In the forty-ninth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we catch up with patch 5.4 and run around the Timeless Isle, we spend all of our coins on keys and chase giant sharks around on our raft, Sláinte flexes but not as holy while Molsan begins his Legendary LFR grind, we have a spoiler-free discussion about the Siege of Orgrimmar cut scenes, we prepare our blacksmiths for more ingot grinding, and we reveal our favorite dungeon, raid, or world boss for our Thirty Weeks of World of Warcraft.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Timeless Isle

Find all teh coins/treasures! FREE LOOT!

Email from Svander (Dark Iron) / Mildrid (Earthen Ring)

So there’s that big whale shark Evermaw that circles the new Timeless Isle frequently and drops over 1000 coins per kill.  Kind of a pain to pew pew something in the water that’s moving as fast as it does, right?  Well did you know that you can hop on your Angler’s fishing raft and chase him around as long as you board it before entering combat?  Makes the fight much easier and more hilarious to look at!

PS. Grats to Svander on obtaining his legendary cloak!

Cloaks and Reputations and Changes in 5.4

Eternally in the Vale – Completed and… removed from the game.

Time to buy gear with Justice Points… now what to do with Valor?

Legendary Questline

Why is this so confusing and weird? Stones dropping in LFR but not all LFR?

Sláinte is retired

Pally will no longer be actively played sans from JC duties.

Dangui takes over as “Main”

War Ch(i)ef Talk’mon


Molsan’s UI

Did you use any new HUDs?

Call from Mystery Man

Tell Me When

Started using TellMeWhen … thank you, Grimmclaw and Mystery Man!

Cluttering my UI a bit… Would almost prefer using only TMW and dropdown menus to keep everything else tucked away

In non-ElvUI-is-the-best-evar news… MayronUI Gen 2 was updated last week:


28 Days later… EPICS!!!

#TWoWoW Week 28 — Your favorite dungeon/raid/world boss

Molsan – BPC or Kara Opera or Kara Chess

Sláinte – VDW



Big Steve aka Soulfinger

Strumpet (revision for Week 28)



#TWoWoW Week 29 — Your favorite Mists of Pandaria dungeon

Call from Mominatrix

Terrific Trio!

Call from Jaminbee

Achievements – Reputation Dings

Call from Strumpet

Achievement Goals – Pandaren Ambassador

Armored Bloodwing Giveaway

From Rubmahbelleh/@wheeble_esq

Another Q&A number-answer reveal!

Blizzcon Tip

Do not party too hard Thursday night. You’ll want to feel your best on Friday!


Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba

Additional clips of music taken from “Daft Punk Get Lucky (Mexican Monkey Mix)” by Magic Finger

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In the thirty-seventh World of Warcraft podcast episode, we play how we want to play and hit the buttons we want to hit (even if it’s one), Sláinte switches over to ElvUI, we fly through patch 5.4’s new raid, The Siege of Orgrimmar, we level Blacksmithing with Ghost Iron Bars until we realize that’s dumb, we convert the super-secret rare MoP gear market into a Molsan Method list for you, we speculate on how the in-game economy will be affected by Virtual Realms, we reveal our favorite Wrath of the Lich King dungeon for our Thirty Weeks of World of Warcraft, and we challenge each other to become double agents.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.


Is it gear, spec/class, rotation… or is it the basic ability of hitting buttons correctly?

Warlock N00bs

What is all this?


Switching over to it… on a couple toons.

Bitten’s SpellFlash Addon

The Siege of Orgrimmar

The new raid… are you excited?

Blacksmith leveling with GIO only

Ummm yeah.

Molsan Method Update

Realm selection now available

New realms added: Draenor, Kul Tiras, Proudmoore, Terokkar… even Bladefist

Added new list for tracking MoP rare leveling equipment

Virtual Servers

Koltrane from CtR wants to know!


Double Agent Challenge?

Alliance Death Knight race to 90? Okay, sure.

Pet Battles

Dear Bitter and Salty,

After listening to your show the past two weeks, I finally took the time to write in about leveling Battle Pets quickly. Much like you as I was progressing through the Trainers through the various zones and needed to level up other pet families then the ones I had at level 25. I ran into the same issue in trying to identify a way to level a pet up rapidly and ran into the same suggestions of doing the dailies, but as you are aware when you are at that point you can’t use that process fully until you’ve beat the trainers you need to level pets for!

So I stumbled across one comment about taking your low level pet and putting it in a team with two other 25’s and taking it to Dragonblight in Northrend. At all of the dragon skeletons throughout the zone there are Dragonbone Hatchlings ( They are in the area in an abundant amount and hit fairly weakly and respawn fairly quickly. So if you are looking for a rather fast way to level up a low level this is one way. Keep in mind this will get fairly mind numbingly boring very quickly considering you will be facing the same pets over and and over.

With that in mind I wanted to find another way that wasn’t so grindy and so boring. So here is where I get to the “secret”. With your leveling pet in the first slot, (get it up to level 3 at least, so it isn’t one shot), go around the world and hunt all those other pets you know your OCD is telling you to collect. Let that leveling pet take a hit or make a hit, and then rotate it out. Rinse and repeat as you travel around the world trying to collect rares. So kill two birds (two dragonkins, whatever) with one stone, level a pet and collect all the things!

I found in one weekend of moderate playing, while waiting for Raid Finder queues to pop I was able to level at least one of every pet family to max level and not feel like I was fighting the same stuff over and over to the point of insanity. Meanwhile I was collecting all the pets I didn’t have and picking up the rares.

I know you also touched briefly on this but if there is a certain pet family you need, hop over to and see if there is a high level version in a Northrend/Cata/Pandaria zone you can hunt and capture a rare that you don’t have. When you capture them they will be around level 22-23 saving you a lot of leveling. I distinctly remember needing like two turtles since I had none anywhere past level 3 and was able to pick up two I still needed to capture in MoP zones saving me a ton of time.

As always great job with the show and I look forward to the next one! Good luck and good hunting!

Tyraine – Human (Hooman) Warrior – Terokkar – US

TWoWoW Week 16

Molsan — I cheated and asked Blizzard CMs Zarhym and Netherea, but I’ll go with Utgarde Pinnacle.

Sláinte — The Frozen Halls ( all 3 ) FoS, PoS, HoR




Catch up Wk 15:

Vuhdo. Oh my goodness. It started out years ago as just something to make healing easier, and now, it has morphed into my entire casting interface, no matter who I’m playing. I love that I can bind anything (spells, potions, bandages) to my mouse. And that there’s a whole area of “hostile” spell bindings for fighting. Top that off with complete customization, auto buff renewal, and profiles I can save and load throughout my acct… And you have one satisfied caster.

Wk: 16

Violet Hold

I just love it! As far as the Wrath Dungeons go, it’s totally my favorite. I like that it’s in Dalaran, it’s all in one room, and there’s that gamble on who you’ll fight. Its quick, easy, and totally different than any other Instance I’ve done.






TWoWoW Week 17 – Your favorite profession


Call from Strumpet

Call from Random Guy



Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba and “C’Mon” by Analog By Nature

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In the thirty-fifth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we are done with the Blacksmithing of the Lightning Steel Ingots, we challenge ourselves to participate in some patch 5.3 Barrens content, it’s end-of-game for Sláinte after completing Loremaster, our alts get some love thanks to the MoP zone experience bonus, TradeSkillMaster continues to be awesome, two new Molsan Methods are revealed, the Pet Battle addiction is now being fueled by dailies, and we try to pick our least favorite boss for our thirty weeks of World of Warcraft.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.


Are the “Reborn” weapons worth it now?

Prices falling while time-consuming

Weekly Challenge

Do the Barrens stuffs?

End of End Game for Sláinte

No longer actively looking for Epic items, running LFR or World Bosses.

Oh yah, Sláinte got Loremaster… no biggie.

Seeker/Insane/Beloved Title Challenge.

Need addon to help track quests not completed.

Everyquest – to show incomplete quests?


Rogue is 90, Warrior is 88.35 and holy crap that was easy.

Warlock leveling is easier!


Guild ‘Stay Classy’, will level FemBElf Warlock and Monk last two Bitter and Salty need for Blood Elf.

TradeSkillMaster Accounting

You don’t need Auctioneer’s Bean Counter

Auctioneer has been removed

TSM Sending Emails

Desktop app is awesome… will send me emails if my in-game dealfinding list(s) criteria are met

No need for scanning the AH

How to Create Your Own Market

New Molsan Method: Smelt Check

Checks to see if the price of ore is greater or less than the cost of making bars

New Molsan Method: Flask Maker

Checks material cost of making flasks and compares it with average and current prices to determine potential profit

New Molsan Method for Enchanting (Coming Soon!)

Determine enchanting mat prices against which armor/weapon pieces yield those mats and display the pieces currently on the AH you should buy

And maybe one for Inscription, and Jewelcrafting, and… EVERYTHING

Friends shouldn’t buy items from friends off the AH… but friends can undercut you? WTH

Terrace of Endless Springs

It’s TES on the Armory, but Heart of Fear is HoF. Why isn’t it “ToES?” Why does this bother Molsan?

Pet Battle Addiction

Okrut Dragonwaste down… Now on to Major Payne with epic-level pets

Tried the “Level a Pet to 25 in 9 Fights” guide from Episode 22 with Cinder Kitten

Fight #1 – Dinged 6

Fight #2 – Dinged 9

Fight #3 – Dinged 11

Fight #4 – Dinged 12

Deviated from guide at this point as level gained was less than expected

Fight #5 – Dinged 13 (Zangarmarsh)

Fight #6 – Dinged 14 (Nagrand)

Fight #7 – Dinged 16 (Shattrath)

Want complete, simple guide to daily quests: which flight point, matchups, and what pets you should use against the tamer… so I made a spreadsheet.

Now alts are placed at PB daily quest givers. So sad.

Pet Battle N00b Question of the Week

How to I use abilities 4,5,6?

#TWoWoW – Week 14 – Your least favorite/most challenging dungeon/raid/world boss?


Flame Leviathan (WotLK)

High Prophet Barim (second boss of Lost City of the Tol’vir; Cata)

Faction Champions, Trial of the Crusader (WotLK)

Vaelastrasz the Corrupt (Vanilla)


BPC (Does this count for 3?) Keleseth, Valanar and Taldaram







Lord Godfrey from Shadowfang Keep

I know he’s a Lowbie but, back in the day, this guy was the bain of my dungeon existence. The combination of being under-geared, new to the game, and learning to heal had me dead so often it just wasn’t fun. As a self-confessed Altiholic and a fan of dungeon leveling, I have spent excessive amounts of time in Shadowfang. I recently ran it on a new girl, in full Heirlooms (!), and I’m not sure if I’ve changed so much, or if they Nerfed him, but we had him down in minutes. Man it felt good!!


Week 10-14 Haikus

week 10: (favorite mount)

my favorite mount

I spent a lot of money

for Yak with vendors

Week 11: (favorite gear set)

favorite gear set

AFK in Alterac

warlock shoulder skulls

Week 12: (proudest moment)

am I proud that I

stole an account from a child?

deleted his toons

Week 13: (favorite BC dungeon)

Escape from Dunholde

Pal with Thrall before he got

married to Yoko

Week 14: (least favorite boss)

We beat Twilight Hour

now boat to take on Deathwing

Why is this cow here?


#TWoWoW – Week 15 – What is your favorite addon?



Donated by Ben!

Here is a giveaway, to enter. Just answer the following: What’s is your favorite wow pet (companion) and do they have a name? If so, what is their name?

Random twitter account that mentions us will be chosen on June 14, 2013 at 10:00 AM PDT.


Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba and “C’Mon” by Analog By Nature

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In the thirty-first World of Warcraft podcast episode, we visit the Isle of Thunder for Lightning Steel, we realize that nobody wants healers in scenarios, we wonder about gold-making etiquette when buying an item from a guild member, we obsess over the Two of Nobles, while everyone else obsesses over mounts for the Thirty Weeks of World of Warcraft, we discuss the Loremaster achievement progress, and we work with the Tillers to dig up some Dark Soil.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Isle of Thunder Blacksmithing

Lightning Steel Ingot (10x Ghost Iron Bar)
Making all my gold with Blacksmithing
Scenarios as a healer… No one wants me.

Gold Making Etiquette / Lore Etiquette

Guildie Aleeve returned my 30g I spent on Monocle Engineering recipe

DMF Card farming

Mount Farming Runs
Tempest Keep, Onyxia, Karazhan, Stonecore (normal), Throne of Tides, Obsidian Sanctum
List compiled by Sickbox on Wowhead


Magmaw dings 80! {Loremaster Grind}

Assada Dings 50!

Dark Soil Help!
Audio from Strumpet

Week 10 #TWoWoW – Favorite Mount
Sláinte: Time-Lost-Proto-Drake
Molsan: Mechano Hogg

Hey Guys,

My favorite mount is the Imperial Quilen, it looks so epic and regal. I think the wings are my favorite!

~Jellad – CTR – Aerie Peak

I said in my plea for help that I would send a tweet with my week 10 answer, but then people would see it, and it would be, like: SPOILER! So email it is.

My favorite mount? Before Christmas, I would have said my Onyx Netherdrake – cause it’s cool and hot and classy, but my answers changed after Christmas.

Ground mount: Ruby Panther (I know it isn’t technically a ground mount, because it can fly, but it looks stupid when it flies, so I try to only use it for ground. Jeppy gave me this for Christmas, and I love it!

Flying mount: My Blazing Hippogryph. I saw this on the Trading Card game loot site, and put it on my wishlist JUST IN CASE. Although my family never gets me anything from my wishlist. Anyway, to my surprise, my cats (with the help of Mr. Strumpet) gave it to me for Christmas last year. I LOVE it!!!

Mwah mwah
Hey guys, it’s Grimm checking in to tell you about my favorite mount in WoW. I’d have to say that my favorite is the Frostwolf, partly because I’ve always liked wolves and love the look of the white wolf in particular, and in game find them to be one of the few mounts that Tauren look decent on, and partly because I worked so hard to get it. You see, back in my day, to get a Frostwolf mount you had to run an insane amount of Alterac Valley to earn the tokens to buy it. I don’t remember the exact amount, but I spent the better part of a month doing nothing but chain running AV just to get this mount. But to me it was worth it, and it continues to be one of about 3 land mounts that I still use out of the dozens I have collected.

Until next time

Grimmclaw, AIE Dinotopia, Earthen Ring us




@IllmarHunter #TWoWoW Of those I have, Time-Lost Proto-Drake; of those I want, Astral Cloud Serpent.

@Lilulicious @Molsan is my favorite epic mount! 😉

@stealthymatsuda definitely my headless horseman’s steed! Green fire across the sky! (oh my god)

@Mominatrix75 my 2012 dodge charger! Oh you mean in wow…my pretty ruby panther.

@ladiciuswarrior toss up between rivendares charger and ashes of al’ar since I got them both on my first attempt 🙂

@Kenichan Big bird! Er I mean the one that drops in heroic Sekketh Halls xD

@lucasmines the talbuk mounts from Nagrand! I always use my silver or cobalt war talbuks when stuck on the ground

@NevAHAddict fav ground mount-Kodo for my gnome but I use the Headless Horseman’s one most of the time, flying has to be Netherwing Drake

@CSprandel My fav mount still to this day is my Netherdrake. Over a month of dailies on a PVP server. Its a testament to persistence.

@bitterandsalty Ghastly Charger! Love pulling it out and admiring in low level BG’s while teammates try to complete “objectives” *cackle*

@wicked1281 Headless horseman mount took 3 years of 5+ toons for it to drop on an alt I don’t play. Accountwide mounts FTW!!!!!!

@Austduskwing Celestial Steed. Because it was the only mount many of my alts could afford back before account shared mounts. #Sparklepony

@LegendOfDeepzz my blood bathed frost brood vanquisher from wrath because has the coolest /mountspecial ever

@Moogyver Without a doubt, my Turbo-charged flying machine. At least until I one day get my Mimirons Head. Oh yes… it will be mine.

Heart of Aspects Giveaway
Guess the number of mounts Molsan and Sláinte have, corrects guesses get put into drawing.
No purchase necessary. Tweet, email us with your answer. Winner to be selected 5/20.


Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba and “C’Mon” by Analog By Nature

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In the nineteenth World of Warcraft podcast episode, love is in the air and we’re hot for some love token grinding, we review the 5.2 valor point reset and Elder Charm changes, we explain the upcoming changes to Fishing and break down pool migrations, we reveal more Tiller tips, and we deliver breaking news that valor points actually won’t reset after all.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Love is in the Air!

The Valor/Justice Point System and 5.2 Changes…

  • Valor/Justice and Conquest/Honor Resets
    • “With 5.2 we won’t be changing current Valor items to cost Justice, but they will be much cheaper (discounts from 50-75% off their current costs). You’ll need to acquire Valor after the patch is released to buy pieces for their discounted rate, or to buy the new 5.2 Valor items, but we’re also introducing new items to spend your Justice on, including heirlooms and Pet Battle stones.”
  • Elder/Lesser Charms
    • “While Charms won’t be converted, Lesser Charms of Good Fortune will no longer be used to purchase Elder Charms in patch 5.2. Instead Lesser Charms will purchase Mogu Runes of Fate. They’ll be purchasable in the same way; once a week, 90 Lesser Charms can be converted to 3 Mogu Runes of Fate via a quest in your faction’s Shrine. Mogu Runes of Fate will be usable for bonus rolls on 5.2 raid and world bosses only. Elder Charms will continue to be used for bonus rolls on 5.0 raids and world bosses, and will now be acquired as item drops by killing enemies in the new 5.2 Thundering Isle outdoor zone.”
  • Grimm fighting it out with Bashiok on Twitter


  • After reading your feedback and locking ourselves in dim, florescent-lit rooms for much deliberation, we have decided that we are NOT going to convert Valor to Justice and Justice to gold when 5.2 ships.
  • In addition, we’re making a change to ensure that there are some gear rewards available via the Kirin Tor Offensive and Sunreaver Onslaught, the two new factions with which players can earn reputation in 5.2 without raiding. The patch was shaping up to be a real challenge for players who don’t like raiding (including LFR), as our original design meant that no new Valor rewards would be available to them without needing to run Throne of Thunder. You can expect to see the Valor rewards on the Kirin Tor Offensive and Sunreaver Onslaught quartermasters updated on the 5.2 public test realms in the near future. These rewards are ilevel 496 and will only accommodate a few slots, as they aren’t intended to be very attractive to raiders (including those running LFR), but should give non-raiders something to shoot for in 5.2.


Tiller Tip

Tracking Raw Level Mats

  • GIO price up… so stay away!

HotT updates

  • Crafting gear
    • Sons of Hodir enchants
  • New concerns??
  • Always looking for alts to help out
  • Monthly event for B&S guild?

Sláinte is Dual-Boxing

  • SoR on myself


@Ashayo – Now I understand why ghost iron prices have gone up Thanks @bitterandsalty


  1. @bitterandsalty 7th Alt to 90. 8th is 3 levels away. 3 pets to level 25 Spending time on lowbies waiting for patch 5.2.
  2. Question for show: Do you think crossrealm mailing of heirlooms is a possibility at some point soon?
  3. Oh, and Doombringer got me 500gold on AH
  4. OH! Just hit Exalted with Hydraxian Waterlords AND hit 55 exalted reps! 🙂 No more Molten Core!


  • Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba.

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