In the one hundred and thirteenth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we go back in time and run timewalking dungeons and fish up all the achievements in Draenor, Molsan is permanently banished to Helheim on his Holy Priest, while Sláinte is forced to run heroic Emerald Nightmare instead of Trial of Valor, we open our Bloated Threshers to loot Darkmoon Daggermaw and sell them for crazy amounts of gold, we venture out to Suramar with a full quest log, but without a disguise, we stumble on the World Quest Group Finder addon and can’t believe we’ve been playing without it, we run battlegrounds to boost artifact power, and run old raids to collect missing appearances, and we discuss the rules for our new gold-making challenge.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you by Molsan and Sláinte.

Holy Ding 110

  • Dinged in Helheim so was banished/stuck
  • The 810 dilemma… Raise professions to craft your own gear, but need dungeons… or buy 810+ so you can run heroics for profession quests
  • External resources say that crafters are “giving away” 810+ gear (like Imbued Silkweave)… Min buyout is 2500g so not really

Heroic Emerald Nightmare vs. Trial of Valor

  • Salty gets salty

Timewarping Weekly Five

  • Died in every dungeon
  • Party was nice enough to give me agility gear to get me over 810
  • AIE Monk’s name was offensive
  • I fell and didn’t click on wind

Dark Moon FairE Fishing

  • Dat Dough Nut
  • Bloated Threshers OMG… Contain 5-10 Darkmoon Daggermaw when opened

World Questing in Failamar

  • You don’t have the portal?
  • You don’t have the disguise?
  • Shouldn’t you always try and help the weakest link get better, or do you toss them aside?
  • Returned for the masquerade deal… just winking a lot
  • Non-stop either “Something’s Not Quite Right…” or “Your Quest Log is Full”

AddOns: World Quest Group Finder

Legendary Cloak

  • Off Nithogg… when you least expect it to happen… it happens
  • Bonus rolled an 860 helm too… why not

PvP Battlegrounds

  • Oh yes… It means the end of WoW for Molsan
  • Trinkets upgraded from 799 and 825 to 840 and 845

AddOns: mOnArs WardrobeHelper

AddOns: Adibags

No Effing Gold-Making Challenge

  • Weekly event on show
  • Rules to be revealed LIVE during recording


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In the one hundred and twelfth World of Warcraft podcast episode, world quest bosses drop legendary and hidden artifact weapons as long as you remember to loot them, Molsan falls in love with the Holy Priest, and running Skyreach over and over isn’t enough to break him, Sláinte’s headset and computer melts down mid-raid, and he decides to go wireless for the first time, we discuss how to properly level Cooking by avoiding your Garrison and participating in Pilgrim’s Bounty, we explain how Fishing is not painful, but relaxing, especially when using a laptop while watching TV, and we break down shoulder enchants, making gold with fishing lures, and we help copy weak aura strings into your game.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you by Molsan and Sláinte.

Raiding Updates

  • Raid progression stuff
  • Salty legendary
  • Salty DK weapon things
  • Nothing for Molsan on world boss… rest of party got epics… was asked if I “got credit” for the kill

Legion Story

  • Do you even care or know what’s going on at this point
  • Doing the same thing… AH, world quest, leveling, etc. so there is no time for story

In Love with Holy

  • Story time… Getting reaquainted with Holy spec…
  • Insta-queue dungeons
  • WoD random… Skyreach
  • Timewalking WotLK… much more difficult… was called “brain dead”
  • Researched, added macros… WoD random… Sky Reach… AGAIN
  • OMG it’s great… will now level as Holy

Firmware Saltware

  • Computer drama
  • Wireless headset recommendations

Leveling Cooking and Pilgrim’s Bounty

  • The proper way to level Cooking instead of “Garrisons”
  • Can level Fishing simultaneously by fishing up mats for Cooking
  • Complete all PB quests for 8K experience per quest, 12K for dailies. Easy leveling!
  • Pick the “Pilgrim’s Bounty” bag as reward for chance at Toy and Pet (Frightened Bush Chicken)… Sell pet for 11K-21K

Fishing is Dumb and Painful

  • Why it’s not
  • It’s relaxing… low stress
  • Seriously crazy amounts of gold
  • Get into the Lure gold-making business
  • Oh, Molsan got Underlight Angler… Now what
  • How do you AFK fish while doing something else (watching TV, working, etc.)

Shoulder Enchant

  • Which one do you use?

Email from Eelor

Greetings Molsan and Salty,

Thought I would take the time to write you an email after hearing how you don’t get to many of them. I can only imagine how much work goes into producing your show on a regular basis and I want you to know it’s much appreciated. I thoroughly enjoy the format, the loosely scripted back and forth that harkens back to some of the old radio shows before TV. Listening to you guys kind of makes me think of Felix Unger and Oscar Madison hiring a goblin kodo caravan to take them from Crossroads to Ratchet. ( I’ll leave it to you guys to decide who is who) 😉

Between Molsan, who lifts up the hood of the game and dives down the rabbit holes of WoW’s unique characteristics, and Salty, the classic raider who takes the simplistic view and just has fun getting shinies, you guys have nailed it. You struck on the formula that gets me immersed in your show and in-turn gets me immersed in the game through the show, which is exactly what I want in a podcast.

I work 70 hrs a week and game time is limited which wasn’t a problem until Legion. This expansion is just too much fun to walk away from. As a  trucker, podcasts are the best way to pass the miles and it wasn’t until Legion that I thought of WoW podcasts to somehow bring the game with me on the road. I have tried a lot of them and I do have a few that I really like a lot but I have to let you know that Bitter and Salty is definitely my favorite of them all. So thanks!

  • Couple of footnotes; passive-aggressive add-ons, hysterical but true! …love it.
  • Also, how do you copy and paste weak auras codes from that Web site. I suppose I could look all that up but any extra tips would be appreciated.
  • Finally, artifact power, OMG, what a channel for my OCD. I could make a list:  things I could do but instead I have to grind artifact power! Lol!

Sincerely,   Eelor…Draenei Resto Shammy on Moon Guard.

No BlizzCon, No Tip

  • Stay Classy


Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Slainte” by Tartalo Music (on YouTube and Facebook)

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In the ninety-third World of Warcraft podcast episode, we cover the state of professions in the game so far and consider the possibility that Blizzard may be eliminating professions altogether, we ask if Ore is broken and speculate on when it will be nerfed to bring it in line with other gathered materials, we analyze the many focuses of the expansion to determine what is the real gameplay in Warlords of Draenor, we research which profession is making the most gold, we debate the Personal Loot versus the Need/Greed loot system, and we wish everyone a happy 10th Anniversary of World of Warcraft.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Professions SO FAR

Drop all gathering professions?

Lack of balance between ore, leather, and herbs

Is ore “broken?” Good time to buy and stockpile?

Fish Shack Dailies


What is REAL WoW gameplay?

Is it questing? Dungeons? Garrisons?!?

A significant portion of gameplay is now sunk into Garrisons

More Garrison addons help (Master Plan and Garrison Mission Manager)

Making Gold in WoD

Inscription is D2M, but OH WAIT

From “Aarondf” on the Consortium forums:

“MANY people didn’t realize that you don’t need to wait for the Darkmoon Faire this expansion AND the fact that the Inscription decks have different names once transformed into the trinkets, I have made a killing on direct trinket sales. Many scribes (and I mean almost all) didn’t realize this and just posted their cards individually for sale, not thinking they could make decks of their own, or trading/waiting to complete their own.“

From Geers on the Consortium forums:

“gold making has been dominated by inscription so far this xpac”

Molten Core




Happy 10th Anniversary

How do you delete the Corgi pet email?!?

Dungeon Loot Changes

From Rygarius:

We now have a hotfix in the works that will do two things:

  • The default loot system for Dungeon Finder groups will once again be Personal, instead of Need Before Greed. Full premade groups that prefer the latter system will be able to select it manually, as always.
  • We’re increasing loot yield from the final boss of each dungeon.
    • With Personal loot active, each player in a group will now always receive an item from the final boss.
    • With Need Before Greed active, the boss will now drop 3 items to be shared among the group as desired, up from 2 previously.

Salty Heroic Raid Team Adventures

From what I remember…

Stupid Bird

So dumb. Pepe


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In the eighty-second World of Warcraft podcast episode, our friends and family that is the Bitter and Salty guild work together to finally reach the Stay Classy guild achievement, we attend Sunday Scholomance with some help from BarovHelper only to fail once again on the last boss, we remove even more things from the game including dual spec, we recommend running Tol Barad for honor, leather, and mounts, we wonder what raiders do for fun when they’ve moved far beyond LFR, and we get all upset because Blizzard is taking our flying mounts away only to give them right back to us in Warlords of Draenor.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

We are Staying Classy

Guild Achievement unlocked!

Sunday Morning Ants at Scholomance

BarovHelper addon… Stood there for two minutes until I realized what I needed to do

Wiped on Bored Students… “How many do you think we can take?”

School Was Not Out for the Summer… Could not two-person this but it was fun

Leveling in the Spec You Want to Play at Max Level

Dual-spec and Proving Grounds are not enough

Get rid of dual-spec and lock in a single spec when you create a character

If You’re Exalted with All the Things

Which dailies do you run for Valor?


What to do when you’re too good for LFR

Level alts and… that’s it?

Have We Discussed Flying in Draenor Yet?

We should! Flying should be banned forever!!

Bashiok says flying is probably coming in 6.1:


Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba

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In the forty-fourth World of Warcraft podcast episode, Blizzard binds epic weapons to your account and if you’re trying to get your character LFR-ready, just buy some gear already. We continue to hold each other accountable while we ponder dungeon and raid chatting etiquette. We try to convince ourselves that it’s better to use and display loot from Blizzcon than to sell it all, we explain why the tank role in LFR is tops, and give the hard sell on why Flex Raiding matters. We talk more hardware: video cards, keyboards, and mice… oh my! We toss out our fourth Blizzcon tip, but not before we determine the longest break we’ve ever taken from WoW for our Thirty Weeks of World of Warcraft.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Patch 5.4 BoA Epics

Why not make every item in the game BoA?

Should Sláinte buy gear

Chatting Etiquette

Are you allowed to type in chat while in a raid or dungeon because nobody responds during fights

Holding Sláinte Accountable

How is the “Name Sláinte’s Singing Sunflower Pet” contest going?

Rubmabellah Has an Idea (Audio)

Guild Bank Donation / Molsan Method Update

Where are we with this?

Holding Sláinte Accountable II

Murkablo Blizzcon pet card giveaway!! Who won?!?

What We Did with Blizzcon Goodies


LFR Trifecta!

Sláinte has healed, dps and now tanked MSV.

ToT Horridon




Mystery Man Agrees that Flex Raiding is Awful (Audio)


NVidia 650 is awesome… when the fan is not broken

Picked up the Logitech K800… but what about my G15?

Now looking for a wireless gaming mouse… Yes, I said WIRELESS

TWoWoW Week 23 What’s the longest you’ve been away from the game?

Sláinte – 2-3 months


January 2012 – September 2012

Tried playing other games

Participated in s4uc3d

Was SoR’d by none other than… Sláinte






Mystery Man



@JoyPenny of Earthen Ring and Draenor

wk 23: The longest I have gone without playing is a year. I initially started playing on my husband’s account, and he chose to stop his subscription to focus on studying for an exam. (this was all before we were married) Eventually I just couldn’t take it anymore, and so I started my own account. 7 months and 1 marriage later, I was able to use the Scroll of Resurrection to coerce him back into the game.

That being said, I do take a Wowcation  every year when I go into Crafting SweatShop Mode for the holidays. Also whenever anything breaks, I am very quick to boycott until it’s fixed. Maybe that makes me flighty or maybe I’m just a brat, but if the game doesn’t feel right, I just can’t play.

wk 22: First I need to say that I name ALL of my pets. I tend to favor names of past family pets, punny names like Kaity, my Little K.T., and old man names like George, my Blossoming Ancient.

My favorite pet to run with is my Dark Phoenix Hatchling. She’s not my highest level or my best battler or most rare… but she’s the one I Most enjoy hanging out with and seeing. She’s named Cramoisi, which is literally “Crimson” or a Purple hued red.

wk 20: Most sought after loot is the Ashes of Al’ar. I only have it on a Tournament Realm and the pink and orange streamers are my favorite part.

wk 19: Resto Druid, with Misty Monk as a close second. I do NOT Ever play in those weird animal stances with the exception of my purple birdie, Orca for swimming, and Emergency Monster Tree. Even when I have to DPS I am a Sparkly Elf and not a Boomkin. ew. But I am a healer to the core and enjoy all healing classes.

wk 17: Fav Profession is Herbalism on my Druid, and Fishing on everyone else. Herbing is so relaxing, just flying around gathering, never messing with mounts… I love it.

wk 18: yes, everyone is right, it’s the people. But for me in particular, it’s getting to play with my husband. The game is the most fun for me when we are playing together (He Tanks, I heal). And this impact extends into our lives from listening to podcasts together to buying one another things for gaming to just spending time together… Instead of the Spouse Aggro that so many talk about, Warcraft enriches our relationship and provides us with something very special.




Dude, sorry to hear about your back. Also sorry you are recording tonight. My answer for #30WoW: I’ve never taken a break from WoW other than vacations,so I guess my answer is Ethereal Soul Trader

TWoWoW Week 24 – Favorite Cataclysm Dungeon


Sláinte’s Blizzcon Tip #4

Go to ATM early.


Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba

Additional clips of music taken from “Daft Punk Get Lucky (Mexican Monkey Mix)” by Magic Finger

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