In the one hundred and eighth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we grind away at artifact power and gather all the order hall resources as we venture into Suramar for world quests, we wonder what alts are good for, and why we really need them, Sláinte fishes up his artifact fishing pole, and meets Nat Pagle himself once again, Molsan encounters annoyances and bugs with order hall class quests, and wants Exodar to burn to the ground, we organize our guild banks properly, and worry that everyone will steal our full stacks of Fjarnskaggl, and we mount up on our foxes as we prepare to take on the Druid leveling challenge.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you by Molsan and Sláinte.


  • Silver Tail Mountain G.O.A.T. in Stormheim


  • What is it
  • How do you feel about it
  • Muffins wants to know if 1 or 5 on Twitter


  • What good are they?
  • Do we really need them?

Salty Fishing Stories

  • Projection of Nat is not Nat in-game
  • Salty Fishing status

Blacksmith Chain Quests

  • Followed WoWHead

Paladin Class Order Hall Followers Bugged

Halls of Valor Bug

  • Couldn’t open chest for enchanting because in combat
  • Had to jump off bridge… Guildies Junipyrrh and Dewid were encouraging me to kill myself
  • All that for recipe to make Enchanted Pen pet

Organizing the Guild Bank

  • Where to start
  • Best practices, best for guildies
  • Tabs by item or tabs by permission

Druid Challenge

  • WTF

What is the Fox Mount

  • Faux mount

BlizzCon Tip from Salty

  • Safe Words


Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Slainte” by Tartalo Music (on YouTube and Facebook)

Additional clips of music taken from “Overwatch Soundtrack” by Blizzard Entertainment

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In the fifty-fifth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we noodle about the scroll behind the Sha of Doubt and the failure of our weekly challenge, we admit that we can’t play the game without guides, addons, and cookbooks, Sláinte enrages when thinking about the Horse Man’s mount and Hallow’s End, Molsan’s Mage dings 90 while mousewheeling candy buckets, we setup new guild ranks and guild bank repair permissions and watch our gold slowly drift away, we further speculate about the next WoW expansion and why we will and will not support Vol’jin in the Emerald Dream, and we put everyone on high alert and ask that you wash your hands and avoid the Occulus at Blizzcon.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Cooking and the Noodle Cart

Weekly Challenge… How did it go?

Playing WoW on Auto Pilot

Add-ons, guides, tutorials, cheat pets

Can you play without it?

Weekly Challenge

Play with only the stock UI

Sláinte’s Hallow’s End Update

How is all of that going? I can feel all the rage!!

Mage Dings 90

Was searching for Noodle Cart mats but ended up dinging instead

Guild Rank Changes

Call from Lilulicious… She hates it when mom and dad fite

New guild rank: Manager

Managers can now repair and have elevated privileges in the guild bank

Gold in the guild bank as of 10/26/13: 96,570

Guild Bank Item of the Week

I asked in guild chat and got only silence in return

Incendosaur Scale

Wowhead comment from Warrok: “They still drop, but apparently they are of no use since the Shattering.”

We had 52 of them… they vendored for 63s 96c; I put the money in the guild bank

FLEX Raiding Update

How are things flexing?

How is loot distributed in FLEX raids?

Call from Mystery Man

Sha Touch Gem and Weapon and LFR Accountability




Molsan and Dangui,

Here are a few things that happened this week in WoW.

* I finally hit 10,000 achievement points on my account.

* I picked up a few more Secrets of the Empire and have 9 more to go.

* Thinking about getting into arenas.

Oh yeah – and thank you for the guild promotion and bank repairs.

See you in game.



Hey this is the misspelling @blinkphase from the twitters I play a ret/prot space goat pally on ysondre and was just wondering what u guys thought about the idea of an expansion in the future being in the afterlife so Idk maybe you go visit a goblin/ gnome NPC and they give you a device that allows you to shift over to the spirit realm and enemies of old are there trying to make their way back to our realm. Would love to hear yalls thoughts on this take care love the show



Dear Bitter and Salty,

Jean Bees and I were talking about my Darkspear Revolutionary title, and how I was thinking of race-changing my main to Troll because it seemed more thematically appropriate given the fallout from Vol’jin’s Rebellion. This led, naturally, into a discussion of Salty’s insistence that Vol’jin is NOT his warchief, and the back-and-forth that often shows up both in the show and in the aftershow comments.

So what’s the deal here? Does Salty *really* not support Vol’jin in his quest to unseat Garrosh? Do either or both of you actually believe that Garrosh is a better warchief than Vol’jin (or, really, anyone else)? If not Vol’jin, who would you (plural) like to see as the Warchief of the Horde (and no, Jaina Proudmoore doesn’t count)?

I look forward to hearing more about this subject on the next episode of Bitter and Salty.

Vol’jin Lives,

Ghraycee of Wowcoholics Anonymous, Proudmoore

Guess who has a priest with two thumbs and a flight path to Pandaria?

this guy!

Thanks to some help from +Jean Bees  (and a whack of XP from Hallow’s End), I was able to get my priest, Arkuchimuya, up to 85 tonight.

Huh. I may actually end up with a level 90 Alt before the end of this expansion!

For those of us who don’t power-level alts, what do +Bitter and Salty – A World of Warcraft Podcast recommend as a leveling strategy?

Call from Mominatrix

RAF Mount and Pet

Sláinte’s Weekly Blizzcon Tip

Mystery Man says carry Purell, wash your hands, touch things with your arms, and fist bump so you don’t get Pink Eye from the Occulus


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In the fifty-second World of Warcraft podcast episode, we walk the tightrope on the Timeless Isle for coin-filled chests and disappointment, Molsan’s Shaman dings 90 and gears up for Throne of Thunder in about an hour, we speculate over future patches and what Blizzard can do to change how content is delivered in the next expansion, we buy all the things from the auction house using a macro, Sláinte wants to keep the gold in the guild bank all for himself instead of using it for repairs… and still dislikes Murloc costumes, we wonder what we’ve learned from our Thirty Weeks of World of Warcraft and plan ahead for future weekly challenges, and we switch markets to make more gold so we can spend even more gold on items like the Ethereal Soul Trader.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Was the Timeless Isle a Mistake?

Is it boring?

Tightrope Walking is for winners only

Shaman is 90

Quintessential Quintet

From dinging 90 to ToT… in about an hour

… and my DPS is at the bottom of the meters

Added an AoE macro so I will be ready for next time

Call from Strumpet

Achievements, the DMF Wolf, Nameplates for Only Friends

Call from Mystery Man

More content patches are on the way!

Rare Blue MoP Market is No Moar

Time to get into a new market… How about some Enchanting err… Inscription

How to Macro Any Add On Button

For TSM 2.0:

/click TSMAHTabBuyoutButton

/click TSMAHConfirmationActionButton

I use this to buy herbs “in bulk” below my max price.

Guild Bank Management

What should we do with the gold?

Our current cash flow (aside from generous donations) only covers repairs for two individuals running LFR.

Guild Bank Cleaning

We should discuss plans to clean out the guild bank in preparation for 6.0.

Your Ethereal Soul Trader Shall be Mine!

This is why I make and save gold… what are some big ticket items you’d spend your gold on besides Mimron’s Head?

Call from Juuno

No TWoWoW so now what?

Sláinte is totally wrong about Murloc costumes

Email from Jean

Hey guys!

Is it really over already? I’ll miss the 30 Weeks segment, but can’t wait to hear whatever you guys come up with next.

I’m answering two weeks at the same time, because I missed Week 26 and /played time and mains seem interrelated to me.

My total /played time between all my existing toons on all servers came in around 344 days. My first main, however, isn’t even included in this number. I deleted her a while back. I know, I can scarcely believe it myself. Onoma, Tauren hunter, was my first Horde character and my first max level character. I leveled her to 60 in Vanilla, and I still remember how excited I was to take her through the Dark Portal for the first time. That’s gotta be like 50 or 60 lost days of playtime, right?

Anyway, for most of BC and the beginning of Wrath, my main was my rogue, Marrsha. She had a name change and a server change along the way, and she was my first raiding toon. I liked sneaking around and pickpocketing and stabbing things. My played time on Marrsha is 70 days.

At some point during early Wrath, I went back and picked up an old abandoned priest alt. Suddenly, I was in love! I was in love with standing back and casting and being able to see what was going on. I was in love with healing. I leveled her up and she quickly became my new raiding toon–my new raid team needed a healer, so I specced Sindei Disc/Holy and she became my new main. She has been my main ever since, and she too, has about 70 days of playtime.

When I quit playing WoW, I eventually came back because I missed Sindei. When I got a FigurePrint for my birthday, it was Sindei who got the honors. I prioritized Sindei’s Darkspear Revolutionary title because, in my mind, Sindei is proud to be a Darkspear and to support and aid Vol’jin.

I admit, these days I find myself playing my Forsaken warlock Shirlea quite a bit. I have just 8 days /played on Shirlea, but she is my current raiding toon and is better geared than Sindei at this point. I even recently considered whether I should move her to the top of my character selection screen… but no. Shirlea may be most played lately, but she is still not my main. Shirlea may be the main of the moment, but Sindei is my main: the character I always go back to, the one who brought me back to the game, the one I love the best.

Thanks for a great 30 weeks, guys!

#TWoWoW Recap

What did we learn?

What will we do in its place? Bring back Weekly Challenge? Spin the Achievement Roulette wheel?!?

Sláinte’s Blizzcon Tip

No tips, just good vibes

Don’t carry around your Goodie Bag


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In the forty-third World of Warcraft podcast episode, we are ready for WoW to go free-to-play and are buying the vanity helms from the Blizzard store but not really, the Isle of Thunder is new to those of us that have never been, we talk video card upgrades for multi-monitor gaming, we debate about whether or not the leveling challenge permanently changed us, we are intrigued and confused by flex raiding, we lack focus and try to get back to our normal routines in game, we throw out an idea for what to do with the generous donation to the guild bank, and we choose our one, favorite pet for our Thirty Weeks of World of Warcraft.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Helms of the Blizzard Store

I have lots to say about this and people will not like me or what I have to say. Love, Molsan.

Sláinte Went to Thunder Island!

How was it? Did you do Treasure Room?!?

Any chance we can have a hardware show?

New NVIDIA card: EVGA GTX650Ti

But then I found out I only need one card as the 650 has four outputs.

Audio from Mystery Man

Leveling changed us… we’re not the same

Sláinte keeping DK, Molsan are you?

Molsan: Yes and buying pets after the Foxely debacle

Flex raiding

Looks more and more intriguing the closer it gets into game.

Achievement Roulette Results

Molsan – Done! I now know more about Unga Ingoo than I wanted to know

Sláinte – Thank you WoWHead!

WoW A.D.D.

How to focus on one achievement/FoS/whatever and not get distracted by other shiny things

Auction House Routine

Do you cycle your auctions at the same time? Different days/times? Whenever?

The Big Guild Bank Donation

Ideas on what to do with the gold

Build new Molsan Method that looks up various pet-related achievement (i.e. Raiding with Leashes)… if incomplete, but one ore more pets are owned, we pick players at random and help acquire pets for them.

TWoWoW # 22 Favorite NCP or Hunter Pet

Sláinte – Singing Sunflower, Hunter Pet: A Druid

Molsan – Ghostcrawler

An aquatic pet, Strand Crawler with Surge. That. Is. All.



Grimm: Ethereal Soul Trader



Hey Guys!!

Despite having a growing menagerie of non-combat pets, I have to say that my favourite would have to be my warlock minions. Those guys have been with me through thick and thin! I think I relate to them because they came with their own names, unlike hunter and non-combat pets. I forgot what patch it was, but I was really upset when we got “upgraded” minions, and their names changed; I was quite elated when Blizzard decided to restore their old names!

Naltip my imp would have to see the most action with me, even though I know now that’s really noobish and I should be using my Felhunter.

I think my most appropriately named minion is my Succubus, Heltai. I always read it as Hentai. Deal with it!

ps. Sorry about the radio silence ; internet in the back-blocks of Texas is worse than Australia! Which is the answer for next week – 3 weeks holiday being the longest I’ve gone without playing.

pps Very quick catchup : People, people, warlock, Benediction (yes, on Ashayo v1), any where I win and don’t get constantly killed or stunlocked by a rogue (probably AV)





Mystery Man

TWoWoW #23 The longest you have gone without playing.


Blizzcon Tip #3

Eat outside the box – TRY to go away from walking distance to eat some SoCal favs.

i.e. Habit Burger (Santa Ana is closest). although Subway rulez

Molsan’s Blizzcon Eating Tip #3: ALMONDS


Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba

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In the thirty-ninth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we care a lot about the valor-to-justice point pricing changes to epic vendor items, we assure you that making bags is still a great way to make gold, we really get into leveling and share our initial stories from our race-to-ninety leveling challenge, we wonder why it’s so easy and difficult to join a guild, we run down various ways of getting bonus and rested XP, and for our Thirty Weeks of WoW, we share our best and worst of World of Warcraft.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Time to Read the Patch Notes


  • Adjustments have been made to Mists of Pandaria faction quartermasters.

    • Epic quality (purple) Valor items sold by the Shado-Pan Assault now have their reputation requirements reduced to Friendly or below, and have their Valor Point cost reduced by 34%.

    • Epic quality (purple) Valor items sold by all other Mists of Pandaria faction quartermasters no longer have reputation requirements, and will now cost Justice Points instead of Valor.

    • Rare quality (blue) items have their Justice Point cost reduced by 75%.

    • No changes for items that require an Exalted reputation.

  • The conversion rate for Justice Points to Honor Points have changed. The conversion rate is now 500 Justice per 250 Honor (up from 375 Justice per 250 Honor).

Secret Gold-Making Tip

Netherweave Bags – STILL MAKING GOLD

Not a lot, but gold is gold.

Sláinte’s Guild Bank Gold Donation

How much did we make and why did this happen?!?


Warlock n00b

Level 69 and still learning, by not knowing WTF I am doing.

Now I will ignore her

Leveling Challenge – Week 1


Death Comes From On High Quest: made me want to quit… Arcane eye “researching” the buildings

WoW-Pro broken for DK starting zone!!

Got immediate level 25 guild invite within 5 minutes… They won’t know what hit them.

Getting into a Guild

Got invite almost right away but nobody grats’ted my dings and the guild bank was locked down so I quit.

Tried CtR… whispered a couple people about how to join. One person responded with the Web address… the other responded suggesting I join the channel “ctrlfo.” Sounds so familiar.

Hellfire Ramparts run… We tanked, we DPS’d, we won!! #LetMeCheck

Alliance side is confusing

Secret weapons are secret!


Why I chose my toon name.

Love starting Zone! Addon wasn’t broken

Got Guild invite before I could turn in first quest (When in Doubt)

Not checking GB… no time.

Got grats on achieves but otherwise pretty quiet.

LFD where Tank = Insta Queue.. LIES!!

How to Get Bonus Experience

Log out in an Inn

Dark Moon Faire’s Wheeee buff

Fire Festival pole dancing

Call from Mystery Guy

LFR moot and heroic scenarios

Hardmode Scenarios are Hard

Three noob melee in a heroic scenario is a recipe for disaster

#TWoWoW Week 18 — Best and worst thing about World of Warcraft




Best : Gameplay

Worst : Bag UI, Voice Comm, Gnomes and Cut scenes


Donna Suggarz







Hello Bitter & Salty darlings, Molsan and Slainte!

In reference to the latest week I wanted to chime in real quick.  I play many different mmorpg’s so I had to really think about what it is that makes WoW different and has kept me in the game (other than the amazing people who play it.)

I decided that my favorite thing about WoW is its depth and variety of gameplay…because World of Warcraft has been around so long Blizzard has been able to enrich its game like no other, in my opinion.  With patches, expansions and time, it’s created a game that provides multiple ways to level, many things to do at end game and a plethora of things to do in between.  We have questing, dungeons, pvp, raids, battlegrounds, pet battles, crafting (including fishing, cooking, etc), archaeology, guilds, transmogrification, ranching, dailies, weeklies, LFR (and flex-raiding coming soon) and more!  They really have listened to their player base and continue to improve our game.

Now for my least favorite thing…it’s a much simpler answer…hehe…I hate the travel system in WoW!  It’s a damn waste of time having to ride birds and whatnot to get from one place to another, and I long for the day they finally get rid of this out-dated system.  Waiting an hour to hearth is another waste of my time.  Give me a system like the one in Guild Wars 2, where I open my map and with the click of a button, I’m where the action is…that’s where I want to be, killing and looting and not finding something else to do in the RL while I wait for my tired, old bird to fly across Azeroth.  😉

Thank you for the show!  And thanks for hanging out with us on Friday night, Slainte!  =D

Your friend,

Juuno of Korialstrasz

#TWoWoW Week 19 — Favorite Class

Call from Jean



Pet Giveaway

Landro’s Lil’ XT – July 5th @ 10:00am

Rules: Mention @bitterandsalty and say hello to @SaltySlainte for an entry into the pet giveaway contest (US realms only).


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