In the one hundred and tenth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we reveal all of our exclusive BlizzCon tips, and put our special guest through a rigorous Q&A to help you maximize your enjoyment of the convention, we learn that Frost Death Knights are almost as awesome as Blood, and even get their own hidden artifact weapon, we switch Mage specs and explain why it doesn’t cost you as much Artifact Power as you might think, we find out that you are supposed to use five specific order hall champions for each class, we learn about passive aggressive loot etiquette by running heroic Neltharion’s Lair, and we confirm that the Headless Horseman mount is once and for all… a lie.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you by Molsan and Sláinte.

BlizzCon is This Week

BlizzCon Q&A

  • What will be the WoW announcement?
  • Will Metzen be there?
  • Where does one go for dinner?
  • Do Candy Corn Oreos count as dessert?
  • Can you wear Blizzard or Jinx t-shirts or is that lame?
  • Does anyone watch and/or care about the WoW Arena tournaments?
  • Can I attend BlizzCon just for the games and news about the games?

Kara Attunement

  • How’s it going

Ding iLevel 824

  • Used seal on Flotsam for 860 gloves
  • One away from raid finder!!
  • What’s a Life Relic?
  • Char level is stupid; why not reset everyone to level 1 at each expansion

Double Ding Part 2

  • Warrior and DK
  • Frost vs. Blood

Hidden Frost DK Artifact News

Changing Specs

  • Is it worth it because of the AP cost?
  • Tried it with Mage…Changed from Fire to Arcane

Specific Order Hall Champions for Each Class

Loot Guilt

  • 825 ring dropped in heroic Neltharion’s Lair… I d/e it, then DK ask for it. I felt bad
  • HH rings are 835 though
  • Bear tank d/c on last boss

Hallow’s End

  • HH mount yet?


“Just wanted to say thanks for the podcast.  

Do you guys get game time with gold?  It is only like 1200 gold per day to buy tokens which is like 60 leystone ore or 20 felslate on my realm.  I haven’t paid for game time since they made the token. How about you guys?”


Salty Pre-Blizzcon Tip

  • Pack your suitcase


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In the one hundred and ninth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we beat on Withered J’im for cloaks, double gold, and cures for rez sickness, Sláinte explains how to effectively use Weak Auras to help you play your class better, Molsan offers all of his Alchemists up to make flasks and potions, but only for hardcore raid teams, we explain why leveling a Druid just to gather materials for your main is a complete waste of time, we cry and whine about players crying and whining about not getting legendaries yet in Legion, and we implore you to not be afraid to ask Blizzard questions at BlizzCon.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you by Molsan and Sláinte.

World Questing Adventures

  • Defeated Withered J’im while having rez sickness… got 860 cloak

Are you running LFR?

Salty’s Addons Segment

  • Arch Inventory
  • and Weak Auras
  • What/why

Gathering vs. Crafting

  • Eon says that people dropped gathering for crafting
  • Gathering is for making gold
  • Druids… Only reason to have one?


  • Salty kinda likes it…
  • Druid is for gathering
  • I am leveling the way I should have??


  • World Questing on hold while leveling Alchemy
  • Want to help all friends and family and raiders

Screw Legendaries


  • Garrisons helped/hurt economy
  • Better now or in WoD
  • Sell Strange Dust… buy from vendor for 8s ea, sell for 50g ea
    • Objective of “Taking Precautions” from Hallow’s End

Salty Tip of BlizzCon

  • Only a few weeks left


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Additional clips of music taken from “Overwatch Soundtrack” by Blizzard Entertainment

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In the ninetieth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we upgrade to 6.0 and stare longingly at our character screen, we answer Thrall’s call and prepare for the Iron Horde in the Blasted Lands, we raid UBRS and spoils and get replaced by far superior tanks, we welcome the Headless Horse Man back and save his candies so we can dress up like Arthas, Slainte updates his Macro Toolkit to fix his Blood DK rotation, Molsan levels his Goblin by clicking on all the Candy Buckets, we break the game by fixing the auction house for Blizzard once and for all, and we recommend that if you’re attending Blizzcon, you should go big, or go home.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

6.0 What Did You do First

Ow bout dem new cha’racter modelz mon

Pre-Expansion Questline

So that was all like… what was that?

Grind for Bronze Whelpling, brag about it, or just buy for 2-3K?



Sober Sláinte getting booted by heroic raider meanie


Use WOTLK gems with same stat… WTH?

Hallow’s End

Arthas costume!! Best transmog set in the game?

New cats and i540 gear… IS IT ENOUGH?

Headless Horseman Loot QQ

25 attempts, 5 Magic Brooms, 2 ports to SM, some rings, and a mount

Loot timer just… ran out? People leave instance w/o selecting need/greed/pass

So, while I waited… I checked/fixed macros

Macro Toolkit is Broken

Three-button macros or just play

Candy Bucket leveling for Warrior and Hunter (for 90 and Loremaster)

Ding Hinterlands and 89

Blizzcon Store Refresh

Home page was blank

All I wanted was the Blizzard autograph book and a ten-year anniversary pin

Big Auction House Stacks

Loving all the hate: “pls don’t post in stacks of 200” even from Blizzard employees

Bitter Gaming Rig

Build complete! Ultra mode engaged!

Final build:

No Windows experience for Win 8? How will Salty be beaten?

SLI causes sky flickering… great (solved by disabling SLI in NVIDIA Control Panel)

Salty Blizzcon Tips

Go Big or Go Home


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In the fifty-fifth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we noodle about the scroll behind the Sha of Doubt and the failure of our weekly challenge, we admit that we can’t play the game without guides, addons, and cookbooks, Sláinte enrages when thinking about the Horse Man’s mount and Hallow’s End, Molsan’s Mage dings 90 while mousewheeling candy buckets, we setup new guild ranks and guild bank repair permissions and watch our gold slowly drift away, we further speculate about the next WoW expansion and why we will and will not support Vol’jin in the Emerald Dream, and we put everyone on high alert and ask that you wash your hands and avoid the Occulus at Blizzcon.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Cooking and the Noodle Cart

Weekly Challenge… How did it go?

Playing WoW on Auto Pilot

Add-ons, guides, tutorials, cheat pets

Can you play without it?

Weekly Challenge

Play with only the stock UI

Sláinte’s Hallow’s End Update

How is all of that going? I can feel all the rage!!

Mage Dings 90

Was searching for Noodle Cart mats but ended up dinging instead

Guild Rank Changes

Call from Lilulicious… She hates it when mom and dad fite

New guild rank: Manager

Managers can now repair and have elevated privileges in the guild bank

Gold in the guild bank as of 10/26/13: 96,570

Guild Bank Item of the Week

I asked in guild chat and got only silence in return

Incendosaur Scale

Wowhead comment from Warrok: “They still drop, but apparently they are of no use since the Shattering.”

We had 52 of them… they vendored for 63s 96c; I put the money in the guild bank

FLEX Raiding Update

How are things flexing?

How is loot distributed in FLEX raids?

Call from Mystery Man

Sha Touch Gem and Weapon and LFR Accountability




Molsan and Dangui,

Here are a few things that happened this week in WoW.

* I finally hit 10,000 achievement points on my account.

* I picked up a few more Secrets of the Empire and have 9 more to go.

* Thinking about getting into arenas.

Oh yeah – and thank you for the guild promotion and bank repairs.

See you in game.



Hey this is the misspelling @blinkphase from the twitters I play a ret/prot space goat pally on ysondre and was just wondering what u guys thought about the idea of an expansion in the future being in the afterlife so Idk maybe you go visit a goblin/ gnome NPC and they give you a device that allows you to shift over to the spirit realm and enemies of old are there trying to make their way back to our realm. Would love to hear yalls thoughts on this take care love the show



Dear Bitter and Salty,

Jean Bees and I were talking about my Darkspear Revolutionary title, and how I was thinking of race-changing my main to Troll because it seemed more thematically appropriate given the fallout from Vol’jin’s Rebellion. This led, naturally, into a discussion of Salty’s insistence that Vol’jin is NOT his warchief, and the back-and-forth that often shows up both in the show and in the aftershow comments.

So what’s the deal here? Does Salty *really* not support Vol’jin in his quest to unseat Garrosh? Do either or both of you actually believe that Garrosh is a better warchief than Vol’jin (or, really, anyone else)? If not Vol’jin, who would you (plural) like to see as the Warchief of the Horde (and no, Jaina Proudmoore doesn’t count)?

I look forward to hearing more about this subject on the next episode of Bitter and Salty.

Vol’jin Lives,

Ghraycee of Wowcoholics Anonymous, Proudmoore

Guess who has a priest with two thumbs and a flight path to Pandaria?

this guy!

Thanks to some help from +Jean Bees  (and a whack of XP from Hallow’s End), I was able to get my priest, Arkuchimuya, up to 85 tonight.

Huh. I may actually end up with a level 90 Alt before the end of this expansion!

For those of us who don’t power-level alts, what do +Bitter and Salty – A World of Warcraft Podcast recommend as a leveling strategy?

Call from Mominatrix

RAF Mount and Pet

Sláinte’s Weekly Blizzcon Tip

Mystery Man says carry Purell, wash your hands, touch things with your arms, and fist bump so you don’t get Pink Eye from the Occulus


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In the fifty-fourth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we find out that the Headless Horseman’s mount is in fact NOT a lie after all, Sláinte owns everyone and everything by tanking battlegrounds with his Blood DK, we wonder what made raiding Siege of Orgrimmar so awful and offer ways to improve the LFR experience for everyone, Molsan decides to go for the sure thing and raids Black Temple instead, we make bold predictions for Pet Battles in 6.0 and beyond, we hunt for rare pets and mounts and complain about spawn camping, we reveal the results from our recent gold-making and mount farming challenges, and we deliver a tip about buying gear from the Blizzcon store.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Hallow’s End

Horseman mount is NOT a lie

Candy buckets while doing up tamers… great for easy XP building

Blood DK PvP == OP

DanGui owns PvP and changes favorite BG.

Secret time

Time for Sláinte to collect em.

WTF, why can I not use the LEGENDARY GEM SLOT THINGEE?

What Happened to Raiding?

Why did everyone stop raiding SoO? No tanks? Bad DPS?

How can Blizzard improve the LFR (or any raiding) experience?

How to find players that know what they’re doing?

Bonus Roll Switch-a-roo

Switch loot specialization after boss loot drops.

Kicking it Old School

Black Temple

Dire Maul

Call from Strumpet

Illidan’s Mistresses of Pleasure

Apology to Sláinte

Pets in 6.0

What will the future hold for pets and pet battles?

Pets to equip armor and weapons?

Enchants? Gems? Talent trees?!?

Then will Sláinte do PBs?

Rare Pet/Mount Farming

Searching for a Lost Val’kyr… Who has time for this?

Gold Making Weekly Challenge

Karazhan mount run

Random Guild Bank Item of the Week

Enchant Boots – Pandaren’s Step

Weekly Challenge for Next Week

Get a Noodle Cart

Sláinte’s Weekly Blizzcon Tip

Don’t buy from the Blizzard store… Buy at Blizzcon instead!


Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba

Additional clips of music taken from “Ylvis – The Fox (Karaoke/Instrumental)” by danielh7052

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