet Battles

Guide to Leveling Pets and Selling them

This is all I am doing now. Someone help me.

Call from Strumpet

Achievement report

LFR Talk

I think there are raid encounters that are made to fail in LFR

Galakras, but not Jin’rokh

Is there anything else that has more QQ than LFRz?



Hey sliante and molsan,

Kanzaki from ER here. Was just listening to episode 52 and though it’s not one of your weeks of wow questions, I really liked your question about top 5 wow changes…

So, for me, the biggest change in the game was at the end of the burning crusade: Plus healing gear and plus spell damage gear merged into just spell power. I was a priest that leveled shadow, loved it, but decided to be useful, and would spec into mooncloth tailoring and be a healer at 70. When I hit 70, I was ready to heal, with my mooncloth set and all my plus healing gear. I hated it. I couldn’t do anything right and regulars were a complete disaster. Knowing that I would have to respec my character and my tailoring to get back to shadow, I said “forget that” and quit the game. I came back six months later and started leveling a new alt, but it wasn’t shadow. At the end of BC, healing power changed and I could join my guild in Karazhan for the first time, and I could do it as shadow. Though I have leveled other characters or specced into disc or holy, Kanzaki the shadow priest is my main and will stay that way, on the top of my character list.

Thanks for reading my rant and thanks for the great show.

Sincerely (in shadowform),

Kusof the Pally

Hey Molsan and Salty. Love the show and your tweets.

After listening to episode 52, I wondered what you Molsan (and definitely not for Salty who Hates guild repairs) thought was fair for Guild repairs. I had thought 75g or maybe 100g/day for our mains, but complaints came up every day with 5.4 and the damn timeless isle. Eventually I had enough and just bumped it to 250g a day. I’m on Bleeding-Hollow US, Horde side (who could play as the dirty alliance), and run a small guild of mostly PvPers. But ever since the timeless isle opened up, people are dying all over the place from falling or ganking, or even the Celestials, and repairs are adding up.

I can assure you the guild itself (Flonkerton, named after a silly game on an old episode of The Office) doesn’t have the cash flow to cover 250g/day. But gold is easy  to find in WoW…  and we have an army of alts to cover all our enchants/belt buckles/gems/xmutes/etc, so we don’t have many other costs in the game. And I have several markets I use to make loads of cash. But what level of daily repairs is fair?

And Salty, enjoy your DK vacation. I think we all know you’ll be back on your Pally before too long.


Hey Guys,

I know this mail is really close to recording day, so I hope I make it in this week.  I’ve been meaning to mail you for a few weeks now to close out 30 W-WoW but I’ve been so busy!  Well here goes:

Week 27 — A time you made friends with someone in a group?

As I said on another episode, I met my wife in WoW, our two guilds were doing H Malygos in WoLK.  She had a sexy vent voice, and I was hooked.  I knew her for a year before we first met, and it was <3 at first sight.

Week 28 — Your favorite dungeon/raid/world boss?

I love XT from Ulduar.  I think its the funniest audio in the game.

Week 29 — Your favorite Mists of Pandaria dungeon?

This is hard for me because I love Asian themed anything.  MOP is a wow dream come true.  if I had to choose, it would be Temple of the Jade Serpent, although Stormstout brewery is a ton-o-fun

Week 30 — Your main character and what he/she means to you?

Wow, I am not even sure where to start with this.  Jellad is Me, and I am Jellad.  His history is wrapped up not only in world of Warcraft, but in Rift, Terra, and tabletop D&D that I played with RL friends a few years ago.  He has a long and complicated story filled with dream states, lots of relationships, and life and death choices and situations.  I don’t have it all written down anywhere, but its all in my head and my heart.  He interacts, and treats people as I personally would treat someone.  If you know D&D, he is a true neutral.  Good for bad, tit for tat.  Jellad is the first character, and the last character I will ever play.  I make him first in every game I play, and he experiences game life before alts are even a twinkle in my eye.  I know that sounds corny, but such is life, real, and virtual.

I also wanted to touch on some stuff you guys talked about last week

1. Murloc costumes rule.  period

2. I would love to see you guys do weekly challenges again. (2 conditions, no leveling challenges and no gold making challenges)  I have a personal maxed every class/profession challenge due by Christmas. (Currently 5 / 11)

<3 the show

~Jellad – CTR Aerie Peak

PS – Please don’t hate me for hating fishing, but know that i max it out on all my toons, mostly because I am OCD.


I had two toons that never made it to level 20 before I made Moomoocachoo, my feral druid on Proudmoore to play with several friends who quit a week or so later. Moo was originally a boomkin born during WOTLK. It took me many month of play to level her and died more times than I’d care to remember. But Moo was a determined girl and one of my proudest moments in Wow was when she finally dinged 80. I had never done a dungeon, I had no idea how to gem or enchant, but dammit she was 80 and won my heart.In Cata, with the help of our guildie and friend Lurry Dean, Moo made the switch to Feral and finally found her calling at last and NEVER looked back!

Role Play secrets:

Moo hates boomkins and in PVP goes after them for sport.

Moo hates PVPers on timeless Isle and if they get near the edge will blow them over the cliff.

She and Baine Bloodhoof were in love when they were teens, but his mother couldn’t accept a druid as a daughter-in-law,

Sláinte’s Blizzcon Tip

Take pictures!

Grats to WoW.Ben for Winning the ARMORED BLOODWING Mount

Thanks to Rubmahbellah for the donation


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In the fifty-first World of Warcraft podcast episode, we announce the world first 25-man raid takedown of Garrosh while wondering if non-raiders are feeling left out in patch 5.4, Molsan rapidly levels his Elemental Shaman using only a macro and a mouse wheel, Sláinte explains his own methods for finding people to Flex raid with, we question whether or not we could actually switch classes and specs permanently, and we wrap up our thirty weeks of WoW with stories about our main characters and what they mean to us.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.


Is that all there is now… raiding?

Is Blizzard purposely ignoring the rest of the game in order to wrap up this expansion?

Did they mismanage features and put too much into the game too soon?

Look at the Patch Game Tape

Patch 5.4 is just… raiding….?

Shaman Leveling with a Mouse Wheel

Like a whole new world of character leveling just opened up.

Plastic Duck Solves the Raid Scheduling Problems

Use the in-game Guild Calendar!!!1

Corections and Mistakes Department

Yes, oQuest was WRONG and FAIL

Email from Crusader Kaje

I feel like I’m channeling the Mystery Man here…

After listening to your latest podcast, I decided to go looking for the oQuest addon you mentioned.  After many dead-ends, I finally found oQueue (not oQuest) on  This addon seems to be what you were describing.  Just thought you might want to update that on your webpage.

Thanks for a great podcast, it’s one of my favorites.

What if We Switched Mains?

What would you do? How would you play?

Would you switch factions, races, genders?

What spec would you be?

Does your playing your “main” ever make you feel locked in to a particular playstyle?

TWoWoW Week 30: Your main and what he/she means to you.










I came back to WoW for Jean.

That’s not entirely true, but it serves a a pretty nice logline, don’t you think? I had started playing WoW mostly to get an in with Jean while we were dating; once I had managed to convince her I was a worthwhile housemate, I mostly stopped playing. It was the end of Cataclysm, and I had ground to a halt in Deepholm, bored out of my mind and gazing longingly at other games. So I let my sub lapse, and moved on.

But then MoP came out, and Jean (and many of our friends) returned to WoW and started talking about how much fun they were having. And so I bought a copy of MoP, and rolled up a Pandaren Monk to see what all the fuss was about. And my friends were right; WoW was *fun* again. And Jean and I were now playing together again. Ghraycee was brilliant to play, simple and clever, and I started to think that maybe I could, one day, be a part of that community of people built around WoW.

I started running dungeons, going after achievements. I started focusing on Rep and doing dailies. I even signed up with a VERY casual raiding group, and started learning to Tank (well, off-tank, but still). I started rolling alts and playing on my own, not just grouped up with Jean. Reaching out to new people, making new friends, becoming a part of the community, counting myself lucky. And Ghraycee was my vehicle for that, my vector of infection.

Ghraycee made me want to play WoW for *me*, not just to play along with others. She made me understand how other people feel when they play WoW, how possessive and effulgent and invested they are when they talk about this game, and what it means to them. Ghraycee helped me understand Jean better, and for that I will be forever grateful.

My main is Ghraycee on Proudmoore, a member of Wowcoholics Anonymous. And she means at least one world to me.


My main toon and what she means to me, Hmm…Well, my original main was an undead mage named Onehotmama, I picked undead because Belf’s felt too close to Nelf’s to be “hardcore” horde and I wanted something with a human-like form. Once Cata dropped, I rolled a goblin DK, Mominatrix. She became my new main because I related to her. She’s a short, sassy little firecracker with cute little purple pigtails. Just like me! (minus the purple pigtails…Although if I could make my hair do that I totally would.) All the /jokes and /flirts she comes up with are exactly the things I would say if I was allowed to! After almost 3 years of playing her she is totally the digital version of me. Big grats to you guys on 50 episodes, it’s a huge milestone and something you should be proud of. Heres to many many more! /toast

Time is money friend.



Sláinte’s Blizzcon Tip

Be nice to “celebrities.”


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In the forty-first World of Warcraft podcast episode, we share our thoughts on patch 5.4’s Proving Grounds, we explain how a weekend off can be both a good and bad thing when going for the Double Agent achievement, we still dislike cut scenes, we get double experience from cross-faction pet battles, we go over the rules for Achievement Roulette, we learn about Blood Tap for Death Knights, and we are all about our favorite loot for our Thirty Weeks of World of Warcraft.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Patch 5.4: Proving Grounds

Darren asks: What are your thoughts on the new Proving Grounds being add the game.

Double Agent Challenge

Call from Saytr69

Weekend off… Did we survive?

Leveling 80-81 with Pet Battles

Cut Scenes

Now I HAVE to watch them

Twilight Highlands (Snooze) and MoP (Double Snooze)

Achievement Roulette

Rules coming soon!!

TWoWoW This Week Your favorite or most sought after loot and whether you got it?




Quel’Serrar –

Quel’Serrar is the final quest reward from a questline that begins with <Foror’s Compendium of Dragon Slaying>, an item that can be rarely found in Dire Maul inside of Dusty Tomes and dropped from the various bosses.









TWoWoW Next Week – Your favorite Battleground.


Rhett (and fiance, Sinamone)

Hello gentleman,

I’m writing in to report an achievement, my tauren hunter earned this weekend. He got the “Represent!” achievement for acquiring a tabard. Why is this a big deal? Because the tabard in question is the official Bitter & Salty guild tabard! Not only did I get my level 1 toon in the guild, my fiancé also joined as well. (She has a non-official achievement of her own to report as she, as a level 1 BLOOD ELF died to fire damage in Thunder Bluff, wrap your head around that one)

Thanks to Strumpet for the invites!

Have a great show guys!

Guignol – B&S guild Earthen Ring US

Here’s an explanation for Blood Tap and why its so useful for a blood DK.

Almost all of your moves are dependent on one of three types of resource runes which gradually refresh over time.  There exists a fourth type of wildcard called a “death rune”.

Blood Tap is used to game the resource system and give you instant death runes so you can cast the abilities you want to be casting like death strike, blood boil, or death siphon without waiting.

Charge up the Blood Tap by casting  filler spells dependent on runic power like rune strike and death coil.  As soon as you have over 5 charges on your blood tap, smack that button and then presto you can then hit one of your nukes without waiting.

By maximizing the amount  of times you can cast the spells which heal you, your DK can be well nigh invincible.  My lvl 80 DK has solo’d heroic 5 mans like Pit of Saron and a heavy use of blood tap to ready death strike and death siphon is my main survival tool.

PS. also reforge everything you can to mastery once you start getting gear that can be reforged to really pimp your death strike’s absorption shield

Blizzcon Tips

Tip #1 of 15 : Bring your own coffee maker.

Pet Giveaway

Pandaren Fire Spirit – July 19th @ 10:00am

Rules: Mention @bitterandsalty with pancakes, waffles, or french toast for an entry into the pet giveaway contest (US realms only).


Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba

Additional clips of music taken from “Daft Punk Get Lucky (Mexican Monkey Mix)” by Magic Finger

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In the fortieth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we exclude ourselves from being included on getting legendary cloaks in patch 5.4, we disagree with the claim that WoW is only about end-game, we stalk, err, track each others Death Knight Double Agent leveling progress, we admit that we’re making gold to help us level but state that this is not a gold-making challenge, we use the gold we make in the race for the three-piece heirloom set, and we choose our favorite class for our Thirty Weeks of World of Warcraft.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Legendary Cloaks

Animations are cool… but interesting that they are required to defeat new world boss in 5.4

The war to balance the including and excluding of players rages on

Is WoW All About End-Game?

We’re leveling and having fun but are we doing it wrong?

Experience Tracking

Alliance vs Horde PUGs

Are they different or the same

Interesting LFD stories

Molsan’s DK kicked from Nexus group… So proud!

N00b DK Tips

Sláinte is still a n00b and needs tips. I just mash buttons!!

Glyphs? What about em? Oh yeah… I guess I should buy some.

WTH is Blood Tap

Complaint that Leveling Challenge is Gold-Making Challenge

Are we making gold or spending gold?

The Heirloom Race

Requirements and cost

Dark Moon Faire Wheeeeeeeee… and ticket grinding?

DMF: Use only 1 ticket and have unlimited buff…

DMF Level 25 Pet Battle daily… getting over 30K experience per victory! Easy with SoC, Fel Flame, and Lil XT

Call from Double Agent Strumpet

TWoWoW Week 19 Favorite Class

Sláinte – Was going to say Paladin, thought about it more and still says Paladin

Molsan – Paladin… No, Death Knight. No, really, Paladin.


Tanasttia from Earthen Ring, Alea Iactus E Pluribus Unum.

I am woefully behind on the 30 Weeks of WoW.

[But, I have a plan. I will start doing audio submissions this weekend, with one or two catch-ups each week as well as the current week’s question.]

However, after finishing up Episode 39 this evening, I found I could not delay answering this newest question: Favorite Class.

WARLOCK! without a doubt!

First, warlocks have the coolest spell of all: Rain of Fire. Nothing is nearly as viscerally satisfying.

I remember when my warlock Mairabelle was just a wee little nub, traversing the Barrens on foot, and a herd of gazelle, mostly fawns, came bounding by. Without a moment’s hesitation, I dropped my Rain of Fire on these innocents and immediately fell in love with my class.

Second, warlocks are intimately connected with the lore in a way that surpasses all other classes (except maybe druids, but of course they suck). Warlocks are at the heart of the initial conflicts of Warcraft.

Third, warlocks are an “underground class” (similar to rogues, but yeah, rogues also suck). The trainers are usually hidden away, and some of the initial class quests talk about how warlocks are despised by the Warchief yet tolerated in small numbers.

Fourth, they’ve had some of the best class quests in the game, to get the mount, to get the minions, etc. Those have been removed, but now we’ve got the green fire quest, so Yeah!

Fifth, well, there’s too much awesomeness to explain. Overall, they’re fascinating lore-wise and they have a huge toolbox!

(and yes it kind of ticks me off to hear someone talk about a one-button warlock rotation… ahem.)






TWoWoW Week 20  Your favorite or most sought after loot and whether you got it?



Good afternoon gentleman!

I just wanted to say that I really thoroughly enjoy the podcast you guys produce every week. I hadn’t heard of it until a little while back Koltrane had mentioned you guys on Convert to Raid, and I’m glad he did. You guys have quickly become one of the top 3 favorite podcasts that my fiance and I listen to. I haven’t made it through all your back episodes yet, but hopefully by the end of the week I will have made it through all 39 shows. So I just wanted to say keep up the good work, I look forward to each episode, it’s definitely more enjoyable than mining my own ore.

I did have one question. What does it take to join the fabled “Bitter & Salty” guild? Just a little backstory, my friends and I have played WoW since launch, though we did take a break for 6 months to try the new Star Wars MMO. When we came back, our old guild had pretty much died out and we decided to join the Convert to Raid guys on Aerie Peak. This was a huge change as we had all been Horde only for 7-8 years. While I love the CTR guild, I do miss all things Horde-side, and have thought about starting a new tauren up on Earthen Ring. Not to play hardcore, but just to relax and enjoy the game in a casual, friendly guild and the ways you guys talk so well of your guildmates, well, it sounds like a guild I’d love to be in. So, is there a secret handshake? Do I need references to submit forms in triplicate? Do I just need to flat out bribe you with money?

Thanks for your time guys!

Rhett – CTR, Aerie Peak

For the AlliHordeAnce!

Pet Giveaway

Pandaren Fire Spirit – July 19th @ 10:00am

Rules: Mention @bitterandsalty with pancakes, waffles, or french toast for an entry into the pet giveaway contest (US realms only).


Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba

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In the thirty-sixth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we recap the Barrens Snoozefest of 2013, we welcome fresh 90s to our growing list of alts, we are in love with LFR, we attempt to understand Flex Raiding, we disagree that you need a group in order to enjoy the game, we get epic pet battle advice, we reveal even more Molsan Methods for tracking markets against current auction house data, and we cover week 15 of the thirty weeks of World of Warcraft, your favorite addon.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

The Barrens Snoozefest 2013

Rocks, Meats, Oils… then KLS for 502 boots? Then what? Oh, back to the Barrens for 150 of each for a total of 600?!? NO THANKS.

Dings 90

Magmaw, Sole… who’s next?


Molsan is addicted to TES and ran ToT. 

Flex Raiding

Because we don’t have to.

Bring anywhere from 10 to 25 people to your raid and the difficulty will automatically scale.

Works with battletags, so you can bring friends from other realms.

Item level of loot is between Raid Finder and Normal and loot is awarded with the Raid Finder style loot system.

Separate lockout from Raid Finder and Normal, allowing you to do all three difficulties.

Major Payne Pet Battle Help – Call from Leeta

Pet Battle Advice from Lagerhoof

More Molsan Methods

Lists of current items on the auction house

Looking for low-supply items with high, potential profit

Current lists: all glyphs and rare, cut, MoP gems

#TWoWoW Week 15 – Favorite AddOn


ArkInventory – The one addon I cannot live without.

OLD Pally Power – Runner Up





Hey, Bitter and Salty.

Favourite Addon: TSM, actually, based on the suggestion of the show.

Also, ElvUI, which replaced about a dozen other addons and really looks great on both my PC and my Mac.

Of course, I picked two, so I’m sure I’m disqualified…


Currently my favorite addon is a little bird called SavedInstances.  If you’ve got a lot of characters, it can be difficult to remember who’s killed Nalak, who’s looted their treasure key, who’s done their transmutes, etc.  This app tracks a myriad of useful daily and weekly lock outs in an elegant fashion.  This has saved me a lot of pointless character switches which means more time to dance on the mailbox.





Wholly –

Grail –


Jean @jeanbees

@bitterandsalty Favorite addon? Tough call, but for now I’m going to say Elvui. Easy setup, replaced 5+ other addons, and I love my new UI!

So Speaking of Addons…

Icy Veins also has a quest checker:

PetTracker –

Shows complete match-up when switching pets

Shows pet family type icon over your ability

Shows opponent abilities and their cooldowns during fight


#TWoWoW 14 Catch Up

Call from Strumpet

Call from Choob from Draka

#TWoWoW Week 16 – Your Favorite Wrath Dungeon


Happy 8th birthday, Danielle!


Welcome back, your priest skillz were missed.



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