In the fifty-ninth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we finally tick off all of our boxes and correct our in-game combat lag, we kick off our Thirty Weeks of Warlords of Draw-nor with an in-depth discussion about Garrisons and Followers, Molsan’s monk dings 90 without being able to move to the left, and Sláinte is wrong about Warlords being free.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Combat Lag Saga

Tried SoO and had minimal/typical lag

Skada – Reduced number of segments to keep from 10 to 5

Right-clicked the Combat Log tab and unchecked all of the boxes

Defeated the iron scorpion looking thing then died to trash. Many times.

Call from Jellad

Hardware and Lag

TWoWoD – Garrisons and Followers


Farming mats will be nice.

Send followers out to raid will be awesome, although I don’t know for how long.

Novelty will prob fade after 5-6 months. Unless constant changes are made.

DAILY follower task = New Daily Grind.

Name my followers after Cities I have visited, or Whiskeys I like.


Any impact on the economy?

How will the change gameplay?

How will this affect the environment?

“as you travel through Draenor, you’ll see your Garrison looming on the horizon”









Hello darlings!!

Garrisons kinda sound like a pain in the booty…I mean, maybe I’m just lazy, but I don’t want to have to do what it sounds like I’m going to have to do in order to have my garrison.  And what it sounds like is that you’re getting it because there’s a war, and so you have to do all this stuff to raise your own “army” to fight that war.  Ugh…what I’m hearing is “work work work.”  I just want a place to put Onyxia’s head, plant some melons, and watch some Azeroth Days of Our Lives…is that so much to ask??  On the bright side, it sounds like it has fishing!  =D  And the followers…I wonder if they’re taking the SWTOR approach…send your “follower” off to fetch this or that and it costs x-amount of gold for them to fetch the better stuff, and you have to level that up as well…?  It’ll be interesting for sure, and despite all my griping I’m sure I’ll love it like everything else…hehehe.

Anywho, I hope you’re both doing great!


Garrisons, Schmarrisons.

I don’t need no stinking Garrisons.

Immediate thought: the fear it will take up too much of my time in-game.

But it’s an interesting idea and looks to be well implemented, a swell little mini-game.

I want to play it on a tablet more so, then build up clever forces and defenses and fight other players’ garrisons like all my students do on their iPhones with Clash of the Clans.

#TWoWoD Week 2 – Expansion Release Date

Mists of Pandaria Monktacular Ends

Dinged at the end of Siege of Norzuzurmamaiau

Had a little bit of keyboard stuck

Oh and all the turtle mounts are belong to me

Enchanted Fey Dragon and Beer Pup

Thanks to WOW.BEN for his Alterac Brew Pup donation!

We welcome our newest and youngest listener!

Call from Hasteur

Sláinte is WRONG

Put it on the Board

Thanks, Trofie!! Stay tuned!


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In the fifty-seventh World of Warcraft podcast episode, we recap the epic event that was Blizzcon 2013 and share what we loved and what we’d like to see improved for next year’s Blizzcon, Molsan gets back to basics and reveals his major plans for his Paladin in the next expansion, we talk about the changes to raiding and how Blizzard is using Flex to kill off LFR once and for all, we share the secrets behind mousewheeling a Windwalker Monk through Pandaria, we drop the no-realm-firsts bomb to Sláinte’s disappointment, and we announce the Community’s new favorite segment: the Thirty Weeks of Warlords of Draenor.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Blizzcon Recap

WoD announcement… we totally called it except for the Druid stuff

WoD hands-on play recap

Panels, games, goodie bags, and more


Salty’s Flex Team

5 Seconds of Flex

Mousewheel Monk

Windwalker rotation macro:

#showtooltip Jab
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/castsequence reset=0.3 1,2,3,4,Tiger Palm
/castsequence reset=0.3 1,2,3,Blackout Kick
/castsequence reset=0.3 1,2,Jab, Jab
/castsequence reset=0.3 1,Rising Sun Kick
/cast [combat]Chi Wave
/cast [combat]Expel Harm
/cast [combat]Tigereye Brew
/cast [combat]Energizing Brew
/use 13
/use 14

Thirty Weeks of Warlords of Draenor

Weekly topic about the new World of Warcraft expansion, Warlords of Draenor

No Realm Firsts

Sláinte is disappoint.


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In the fifty-sixth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we buy Ice Cold Milk and Flour from vendors to make Gold and Marionettes, we share our favorite resources for getting started with building your very own gaming rig, we list what we would like to accomplish in-game before the Draenor Warlords arrive, we speculate one last time about what the next expansion will be before it’s announced, and we recommend that you relax, take it easy, and don’t panic… because Blizzcon is almost here!!

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Vendor Item Sale

Ran around to the vendors in Thunder Bluff and flipped at extreme prices

Macabre Marionette

Buying all today!

Hardware Chat

Call from Strumpet

Legendary Cloak ding!

Expansion Talks

What is the ONE thing you’d like to accomplish before the Draenor Warlords arrive?


Yeah, we’re going… now what?


LurryDean – BunnyZugZug

Howdy all ye Bitter and Salty 🙂

After leaving most of my toons languishing in the mid 80s, I’ve finally picked up my Mage and gotten her to 89. Her biggest issue is having to make trips back to Shrine of the Two Moons to maintain her transmog set (aka, keeping up with Magmaw). From the top down…

Helm = Crown of Endless Knowledge

Shoulders = Black Mageweave Shoulders

Cloak = Dark Phantom Cloak (not displayed)

Chest = Black Mageweave Vest

Wrists = Netherweave Bracers

Gloves = Black Mageweave Gloves

Belt = Beach Party Thong

Legs = Black Mageweave Leggings

Feet = Black Mageweave Boots

Staff = Tanjo Staff

Soon to be 90!

Call from Juuno

Dings and a new car!

Sláinte’s Final Blizzcon Tip

Don’t Panic


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In the fifty-fifth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we noodle about the scroll behind the Sha of Doubt and the failure of our weekly challenge, we admit that we can’t play the game without guides, addons, and cookbooks, Sláinte enrages when thinking about the Horse Man’s mount and Hallow’s End, Molsan’s Mage dings 90 while mousewheeling candy buckets, we setup new guild ranks and guild bank repair permissions and watch our gold slowly drift away, we further speculate about the next WoW expansion and why we will and will not support Vol’jin in the Emerald Dream, and we put everyone on high alert and ask that you wash your hands and avoid the Occulus at Blizzcon.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Cooking and the Noodle Cart

Weekly Challenge… How did it go?

Playing WoW on Auto Pilot

Add-ons, guides, tutorials, cheat pets

Can you play without it?

Weekly Challenge

Play with only the stock UI

Sláinte’s Hallow’s End Update

How is all of that going? I can feel all the rage!!

Mage Dings 90

Was searching for Noodle Cart mats but ended up dinging instead

Guild Rank Changes

Call from Lilulicious… She hates it when mom and dad fite

New guild rank: Manager

Managers can now repair and have elevated privileges in the guild bank

Gold in the guild bank as of 10/26/13: 96,570

Guild Bank Item of the Week

I asked in guild chat and got only silence in return

Incendosaur Scale

Wowhead comment from Warrok: “They still drop, but apparently they are of no use since the Shattering.”

We had 52 of them… they vendored for 63s 96c; I put the money in the guild bank

FLEX Raiding Update

How are things flexing?

How is loot distributed in FLEX raids?

Call from Mystery Man

Sha Touch Gem and Weapon and LFR Accountability




Molsan and Dangui,

Here are a few things that happened this week in WoW.

* I finally hit 10,000 achievement points on my account.

* I picked up a few more Secrets of the Empire and have 9 more to go.

* Thinking about getting into arenas.

Oh yeah – and thank you for the guild promotion and bank repairs.

See you in game.



Hey this is the misspelling @blinkphase from the twitters I play a ret/prot space goat pally on ysondre and was just wondering what u guys thought about the idea of an expansion in the future being in the afterlife so Idk maybe you go visit a goblin/ gnome NPC and they give you a device that allows you to shift over to the spirit realm and enemies of old are there trying to make their way back to our realm. Would love to hear yalls thoughts on this take care love the show



Dear Bitter and Salty,

Jean Bees and I were talking about my Darkspear Revolutionary title, and how I was thinking of race-changing my main to Troll because it seemed more thematically appropriate given the fallout from Vol’jin’s Rebellion. This led, naturally, into a discussion of Salty’s insistence that Vol’jin is NOT his warchief, and the back-and-forth that often shows up both in the show and in the aftershow comments.

So what’s the deal here? Does Salty *really* not support Vol’jin in his quest to unseat Garrosh? Do either or both of you actually believe that Garrosh is a better warchief than Vol’jin (or, really, anyone else)? If not Vol’jin, who would you (plural) like to see as the Warchief of the Horde (and no, Jaina Proudmoore doesn’t count)?

I look forward to hearing more about this subject on the next episode of Bitter and Salty.

Vol’jin Lives,

Ghraycee of Wowcoholics Anonymous, Proudmoore

Guess who has a priest with two thumbs and a flight path to Pandaria?

this guy!

Thanks to some help from +Jean Bees  (and a whack of XP from Hallow’s End), I was able to get my priest, Arkuchimuya, up to 85 tonight.

Huh. I may actually end up with a level 90 Alt before the end of this expansion!

For those of us who don’t power-level alts, what do +Bitter and Salty – A World of Warcraft Podcast recommend as a leveling strategy?

Call from Mominatrix

RAF Mount and Pet

Sláinte’s Weekly Blizzcon Tip

Mystery Man says carry Purell, wash your hands, touch things with your arms, and fist bump so you don’t get Pink Eye from the Occulus


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In the fiftieth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we continue the Siege on Orgrimmar and collect all the empire’s dirty little secrets, we cut deep into constructing expansions and suggest that the main storyline shouldn’t have to flow through raid content, Molsan begins leveling his Shaman and realizes that there are new and amazing addons to install, we get lazy and use rotation macros, in-game quest guides, and addons for automatically turning in quests, Sláinte wins the Recount vs. Skada debate once and for all, we announce our favorite Mists of Pandaria dungeon for our Thirty Weeks of WoW and gently reveal that dungeons are no more.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Raiding in 5.4




Stones and Legendary Empire Secrets

Shaman Leveling

It’s crazy, I know!


Macro Toolkit and the One Button Macro


Zygor vs. WoW-Pro vs. Carbonite


oQuest vs. Open Raid

Recount vs. Skada… Slainte wins!!

Call from Plastic Duck




Call from Mystery Man

Various show corrections and agreements with Molsan

TWoWoW Week 29 – Favorite MoP Dungeon

Sláinte – Monkey Runs! I don’t remember the rest…

Molsan – Template of the Jade Serpent





TWoWoW Week 30 – Your Main Character and what He/She Means to You


SMS from Zennolly

Hey guys. I’m just wondering if you’re planning on staying on Earthen Ring. I want to transfer to join the guild. Just wanted to check

Tanasttia Sonnets

Mount Giveaway Update

Sláinte’s Blizzcon Tip

Don’t expect EPICness, it will happened ORGANICALLY


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