In the one hundred and second World of Warcraft podcast episode, we return to Karazhan once again, for the third or fourth time, to visit our old friend Moroes, we calculate the version number for the Legion expansion that drops between 7.0 and 7.1 and determine the exact number of bosses that appear in the refurbished Karazhan dungeon raid, we learn that every single Alliance player was at the bottom of the gunship that abandoned Varian Wrynn as we break down the pre-patch, in-game cut-scene cinematics once again, we compare one disappointing Mage to one inspiring Warlock, and re-roll all of our talents to destruction out of pure embarrassment, and we completely redesign the World of Warcraft loot system, by removing all loot from the game.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you by Molsan and Sláinte.


  • “Karazhan is coming back as a large five player dungeon with all nine bosses”
  • What did we see… Was this a pre-patch, pre-expansion, teaser before the expansion is even released? Blizzard is even confused… WE ARE ALREADY IN LEGION
  • Was that Moroes in the 7.1 teaser video?
  • We get nine bosses… Are we sure they are the same? Final boss will be Medivh?
  • Was this just to get folks to re-sub to play the best raid ever once again?
  • “This time around there won’t be a content drought” WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN

Blog Comment from Vlor

Hey guys.
Clearly Varian sacrificed himself to save us, our characters are on the ship. Just like Sylvanas retreated to save the horde players. It’s so obvious and you keep saying Varian didnt have to do it, such $%&#(*!%.

Cinematic Reactions Continued

  • So the Alliance players were at the bottom of the gunship doing who knows what
  • Didn’t hear the Demon Fel Reaver?
  • Jaina is a failure

Invasion Leveling

  • Why level a Hunter during Invasions? Is good?
  • Affliction vs. Destruction DPS… Zhend is inspiration
  • Warforged armor from invasions LOL

KatGhar is Back!

  • So while his Alliance friends were attacking demons alone, he was busy moving Dalaran to Karazhan
  • Why? Was it too far for him to teleport or ride a mount?
  • Jaina doesn’t want the Horde in Dalaran so she ragequits after the vote

LFR and Valor

  • Blackrock Foundry is on farm with Warlock

Molsan Suggests is Canceled for New Segment… Molsan Designs WoW

  • Change how loot works completely
  • Raids and dungeons ONLY drop/unlock cosmetic appearances

Email from Vaygon

Hey guys, great podcast again.

However I couldn’t help but notice Salty butcher the pronunciation of Tirion Fordring’s name a few times during the show. It’s Ford-Ring… NOT Forge-Ling, lol that makes him sound like a battle pet or something :p

Anyhow keep up the good work.

Voicemail from Strumpet

Salty Tip for Blizzcon

  • No frustration about Warcraft content


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In the one hundred and first World of Warcraft podcast episode, we invade Azeroth with the Legion, and recall our experiences from both the Horde and Alliance perspectives, we wonder what Demon Hunters are like as we check the order status of the physical copy of the expansion, we recommend visiting the Darkmoon Faire on or before Legion for quests, tickets, and cards, Slainte cheats in heroics by climbing up walls and topping meters, Molsan ponders switching mains from Paladin to Warlock… or Warrior, but not Rogue, we visit our buddy Kael’thas who decides to drop two mounts after eight years of farming old content, and we reveal the true savior of World of Warcraft: Legion… Garrisons.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you by Molsan and Sláinte.

Legion is Here

  • Invasion events
  • All spoilers go here
  • We called everything
    • ____’s _____
    • ____’s _____
    • _______ the Warchief
    • _______ the King of Alliance?
    • All the Gnomes are dead, and you can now harvest druids for Legion herbs
    • We called it all!!
  • Do you believe in “Victory or Death”
    • So what happened… Did the Horde/Sylvanas betray the Alliance or are Alliance just stupid?
  • What are DH’s like?
    • DKs officially replaced
    • What is name of your DH
  • Jeremy Feasel from PCGamer interview
    • So much content scaling by level… Legion invasions scale “from level 10 to 100. So anybody that’s in that zone that’s even just leveling up can participate and can get loot from it that is potentially a loot upgrade that scales down to their level”
    • Garrisons Saved Legion
      • “If you were looking at this from very high top-down, and this was Warcraft 4, what would the demon RTS mission look like? And we took a look at the tech we had at the time for that, and it turned out that the garrison buildings were kind of our saviour on that one. One of the pieces of technology that allowed garrison buildings to work was our ability to swap entire huge structures into the world whenever we felt like it—we didn’t have that ability before and we had to do crazy terrain phasing and things like that that you’ve seen in the past and took a lot of production time.”
    • Source:

Darkmoon Faire

  • Get the Inscription Dark Moon Cards for Legion stuffs now
  • Get Test Your Strength before doing the pre-expansion quest

Cheating in WoD Heroics

  • Salty Salty Prot Pally
  • Jumping and clicking on mounts
  • Hunter DPS was 3x Ret Pally DPS

Farming Kael’thas

  • Ashes of Al’ar
  • White Swift Hawkstrider
  • Using AddOn Rarity –


  • Dafyed (daf-yed aka David)

“I’m fairly certain that you can’t get out of the goblin starting area without leveling. Your only option may be to race change any other race to a goblin. But I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a minimum level for that service. And I’m certainly not spending real $ to find out. Thanks for providing content to my ears.”

Do We Have an Official Challenge in Legion pre-expansion pre-patch?

  • No… We need help

Molsan Suggests

  • Nobody listened to me so canceling this segment
  • Or… Play an Arms Warrior because Assassination Rogue is terrible
  • Or… Play an Affliction Warlock because you never lose health

Salty BlizzCon Tip

  • Don’t be THAT GUY


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In the one hundredth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we explain the differences between Personal, Guild, and Master loot, and decide to roll need instead, we determine the best system for finding a group in-game for questing and raiding, we wonder if it’s worth leveling all characters to 100 before Legion, including bank alts, we propose all new challenges for Legion, and agree to complete several of them, we update the community on the successful raid progression of the Bitter and Salty raid team, we discuss Blizzard’s intentions for creating Warcraft content outside of the World of Warcraft, we review methods for Canadian gold-making using custom TradeSkillMaster groups, and we decide to get everyone a Yak mount.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you by Molsan and Sláinte.

Guild Loot/Master Loot/Personal Loot

Best Method to Find a Group

  • In-game group finder?
  • status spam?
  • Custom guild channel?

Before Legion Leveling

  • Is it worth it to level all alts to 100 before Legion?
  • Because of lack of character slots, leveling banker… got stuck without a Hearthstone

Voicemail – Dominia’s Favorite Moments

Legion Challenges???

  • First to 110?
  • Level 1 goblin bank alt and 50K gold in one month
  • Actually completing a challenge?
  • Make noodle carts for Illidan

Bitter and Salty Raid Team

  • Firelands full clear with mount
  • Heroic Bastion of Twilight… Sinestra was tricky… needed a guide
  • Heroic Dragon Soul… Ultraxion 25-man solo with drums and flask
  • How much can one solo? Pandaria raids?

Warcraft Becoming More than World of Warcraft

  • Harbingers, comics, videos, movies… what about the game itself?

Voicemail – Celia from Scenarios

Gold Making with Canadians


Yak Mount

  • The Yak mount is pretty much essential for WoW now
  • How do we get everyone a Yak mount?

Ask Bitter and Salty

Poll Bitter and Salty

Molsan Suggestion

  • Don’t send us money or food made with white flour… Give us a review on iTunes instead

Voicemail – Is this Bitter and Salty

Salty BlizzCon Tip

  • Empty water bottle


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In the ninety-ninth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we bathe ourselves in the glory of accurately predicting the pre-Legion patch release date, we explain exactly what will happen to Garrisons before Legion, and decide whether or not it will burn and drown in the Shipyards, we fix everyone’s bank storage problems by mailing each other Hexweave Bags and vendoring all the things, we declare that appearance unlocking and the changes to wardrobe and transmogrification are clearly the best things ever, we love and hate everything you can and can’t do with the Legion bind-on-pick-up crafting reagent, Blood of Sargeras, and we ask that you bring not one, but two bags, so you can mix it up this year at Blizzcon.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you by Molsan and Sláinte.

Pre-Legion Patch

  • 7/19! Salty was right!!

What Exactly is Going to Happen to the Garrison

  • Disappear? Burn to the ground? Submerged somehow by your Shipyard?
  • The trader in your Garrison’s Trading Post will no longer sell the bags of gold for blood or garrison supplies

How to Fix Bank Problems

  • Hexweave Bags
  • There will be no bigger bags added to Tailoring in Legion
  • 24-slot bags will be easy to make

Wardrobe Changes

  • Appearance unlocking!
  • Where to find a missing appearance!
  • Improved Transmog interface with a preview!
  • Save looks as outfits!
  • Outfits by spec!
  • Transmog weapon enchants!

What is Blood of Sargeras?

  • Q&A with Senior Game Designer Paul Kubit (Professions lead)
  • Measure of “a measure of how much you are playing the game”
  • Used for crafting
  • Obliterum… an item obtained at max level that increases iLevel of gear. The application of Obliterum will use Blood of Sargareas
  • Obliterum forge can increase iLevel to 850
  • Can’t unbind it… using it as a measuring tool… a protection for those with a lot of gold from just buying “power”
  • Can’t be BoA either… Don’t want players to rely on alts… although, Blizzard loves alts? Do you think they do or don’t?
  • You can obliterate anything into… Obliterum

Suggestions for Pre-Patch Pre-Legion Day One

  • Sell everything

Random Stuffs Before the Patch

  • Outland Raiding for Full Crystalforge Set
  • Chasing Outland Rares
  • Elemental Plateau Farming for Air stuffs
  • Getting factions/rep grinds done… Argent Dawn



Salty Tip for Blizzcon 2016

  • Bring two bags and switch it up


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In the ninety-eighth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we break down the pre-expansion, pre-patch, pre-Legion special events, including early access to Demon Hunters, we calculate exactly how much gold you need to save before the expansion, and whether or not you should uninstall your Garrison, we realize that Vol’jin has been a complete waste of time, as he can’t give enough barrels of oil to help Molsan achieve flying in Draenor, we discuss the non-competitive appeal of World of Warcraft, and compare it to other Blizzard eSports titles, we answer our question of the week, explain why we love Discord, and reveal Sláinte’s tip for Blizzcon 2016.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you by Molsan and Sláinte.

Legion Pre-Patch Details

How Much Gold Do You Need Before Legion?

  • What to do with all the Draenor mats and Garrison stuffs?
  • Vendor? Delete? Uninstall?

Why are Demon Hunter Shirtless?

Flying in Draenor

  • Vol’jin does nothing for the Horde; he is a waste of time
  • Buying more followers… now over the follower limit cap… it’s stupid

Competitive Play

  • The appeal of WoW as a game without a winner or loser… compared with other eSports Blizzard titles

Lag Boss and the Meters

  • Ran first heroic dungeon (after proving grounds, of course) and experienced all the lag
  • Meters… Skada/Recount/Details… do you even DPS?
  • Tried again with only a few addons enabled (DBM, TSM, ArkInventory, Details) then enabled one addon at a time during the dungeon

Is There Too Much Legion in WoW?

  • BC, Illidan, WoW movie, Legion, Fel, Gul’dan… Are there any other stories?

Question from Dominia: What are you wearing? Describe in detail, plz

  • Sláinte
  • Molsan

Does Our Phone Number Still Work?


  • What is it, why is it so awesome, and how do we use it

Salty Tip for Blizzcon

  • Don’t buy plane tickets RIGHT away…


Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba

Additional clips of music taken from “Overwatch Soundtrack” by Blizzard Entertainment

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