In the sixty-second World of Warcraft podcast episode, we are enjoying all of the festivities of our feast of Winter’s Veil, we clean out our inventory and get rid of orange slices to prepare for the expansion, now that we have the Tillers and Garrisons we ask that all gathering professions be removed from the game, Sláinte gets two legendary cloaks, while Molsan begins farming for a Ravasaur mount, we use Trade Skill Master to destroy all the gear and make gold flipping Enchanting mats, we change our schedule for HOT raiding… again, and we embrace the relationship between Aggra and Thrall for our Thirty Weeks of Warlords of Draenor.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Happy Winter Veil to All!

All the Small Eggs

Things to Do Before WoD

Clean out your bags and inventory

Noob Tip: Keep your sack clean

No need to keep things like Hallow’s End wands and Tiller tabards

Gathering? GONE!

Get rid of all gathering professions on all characters

Tillers and Garrisons

Where can I farm Windwool? Tillers, duh!

Tailoring Celestial Cloth

Pattern dropped within 5 minutes of Timeless Isle stuffs

Grinding this daily for Warlock PvP Gear

Please send me Spirits of War kk thx yw

TSM Destroy for Enchanting

Having more fun with the AH

HotT Raiding

Are we prepare?

No show on 12/23???

Evanca Dings 90

Huge grats!! Now what?

Goblin Warrior and the Venomhide Ravasaur

Ungoro Crater finished… not quite ready for SMV

CollectMe said it was another missing mount

Should have brought a skinner

Should have used a character at-level… Get no XP for kills or quest turn-ins now

LFR/SoO3 Update

Malkorok down… After a 1% wipe, of course

TWoWoD Week 4 – Aggra and Thrall

Who is Aggra?

What happened in Cataclysm?

What is their relationship now?

Why is this a big deal for WoD?

Who is Zaela?

Who is Draka?

Who is Geyah?



Hello darlings! So…Aggra and Thrall, ohhhh how the rumors flew when they met! She thought he was a complete block-head, and he totally agreed so she married him. That’s the way it usually goes, you know. 😉  And that wedding! Talk about gorgeous! It totally made me cry. And now they’re having puppies! Orcs have babies by the litter, she’ll probably have 7 or 8 at once, and they’ll be SO cute! You’ll just want to take them all home, but if you do they’ll literally eat you out of house & home and eat all of your furniture, too. That’s why Thrall has to leave Aggra at home in the next expansion…they need more money and nobody will babysit a litter of orc babies. Ok, I gotta go! I hope you’re both having a great week!

/great big hugs,


Hey dere, I heard ju wanted ta know what Aggra an’ Thrall be up ta. Ta put et simply, Aggra wants ta go ta Draenor, but Thrall ‘as told her dat et be unsafe for dem an’ dey don’t know what to be expectin’ on da other side of de Dark Portal.

Once a clear path ‘as been made an’ da portal connecting our worlds be under our control, den an’ only den would Thrall allow Aggra ta make da trip. Thrall did not make dis decision lightly, he knows danger kin be around every corner wit Garrosh dere, but we all know dere be no holdin’ Aggra back once her mind be made.

Rest assured, dat we will be seein’ Aggra visit Draenor, sooner or later.

Jur Warchief,


TWoWoD Week 5 – Shadowmoon Valley and the Stormreaver Clan led by Gul’dan

psylent Night WINNER OF PUP 


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Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba

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In the sixty-first World of Warcraft podcast episode, we ask Greatfather Winter what we want for Winter’s Veil and what we want is for Sláinte to finally get his legendary cloak, Molsan moves on to level his Goblin Warrior but hates it and wants to race-change to Orc, we need a few more Pandaren to join us so we can get the Stay Classy guild achievement, and we go back in time and learn about all the history of Draenor for our Thirty Weeks of Warlords of Draenor.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Winter’s Veil is Almost Upon Us

What do you want this Winter’s Veil?


Stay Classy


Organizing the Alts

I want to race change everyone to Orc!!

Loremaster on Warrior… ding 61 and on to Ungoro Craters

TWoWoD Week 3 – History of Draenor

Call from Strumpet

How to pronounce Draenor

Draenor for Dummies

  • Draenor inhabited by the Orcs

  • Draenor had no name, but was populated by the Orcs – a Shamanistic, clan-based society

  • Orcs were peaceful, but disagreed with the Ogres

  • Argus… Planet home of the Eredar

  • Burning Legion targeted the Eredar because of their affinity to magic

  • Three leaders: Archimonde, Kil’jaeden, and Prophet Velen

  • The leaders worked with Sargeras, but Velen knew this would not work

  • Velen left Argus and took many of the Eredar population along with him

  • K’ure, one of the Naaru, told Velen to leave Argus and run from Kil’jaeden

  • K’ure fell ill and their ship crashed into Nagrand

  • K’ure became friends with the spirits of the Orc ancestors and the ship became Oshu’gun

  • The ancestors structured the Orcish religion around K’ure and Oshu’gun became a religious site for the Orcs, but the shamans were unaware of this

  • Velen and the Eredar called themselves “Draeni” which meant “exiled ones” in the eredar language, and called the planet Draenor which meant “exile’s refuge”

  • When they arrived, the surviving Eredar met the Orcs and had a friendly relationship at first

  • While searching for Velen, Kil’jaeden discovered Draenor and all its magic… suitable for supporting him and the army of the Burning Legion

  • Kil’jaeden disguised himself as the deceased mate of Ner’zhul and tricked him and the rest of the Orcs into believing that the Draenei were plotting against the Orcs

  • The Orcs began to attack the Draenei with dark magic that Kil’jaeden taught them

  • Velen sent a courier to speak with Ner’zhul in an attempt to stop the attacks

  • The courier was killed, but Ner’zhul decided to send Durotan to meet with Velen instead

  • During the meeting, Velen revealed the truth behind Oshu’gun and told Durotan that a dying K’ure had been guiding the ancestors

  • These revelations were considered blasphemous and were met with suspicion and great hostility, particularly from Drek’Thar, the Frostwolf Clan shaman

  • Durotan was instructed to bring Velen and his people back to Ner’zhul, but Durotan decided to release them instead

  • As news spread, the Orcs waged war against the Draenei

  • Ner’zhul eventually found out about Kil’jaeden’s deceit, but it was too late

  • Kil’jaeden removed Ner’zhul’s power and took the Warlock, Gul’dan, Ner’zhul’s apprentice, under his wing as Gul’dan’s selfish desire for power made him easy to manipulate

  • Gul’dan manipulated the clans and unified them as the First Horde

  • After proving themselves in battle, the pit lord Mannoroth rewarded the Orcs by giving his blood to the Orc chieftains to drink as proof of their loyalty

Call from Mannoroth

  • The Orcs defiled Velen’s temple which became the Black Temple

  • The Orcs continued to attack the Draenei climaxing in a battle at Shattrath where most of the Draenei were wiped out

  • The few Draenei that remained to fight became tainted and corrupted and mutated into Broken.

  • The Orcs had won.

  • Velen and the surviving Draenei escaped to Zangarmarsh and hid there for quite awhile




Oshu’gun is the diamond mountain in the southwest of Nagrand, currently being harvested by the Consortium and afflicted by Void energies. It was once a sacred place for Orcs, where all the clans gathered twice yearly for the festivals where they would commune with their ancestors.

Three points:

#1 – assuming that this pinnacle of Orc culture existed for a long time, that also means that the race known as Draenei probably arrived on Draenor a long long time ago, during the early days of Orcs’ development.

#2 – what irony! that the Orcs’ ancestor-based culture was facilitated by the Naaru who piloted Oshu’gun. Without this Naaru’s power, the Orcs never could have had direct communication with their ancestors’ spirits.

#3 – I wonder. How will this be handled in Warlords? Will the orcs have abandoned their sacred place? Does Garrosh even know the truth about it? or was he too thick-skulled to ever complete that quest chain in Nagrand? Will we ally with the Naaru within Oshu-gun, rehabilitating him and empowering the Orc ancestors?

Or will it all be forgotten in yet another retcon?

Kangji – The Sha’tar (EU)

Hello & good day to you Bitter & Salty.

I’m a new listening to the show! I must of been living under a rock for the past 50 weeks or so as I have only recently stumbled across your podcast… Gotta say I really enjoy listening to you guys so keep up the awesome work! 😀

Over time the crash site became a revered & scared place with the native Orcs where they would gather to celebrate the spring & autumn festivals each year. It was the Orcs who named place Oshu’gun which is orcish for “Mountain of Spirits”… Unknown to the Orcs there was actually a Naru named K’ure trapped inside & presumably weakened from the crash/impact.

This all took place approximately 200 years before the first war to give you a rough idea of a time line…. Apart from the Draenei fleeing their home world, they embarked on that journey thousands of years ago.

Anyhow I hopes is interesting/informative to you & your listeners, Bye for now.


Hello darlings! And welcome…to history class! Ok, so Draenor was this big ole’ planet, right? And it had all these dudes on it…like big ole’ ogres, the Arakkoa (bird dudes), cute little Sporelings (mushroom dudes), angry ole’ Gronn (like that Gruul dude), Orcs, and some other stuff. Then the Draenei came along & decided no intelligent life really existed there and so they moved in. Then some demons came over and told the Orcs that the Draenei were jerks…BUT we don’t care about that part anymore.

All we really need to know is that before the Draenei got there, nobody wrote anything down (birds don’t have fingers for writing, I guess..hehe) so…yeah, it was just a bunch of pretty strong, illiterate dudes hanging out on a no-name planet, beating each other up and doing other stuff that dudes do, basically. And then the Draenei got there and built some stuff. There ya go! I don’t think this was helpful, but I do hope you’re having a great week!

Great big hugs!


TWoWoD Week 4 – Aggra and Thrall

Call from Lagerhoof – Thirty Weeks of Pet Battles


Hi Guys,

Ahrag from the guild here.

This week I earned the Rated Battle Ground title “Scout” and I hope to move up the ladder in the coming weeks.

I also finished my doctorate in real life. Now I can spend more time in game.

Take it easy.




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In the sixtieth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we go on sale and slash prices on all items in the auction house, Molsan experiments with crafting Phantom Blades and Invisibility Potions, while Sláinte gets all destructive with his Warlock on his way to level 90, we work on our to-do lists and gain exalted rep with factions and progress through the Siege of Orgrimmar, we ponder over the release date change for “War Crimes” and question why there is so much Anduin in “The Shattering,” and we put everyone’s guesses for the expansion release date on the board for our Thirty Weeks of Warlords of Draenor.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Black Friday Sale

The results are in

Secret Crafting Making Gold Experiment Thing

Blacksmithing – Phantom Blade

Call from Trofie

Dings and a TODO challenge


9% + 10% = 19% BOUNS XP!!!!

Mouse wheel macro FTW

What is/was your favorite faction dailies?

Wrapping up the Cloud Serpent

SoO Progression

Nazgrim down… Wiped on trash in SoO3 many times

War Crimes Release Date Change

From June to May oh My

The Shattering Update

Why so much Anduin?

Story of the Expansion

Spoiler time!

Logitech G700s REVIEW

Oh that Mouse Wheel….

TWoWoD Week 2 Release Date

Release date timeline:

Molsan – 7/18/2014

Sláinte – 9/30/2014



Blizzard keeps saying they want faster releases on expansions, but it always ends up being in the fall, nearly two years after the previous one. I have the feeling that they’re wary of a summer release as well.

Plus, what was available at BlizzCon seemed very incomplete. Just the fact that there were only 3 races fully upgraded makes me worry.

So… though my hopeful release date prediction is June 10, my realistic release date prediction is September 9.




Hello darlings!

I hope you’re both doing great this week! Also, my undead Shadow Priest just dinged 90…woot!  Enough about me though…

The Warlords of Draenor release date will be (drum roll, please!) Tuesday, August 12, 2013!!!!  That’s my guess anyway and it’s basically just because the War Crimes book is due out June 3, so the expansion should follow that fairly closely, right? Plus, my birthday is Aug 13 & I like to take my bday week off, so that date would REALLY work for me this year! Hehehe… ;D

I wish it would be here sooner, but that’s just the way it’s gotta be. Love ya!

/great big hugs!!!

Juuno  🙂

Whoops…I meant 2014, of course… xD


Hey guys, gonna hit you real quick with thoughts from the first two weeks of Warlords. For week one, it was pretty much all said. I tend to side more with Molsan on this one, in that I think Blizzard will keep the garrisons relevant. My only far-fetched hope is that you will be able to unlock a hearthstone back to your garrison that is separate from your normal hearth.

For week two I feel that the expansion has to come out before the summer, but it certainly looked a long way off at Blizzcon. This would lead one to think maybe June. But my gut was telling me long ago, well before we even knew of the expansion, that Blizzard would shock us all and have it out by April. So I guess I have to go against my logic and trust my gut in saying to look for an April release of Warlords.

Thanks guys!


Strumpet – August 16, 2014

Rubmahbelleh – May 27, 2014

Trofie – May 2014

Lilulicious – May Whatever 2014


TWoWoD Week 3 History of Draenor


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In the fifty-sixth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we buy Ice Cold Milk and Flour from vendors to make Gold and Marionettes, we share our favorite resources for getting started with building your very own gaming rig, we list what we would like to accomplish in-game before the Draenor Warlords arrive, we speculate one last time about what the next expansion will be before it’s announced, and we recommend that you relax, take it easy, and don’t panic… because Blizzcon is almost here!!

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Vendor Item Sale

Ran around to the vendors in Thunder Bluff and flipped at extreme prices

Macabre Marionette

Buying all today!

Hardware Chat

Call from Strumpet

Legendary Cloak ding!

Expansion Talks

What is the ONE thing you’d like to accomplish before the Draenor Warlords arrive?


Yeah, we’re going… now what?


LurryDean – BunnyZugZug

Howdy all ye Bitter and Salty 🙂

After leaving most of my toons languishing in the mid 80s, I’ve finally picked up my Mage and gotten her to 89. Her biggest issue is having to make trips back to Shrine of the Two Moons to maintain her transmog set (aka, keeping up with Magmaw). From the top down…

Helm = Crown of Endless Knowledge

Shoulders = Black Mageweave Shoulders

Cloak = Dark Phantom Cloak (not displayed)

Chest = Black Mageweave Vest

Wrists = Netherweave Bracers

Gloves = Black Mageweave Gloves

Belt = Beach Party Thong

Legs = Black Mageweave Leggings

Feet = Black Mageweave Boots

Staff = Tanjo Staff

Soon to be 90!

Call from Juuno

Dings and a new car!

Sláinte’s Final Blizzcon Tip

Don’t Panic


Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba

Additional clips of music taken from “Ylvis – The Fox (Karaoke/Instrumental)” by danielh7052

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