In the sixty-third World of Warcraft podcast episode, we ring in the new year by destroying everything with TSM_Destroying, Molsan runs Ulduar 25 on his Hunter and gears up for HotT raiding but has to give up his pants, we ask about in-game pet gifting etiquette, we give out our WoW year’s resolutions and announce changes to the show format, we learn about Gul’dan and the Stormreaver Clan for our Thirty Weeks of Warlords of Draenor, and we conduct and intense, revealing, one-on-one interview with the one and only Salty Sláinte.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.


Goodbye disenchanting/milling/prospecting macros!!

All you need is this add on and the macro to call /click TSMDestroyButton

Will auto-queue up items that can be destroyed based on your profession

Can shift-click to hide items during a session or permanently

Tales from Ulduar 25

Teabiscuit, the Mighty Cow and the Tier Pants

The Astral Walker

Gearing Hunter for HotT… Can’t wait!!

Holiday Greeting from Strumpet

Random Gift-Giving Etiquette

Giving out pets people already have… Is it okay to return them or do you HAVE to learn them again?

WoW Year’s Resolutions

Interviews and Guests!!

TWoWoD Week 5 – Shadowmoon Valley and the Stormreaver Clan led by Gul’dan

Interview with Gul’dan

  • With the assistance of the Shadow Council, worked with Medivh to open the Dark Portal between Azeroth and Draenor

  • Gul’dan along with Cho’gall manipulated the Horde as they waged war on Azeroth

  • Gul’dan manipulated the election of Blackhand as the first Warchief of the Horde

  • Upon learning of an attack on Medivh at Karazhan, Gul’dan entered a psychic link with Medivh’s mind and was put into a coma when Medivh was slain by Khadgar, Lothar, and Garona

Who are the Stormreaver Clan?

  • We don’t know if the Stormreaver Clan was founded during the First War or Second War

  • Small but powerful group whose purpose was to protect Gul’dan from Orgrim Doomhammer

  • During the Second War of the Eastern Kingdoms, they intended to find the lost tomb of Sargeras

  • Gul’dan and the Stormreavers abandoned the Siege of Lordaeron, raised the Tomb of Sargeras from the bottom of the Great Sea, and attempted to steal the demonic power from the tomb for their own. According to the promise of the tomb, It would have made Gul’dan a god

  • (it was in fact the promise of the Tomb of Sargeras that led Gul’dan to first open the Dark Portal).

  • Gul’dan himself was later torn apart by the Tomb’s Guardians, at the very threshold of the Eye Chamber (once the Courtyard of the Moon), and his armies destroyed by the enraged legions of Orgrim Doomhammer, who had been forced to break off their assault on Lordaeron in order to deal with Gul’dan’s treachery.

What’s up with Shadowmoon Valley?

  • Official description from Blizzard: “Hidden under a shroud of perpetual night broken only by bright starlight, the lush, idyllic forests of Shadowmoon Valley are home to a majestic draenei tomb and sanctuary: Karabor. While many of Shadowmoon’s denizens study prophecy among Karabor’s ancient stone circles, plotters with darker ambitions lurk in the valley’s vast underground cave network, gazing greedily at the sacred temple.”

  • This is what we played at Blizzcon, right?

  • Karabor is the Draenei tomb and sanctuary… that later becomes the Black Temple

  • Very blue… like Zangarmarsh, but looks like Azuremyst Isle



Hi Molsan and Slainte,

So glad you accepted my request to join the B&S guild. I’ve listened to the show every week since about episode 30 and have since gone back and listened to all other eps (I play WOW with no music with B&S going in the background). I’m an Australian WOW player who refuses to play on anything but US servers and due to the time difference I have gotten very used to playing alone, questing alone, logging on when I am only guildie online (out of a guild of sometimes 400+ members) but funnily enough, this podcast and guild has made me feel like I’ve finally found some people who ‘get’ WOW.  Without gushing too much, I just have to say the greatness of your show and your refreshing and down to earth perspective on WOW has left me with 2 questions:

“I wonder how much more I would’ve enjoyed this game had I known about podcasts in general and/or had your show been on the Net back say, 6 years ago?”


“Why didn’t I give the Horde a proper chance till now when I rolled a Troll Druid on Earthen Ring solely to join the B&S guild? The Horde aren’t filthy scoundrels as I once thought, they’re deep and misunderstood…when they’re not chopping down Ashenvale.”

Enough butt-kissing – time for Thrall and Aggra.

Playing only Alliance toons till this year meant I knew very little about Thrall but funnily enough I went back on my Nelf Hunter (my main) and did the Hyjal/Deepholm/Uldum quest where he gets kidnapped and Aggra and I brought him back. I now see why so many people idolize him and seeing his feelings for his true love Agra – and him wanting little green babies with her – solidified that. Varian is nowhere near as interesting or deep and one wonders if he would share the same resolve that Thrall does to lay down his title of King and fight for the planet rather than for the good of the Alliance? Thrall is far too awesome to lead the Horde… he is destined for far greater things. Thrall and Cenarius vs Ragnaros in Hyjal was amazing. As for Aggra, her influence on his Shamanistic skills and life is only positive and makes their story and more importantly, their son. so much more interesting. I for one would love to see how Anduin and Durak (Thrall’s son) interact and how their story is played out in future expansions or possibly…. the next WOW game!

That’s it from me – stay classy and please invite my Hunter to the guild when I server/race change him to Earthen Ring!

Zahbs. Orc Hunter on Arthas-US

hey guys!

First time writing in. Stumbled on the show (luckily!) on the very first 30 weeks of WoW and have been tuning in every week since. Anyhow.

I completely agree that WoD should and will hopefully be all about character development. Too many amazing heros and even more bad ass villains have fell by the way-side by blizz. More Sylvanas! More Orc tribe leaders! But most of all, as a hunter since start of BC till Today…REXXAR! I mean his home planet is dranor. Hes half orc and half ogre…that sounds like WoD to me. He was deemed a “champion of the horde” by thrall back in warcraft 3. Would love to see what he does back home to prevent the terrible place that what we know as “Outlands” from ever existing

Thanks guys, keep up the great work!

TWoWoD Week 6 – Mythic and Flex Raiding and Raid Finder

Q&A with Sláinte

With all the cross-realm and realm merge changes… why do we still need guilds?

With all the friend stuffs, raid finder tools and what not… no need for guilds, right?

After you complete something you’ve been working at for so long, do you ever miss some of your routines like dailies? Do you miss the factions and quest-givers?

Doesn’t playing and talking about PvP / battlegrounds mean that you’re bored with the game right now?

What is your biggest raiding pet peeves?

How are your profession cooldowns (Sky Golems and ingots) coming along?

What have you been doing since you received your Legendary Cloak? Have you done Ordos or Garrosh yet?

Call from Lagerhoof – Week 8 of Favorite BBQ

Call from Strumpet – Week 8 Favorite BBQ


Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba

Additional clips of music taken from “Ylvis – The Fox (Karaoke/Instrumental)” by danielh7052 and The Knack My Sharona THE BEST instrumental version by Rodrigo B.V.

Contact Info

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Molsan Method:


In the fifty-eighth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we fly around Blizzard’s decision to not allow flying in Draenor until 6.1, we officially reschedule our Herald of the Titans raid and prepare our tanks and hunters for battle against Algalon, we started reading The Shattering yesterday and we noticed some things, we announce the official list of topics for our Thirty Weeks of Warlords of Draenor, Sláinte declares “Free Warlords” for all, while Molsan wants better speakers and no more combat lag, and we hope that Karazhan will be cleaned up for some pre-expansion epic event as long as Moroes is not there.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

No Flying Until 100 AND Patch 6.1

It’s official… do we care?

HotT Take 2

Monday, December 23rd

Preparing the… Hunter

Cleaning out the guild bank!

Buying/crafting/farming three sets: HotT, Transmog, and max iLevel

TWoWoD Week 0

New Christie Golden Book “War Crimes” (June 2014)

The Shattering: I just finished reading a few chapters yesterday

WoD Beta

Are you in?

WoD Expansion will be Free

So says Sláinte

Karazhan Cleanup

OMG what is this? Chairs are being removed!!

Model/map cleanup for pre-WoD event or scenario?

Hardware Take 2

MMO Champion also has a great “monthly” build called “Setup of the Month” with component listings on various budgets

In the market for new speakers

Combat Lag



Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba

Additional clips of music taken from “Ylvis – The Fox (Karaoke/Instrumental)” by danielh7052

Contact Info

Phone: 413 BIT SALT or 413 248 7258
Molsan Method:


In the thirtieth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we wonder if we can play the game without the auction house, we recap our official results from the AQ20 challenge, we complete our second Herald of the Titans run for gear, we review what we’ve been putting on the board, we answer the epic question, “Horde or Alliance” for our thirty weeks of World of Warcraft, we explain what the second Molsan Method is all about, and we find out why we’ll never be able to fly in Silvermoon City.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

How We Got Our Blizzcon Tickets
We refreshed and clicked to buy the ticket

Sláinte Ah Ha at AH
Get out!
EGP #46 w/ Zero Hour… Master spreadsheet for determining which markets to be in
Mentioned one of my secret markets: Saronite Ore to Saronite Bar to Titanium Bar

Transmog Market is Dying
Prices falling, can’t stop buying/selling, reducing thresholds and fallbacks

AQ20 Results
– Gold looted: 19
– Grey Items: 167.5
– Repairs: -2.5
– BOP Vendor: 30
– AH Sales: 114
TOTAL: ~328g

1271.69.15 total

Essence of Air from last episode… sold for 150g each

HoTT Gearing Run

Tiller Work Orders Update
Revered with Golden Lotus Unlocks Reps and W.O.

What We Put On the Board
Thanks, Ben!

Do you still have the honeymoon feeling with Mist of Panderia? In episode 1 you were loving the game, was that the peak of the new smell of the xpax? What is your opinion of the xpac 6-9 months into the game.
How is the Warcraft Trading Card game going?

Are pet battles still a time sink? (Episode 1)
Do you still feel that you are still playing WoW the way that you want to? Episode 7, 17:30. Leveling your characters, do the content that you want, are you raiding yet?

Sláinte rep/loremaster grind chat

#TWoWoW Week 9 – Horde or Alliance?




G’day Molster and Slainto!

While most of the time I enjoy the comfort and safety of PvE realms for questing, there is a certain thrill and excitement that I sometimes miss from my days on PvP realms. I know I could flag myself as pvp, but it’s not quite the same and doesn’t produce the same effect. Alot of good times have been had in reaction to guildies getting ganked – the escalating responses from both sides can be a ton of fun. While the same thing can be done in a more organised fashion as seen in Nagrand’s Halaa, it’s not quite as epic.

So strangely, I mostly prefer and play PvE, but find myself arguing the benefits of PvP. Go figure.

It’s scientifically proven that taller people are far superior to their height-challenged cousins.
A recent study found the IQ of alliance players to be a full 3 feet lower than their Horde counterparts.
Lastly, when it comes to the crunch, alliance players tend to pull up short.

For the Horde!
ps I do love short bread cookies though.

Jellad – CTR – Aerie Peak
Hey Guys,

Fell behind again of course, so here are my week 7 and week 8 responses!

Week 7: Favorite Piece of Lore

My favorite piece of lore has to be the introduction to Culling of Stratholme. I think this is a turning point for Arthas’s character from thinking and feeling the evil brewing inside him to bringing it to fruition.  Seeing the change in dynamic where Jana Proudmoor essentially abandons Arthas to his whims introduces a whole new element to the relationships within the alliance.

Week 8: PVP, PVE, RP

I grew up on Eredar, I dont mind PVP, i just hate senseless ganking.  Nothing is more infuriating than trying to level your toon with a max level jerk camping you for an hour(or 4).  I moved away from Eredar because it was just killing my enjoyment of the game.  BG’s are OK, but can get a bit static and boring after a while.  My true love is lore, questing, and raiding.  I would rather spend 10 hours in queue for a raid than actively doing BGa.  As far as RP goes, as a person who frequents Ren Faires, I love me some RP, but its more for fun than anything else, and I dont think I could live on an RP server.  (Although I’ve been thinking about making some Horde on Earthen Ring)

See ya!

I’m bi. Bi-factional that is. I have ally and horde toons but most of my friends play horde. Also, ding’d 11 on my ret pally Kinkerbell in the Bitter and Salty guild

Grimmclaw, AIE Diggnation, Earthen Ring US

I had a really hard time trying to think about my favorite lore in Warcraft, but what I started noticing was that I kept going back to different stories surrounding the Forsaken. So I guess my favorite lore is all the lore surrounding the Forsaken. How they broke away from the Scourge. How they have made a home where they once lived when alive, and you find them referencing their old lives from time to time in quests. How the Light pains them terribly, so any Forsaken priest feels pain when casting holy magic, or any Forsaken warrior is basically having their wounds cauterized during battle. The whole thing with Lillian Voss being a member of the Scarlet Crusade in life, hunting undead, and then becoming one and being hunted by the people she called friends and family herself. All that stuff I find really thought provoking and interesting.
As far as servers, I can’t stand the idea of trying to level while getting ganked. To me that would make the game unplayable. I am a PvE player all the way. I don’t RP, but to me an RP server is interchangeable with a PvE server. So I’m on an RP server, but I pretty much just shrug my shoulders about what that really means.
Horde or Alliance? I’m a life-long Horde player, and will likely stay that way. I wouldn’t mind seeing the quests on the Alliance side, but my time to play makes that unlikely, and I’m fine with that. I will say that I haven’t liked where the Horde has gone under Garrosh, but I’m stoked to knock him off the throne and see where the Horde goes from there.


Flying in Silvermoon

Children’s Week – Get All the Pets

Pet Quest Line
* Piglet’s Collar Stormwind/Orgrimmar Quest Line
* Rat Cage Stormwind/Orgrimmar Quest Line
* Turtle Box Stormwind/Orgrimmar Quest Line
* Snail Shell Stormwind/Orgrimmar Quest Line
* Elekk Training Collar Shattrath Quest Line
* Egbert’s Egg Shattrath Quest Line
* Sleepy Willy Shattrath Quest Line
* Legs Shattrath Quest Line
* Curious Oracle Hatchling Northrend Quest Line
* Curious Wolvar Pup Northrend Quest Line

New Molsan Method
Missing Pets

It looks like it will be easier to collect those  Sigil of Power and  Sigil of Wisdom to catch up on the legendary quest line in Patch 5.3!



Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba.

Contact Info
Phone: 413 BIT SALT or 413 248 7258
Molsan Method:


In the twenty-fourth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we try and get organized with auction house workflow, we give out a tip for capturing wild pets, we explain how Google Translate helped win Mogu’shan Palace, we debut Trofie’s “Glory of the Hero,” we get a step closer to running Ulduar at level, and we find out what everyone’s least favorite class is.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Auction House Etiquette/Strat

  • I want out of the Transmog business for good
  • How do you successfully get out of a market completely?
Ghostcrawler Answers Leads to More Questions
  • Would learning a third profession be okay? What if you could learn all of the professions?

Sláinte’s a n00b Tip

  • Battle Pet capturing
  • Use Turnup
  • Will not drop health below 1 hp
Mogu’shan Palace with Shadow Priest
  • Storytime with Molsan
  • Pally tank d/c mid-dungeon, mid-boss fight… a DPS dies, people go ape
  • We can’t kick him until the loot is rolled on, 3 people drop
  • We get a new tank, but he only speaks Spanish
  • On last boss, Xin the Weaponmaster, tank keeps standing in the middle of the room, dragging the boss around from one bad spot to another
  • People keep yelling at the tank that he’s standing in the AOE
  • He starts shouting in Spanish CAPS
  • I look up, “Please tank the boss back by the door” on Google Translate
  • I put, “Por favor tanque del jefe de nuevo por la puerta” in chat, tank asks, “Aki?” which is “aqui,” I think? I reply, “si”
  • Tank pulls Xin to the door… we WIN.
Glory of the Hero
#HotT Ulduar Update
  • 9 of 10 are Level 80… Grimm?????

#TWoWoW Week 3 – Least Favorite / Most Challenging Class to Play

  • Sláinte
  • Molsan
    • Shaman
  • Hasteur
    • Mage – as a Warlock, the Mage feels underpowered and disappointing
  • Mominatrix
    • Rogue – power-leveled but still despises; bottom of the meters, hated stealthing, couldn’t stand daggers… deleted a week into MoP
  • Rho
    • Warlock – green fire quest is serious business… Rogues too
  • Strumpet
    • Warlock – purchasing grimoires for demons was irritating
    • Druid – Horde Druids are ugly
  • Falstad Wildhammer
    • Paladin – Hammer, justice, and holy lights

@Lilulicious My least favorite class: Paladin. Hammers, seals, just too damn many buttons! Ack!

@leenovak16 Druid. Haven’t tried one in a while, but the feral forms, at least on the Horde side are so goof,y that I can’t stand it.

@LowPopWow Warrior! I’ve started at least one a year and never can get than past lvl 40…let’s face it, usually level 20
@TheOvercut mage, was main in vanilla like /played 100days but cant get into them now
@thebiggameover pet classes/specs aka hunters and locks. the added pet thing just kills it for me
@Wowhonen Hunter. The pet always seems to be on my loot, node, quest item on the ground. Didn’t like companions in SWTOR either
@NevAHAddict rogue but I got to 85 & mage – never got beyond lvl 20 without deleting it! 

@TrofieTheMage I’ve never been able to level a shaman past 11. Can’t stand the class #TWoWoW


  • Synnthetic from <Bitter and Salty> on Earthen Ring
Week 1

It was a call from a good friend of mine that said “hey, me and the fellas are gonna run to the store at midnight and get World of Warcraft, you coming?”  I replied, “I don’t know what the hell that is but sure”.  I got the details in the car and I was told that I should be a tank because that is the easiest class to play.  I was very new to games on the PC as he let me barrow his game Horizon and I just walked around and dug stuff up.

I got home and loaded the 4 discs and a couple hours later I’m in!  I call my friend and say, “why the hell are we making alliance because the Horde look sweet”.  I didn’t win that argument so my first toon was a Male NE Warrior spec’d as a meat shield!  His name was Zofideous and holy hell did I spend waaaaaaaay to long in Darnasus getting lost in the caves.  There is nothing like spending 2 hours trying to get out of a cave, die inside, and then have to try and get back to recover your body.  After 5 server changes, a name change, and a haircut he’s now 70 and inactive.

Week 2

Favorite Raid!  Truly I only ever raided MC, BWL, and ONY-(if that counts) on a consistent basis and boy did we spend hours upon hours in MC.  My favorite out of the 3 was MC.  We had 2 tanks for MC (40), I was one and had zero clue what I was doing except saunder…saunder…saunder…taunt (repeat)!  The two giants at the beginning had my heart racing the first couple of times in and you better not pull that extra fire lord dammit or you’ll wipe us!  The teamwork that was needed for most of these fights was spectacular in my noob eyes.

There is this good feeling to have been around when Leroy Jenkins came out and the guy from the Ony fight…WHELPS…LEFT SIDE!

Keep up the good work

  • Kanzaki from Earthen Ring

This question also goes back to the week 01 question. My first character was Jaundice, a warlock. I only got to 14 and then switched to Tricinosis, a hunter. Over 6 servers and 6 warlocks and 4 hunters later and I still can’t stand pet classes, especially locks. Odd knowing that I love playing my shadow priest.

Oh, and for favorite raids, Ulduar. Love the challenge, the bosses, and Tier 8 Priest gear!

Well, Keep up the great work.

  • Medicakes from Epic Podcast

My least favorite class to play would probably have to be the hunter. Now before I have a bunch of present day hunters jump on me, my first toon ever was a hunter. I started her at the end of BC and had her to level 80 not long after Wrath came out. I just didn’t feel challenged enough and thought either I need to make another class, or I’m going to stop playing this game. I ended up making my priest, Medi and deleting my hunter. I tried to bring her back for Cataclysm and got her to 85, but so many things had changed (I mean really, they took away my precious Volley!) and I still could not get back into that hunter.

Warriors are another class I just cannot play. I leveled a warrior to 85 and was having fun in fury/arms…but it got a little too complicated with the different stances, priorities and rotations for me to handle.

<3’s to Salty and Molsan

  • Tydanis, Blood Elf DK on Earthen Ring US

Hey guys, hope everything is going great for you all. Here’s my submission for week number 3’s question:

I might be the odd man out here, but I actually don’t have a least favourite class to play. I’m an altoholic; I have a character of each class (the lowest being my lvl 72 warrior), and I love every one of them. I plan on getting each of them to lvl 90 this expansion. So far I’m at 5/11, and working on number 6 now.

Before I had a one of each class I suppose I had least favourites, but this was simply because I had not tried said class at all, and only had what I heard about them to go on. The ones that sticks out the most for me I suppose would be the warrior and rogue. I never touched either of these classes until Cataclysm actually. Simply because I either never got around to it or had heard bad things about them. But, as we all know, Cata gave us all kinds of time to pursue alts and the like, so I took advantage of it and became an altoholic 😛 I tried out the warrior and rogue and I fell in love with them, much the same as I had with every other class.

That’s all for me, have a great show guys! I’m looking forward to listening to my favourite podcast this week, and for many weeks to come! 🙂
  • Jellad – Aeire Peak – CTR

So I am lame and fell behind on listening to all the wow podcasts I listen to so I had to answer week’s 1 – 3 in one email

Week 1: My first character was a Night Elf Druid way back in Vanilla.  My friend decided to power level me but stopped playing when he got me to 30.  Having not played an MMO since Ultima Online launched, I had no clue what I was doing.  i tried for a few levels to get to know what was going on but gave up and deleted him at lvl 35.  Afterwards I started my Human Rogue, Jellad.  I’ve been playing him since (hit 60 about 1 month before BC).  Jellad has always been and always will be my main.  I love the rogue class and everything about it.

Week 2: Hands down, Kara

Week 3: I HATE WARRIORS.  I cannot figure out how to not be rage starved 3 seconds into combat.  He’s low level atm so I imagine it will get better.

Love the show!


Pet Giveaway Reminder

  • Send Us Your Favorite Battle Cry
  • Mention us on Twitter @bitterandsalty with your favorite battle cry for a chance to win a Soul of the Aspects in-game pet!

Dings and Achievements

Call from Mildrid

@Asyluun01 just got 60 exalted reputations now i am known as “the beloved” lol

@SpankingBArthur Klaxxi rep picking up farm rep veggies: “These will have to do. The Klaxii send their thanks. Though I don’t know why.”

@mbuhtz Suggestion: if friend buys your item and doesn’t want $$ back, give him something useful like flasks, gems, pet as a thanks.
  • Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba.

Contact Info

In the twenty-second World of Warcraft podcast episode, we share our feelings about the 5.2 patch, discuss leveling a pet to 25 in less than 10 fights, we get into the iLevel 409 bind-on-equip item market, we ponder the gold-making etiquette when selling items to friends, we run Naxxramas for Herald of the Titans gear, and we ask about your first character for week 1 of our thirty weeks of World of Warcraft.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Patch 5.2

  • Bonus reputation for scenarios and dungeons

Level a Pet 1-25 in Ten Fights

Level 80 i409 BoEs

  • Call from Jameson/Rubick
  • Twink yourself out when you run Cata dungeons for JPs

Buying/Selling Etiquette

  • What do you do if someone you know buys your stuffs? Give gold back?

#HotT Update

  • Who is our raid leader?!?
  • First Ulduar Gear Run
    • No one showed… Including me
    • Funn ICCs
  • OpenRaid
    • Help power level “lowbies”?
  • Justice Points from Weekly Raid Quest (thanks, Knoxinbox)
  • Gearing run in Naxx
  • VOA 25
  • Achievements!

Thirty Weeks of World of Warcraft — Week 1: First Character

  • Sláinte
    • Night Elf Priest
  • Molsan
    • Human Warlock

#TWoWoW Submissions

  • Call from Strumpet
  • Call from Honen
  • Call from Plastic Duck
  • Audio from Hasteur
  • Audio from Rho
  • Email from Mystek AKA Tydanis
  • Email from Mildrid
  • Email from Sabrina
  • @HunterSalty 2008. Female Nelf Druid. Used random name generator. Spent ~40 hrs getting out of Darnassus. Got better w/ Bear in Darkshore
  • @NevAHAddict human paladin & still my main achieve junkie even tho I hate the holy power mechanic!
  • @Hend_Horderlies I still play my very first character as my main. A shaman named Hend I rolled on release day. /flex
  • @LowPopWow A human warrior that I dressed in shaman spirit mail since I couldn’t heal and someone told me spirit helped health regen
  • @Aldirick1022 Aldirick, Tank/Fury Tauren Warrior. Named after character in a good book. Tanked through LK and DPS through Cata.


  • Zavulon

Hi Guys,

Have only recently started listening to your show and I would like to add that 11 90’s is not impossible, I work full time and manage my time with my wife first and WoW second(Luckily she is really understanding of my Warcrafts).

Really enjoy the show


@BREELYRICAL Shout out to @bitterandsalty for the free pizza
@SpankingBArthur DING! 8th 90! Alli Feral Drood.


  • Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba.

Contact Info