In the fifty-sixth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we buy Ice Cold Milk and Flour from vendors to make Gold and Marionettes, we share our favorite resources for getting started with building your very own gaming rig, we list what we would like to accomplish in-game before the Draenor Warlords arrive, we speculate one last time about what the next expansion will be before it’s announced, and we recommend that you relax, take it easy, and don’t panic… because Blizzcon is almost here!!

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Vendor Item Sale

Ran around to the vendors in Thunder Bluff and flipped at extreme prices

Macabre Marionette

Buying all today!

Hardware Chat

Call from Strumpet

Legendary Cloak ding!

Expansion Talks

What is the ONE thing you’d like to accomplish before the Draenor Warlords arrive?


Yeah, we’re going… now what?


LurryDean – BunnyZugZug

Howdy all ye Bitter and Salty 🙂

After leaving most of my toons languishing in the mid 80s, I’ve finally picked up my Mage and gotten her to 89. Her biggest issue is having to make trips back to Shrine of the Two Moons to maintain her transmog set (aka, keeping up with Magmaw). From the top down…

Helm = Crown of Endless Knowledge

Shoulders = Black Mageweave Shoulders

Cloak = Dark Phantom Cloak (not displayed)

Chest = Black Mageweave Vest

Wrists = Netherweave Bracers

Gloves = Black Mageweave Gloves

Belt = Beach Party Thong

Legs = Black Mageweave Leggings

Feet = Black Mageweave Boots

Staff = Tanjo Staff

Soon to be 90!

Call from Juuno

Dings and a new car!

Sláinte’s Final Blizzcon Tip

Don’t Panic


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In the thirty-third World of Warcraft podcast episode, we ask if patch 5.3 will change our game and speculate on how the changes to leveling mining and herbalism will affect the market, we move forward with Loremaster and recap memorable moments from lower-level zones, we talk pet battles and match-up strategies, we reveal our favorite moments from the game for our thirty weeks of World of Warcraft, and we debate about whether or not healing is boring.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Anything about Patch 5.3 Going to Change Your Game?

Molsan – Resuming alt-leveling in MoP zones

Sláinte – Ditto… and maybe more Pet Battles.

Patch 5.3 Changes to Mining and Herbalism


Herbalists of low skill can now pick herbs in Pandaria for a small amount of usable material. The yield an herbalist will be able to harvest from each node is determined by skill level.

Miners of low skill can now mine mineral deposits in Pandaria for a small amount of usable material. The yield a miner will be able to harvest from each node is determined by skill level.

Pre-MoP ore and herb prices going to go up!!


Leveling hunter through Silverpine Forest has lead to interesting lore quests and cinematics.

Lady Sylvanas BAD ASS! Who knew Cata would bring some good things…

Has Mulgore changed? I probably don’t care to find out.

160 quests to go! Hillsbrad Foothills, Northern Stranglethorn and Cape of Stranglethorn.

Monksational Continues

Blasted Lands complete

Hellfire ramparting

Terokkar farming

Pet Battling

Ding 65!

Future of Pet Battles

From CM Crithto:

We’re looking to make further Pet Battles adjustments in a future patch (potentially 5.4), and your valuable feedback is needed!

Currently, in an Elemental vs. Mechanical matchup, Elementals gain both an attack bonus versus Mechanicals as well as a defensive bonus against Mechanical abilities. In order to help even the playing field a bit, we were mulling over some potential changes to damage types, and the families they would be weak against.

Here are some initial ideas that are being kicked around:

Mechanical abilities would deal less damage versus Critter (instead of Elemental)

Elemental abilities would deal less damage versus Dragonkin (instead of Critter)

Flying abilities would deal less damage versus Elemental (instead of Dragonkin)

And here is a second set of ideas we’re considering:

Undead abilities would deal less damage versus Elemental (instead of Aquatic)

Mechanical abilities would deal less damage versus Aquatic (instead of Elemental)

Your thoughts on these potential changes would be really helpful, so please take a moment to reply below and let us know what you think.


Holy Priest Heals LFR


Future of the Tillers

Seeds and Seed Bags for ALL tiers of ore, herbs, enchanting mats, etc.

#TWoWoW Week 12 – Favorite Moment/Achievement


Tanking Magmadar in MC on my Dwarf Warrior, “Big Popi”











Saltyutations Chaps,

There’s been so many proud moments in this awesome game that it’s hard to pick a favourite. Getting down bosses like the Lich King after much hard work is certainly up there. So is hitting personal goals in gold making (5000g in vanilla from selling scopes!).

My runner up moment would have to be hitting level 70 on Ashayo – my first max level toon in the new and growing wonderful AIE guild. But nothing beats your first, and getting my first toon to 60 would have to be my proudest moment. It was a Night Elf Hunter (of course!) and apon dinging I spent the evening in Iron Forge shouting everyone stout dwarven ale and dancing with guild mates. I don’t think I even knew what raiding was at that point, so to me it seemed like I’d beat the game ; this was the ultimate achievement and goal. Sadly, now I know differently!

Keep up the awesome work!


#TWoWoW Week 13 – Favorite Burning Crusade dungeon



Hi, Flahx from Dropped Stitches on Draenor here. Just Dinged Zen Master FISHING woot! Just discovered the show today (on google +) and I Love!! Keep it up!



Hey guys,

After listening to the last show, I wanted to explain why Mardge the mage is lazy and has no professions at her advanced level.

Mardge started life as a level booster for my warlock, Shirlea, when I was RAF dual boxing. She spent most fights sitting on her mount on /follow while Shirlea and her voidwalker fought all the mobs. I originally planned to delete Mardge, actually, but by the time I was done dual boxing, I had become a little attached to her. So instead of committing alticide, I moved her to Earthen Ring to be part of the Bitter and Salty guild. She has reformed her lazy ways, and she does do questing on her own now.

Also, my favorite outfit to wear while I play is… pajama pants and a t-shirt.

Happy 5.3!

Heart of the Aspects Recap

Hope I’m not too late. Combined Mounts between Molsan and Sláinte as of 5/20/2013: 215 — Rexor

Hyacinth Macaw Giveaway

Mention us on Twitter @bitterandsalty and ask us a question

We will give away the pet on Thursday, May 30th at 10:00am PDT



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In the twenty-ninth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we are ready to purchase tickets to Blizzcon, we wonder what to do now that we’re exalted with the Klaxxi, we use LFR to relieve anger toward raiding progression, we preview our AQ20 gold-making challenge results, we reveal tips for Tillers and Monks, we cover week 8’s PvP/PvE/RP debate for our thirty weeks of World of Warcraft, and we hear the epic tale of the pink dress.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Blizzcon Tickets on Sale

$175 Tickets to attend BlizzCon 2013 will go on sale in two batches on Wednesday, April 24, 2013 at 7 p.m. Pacific Time and Saturday, April 27 at 10 a.m. Pacific Time. Visit the official BlizzCon website or the online Blizzard Store on either of these dates for a chance to purchase tickets.

Tips for buying tickets

Sign in to the Blizzard Store and make sure everything is up-to-date for your account. Then sign in a few minutes before the tickets go on sale.

Big Blizzcon ticket buying tip: Setup your payment card BEFORE, like NOW!!! Add it to your account.

Blizzard Dev Live Q&A Thursday, April 25th

We’ll be hosting a live World of Warcraft developer Q&A open to the community on Thursday, April 25 from 5:30-6:30 p.m. PDT. Designers Dave Kosak, Ion Hazzikostas, Brian Holinka, Cory Stockton, and Greg Street will be available to field your questions about Mists of Pandaria gameplay and design, patch 5.2 and beyond. This will be a moderated chat on the Cover it Live platform hosted on the front page of our official site. Community managers will be there to filter your submissions for the developers.

Klaxxi Exalted

Now What?

What’s the deal with Tillers work orders?

LFR – Controlling Your Own Progression

With LFR, you can progress as fast/slow as you want and use whatever criteria (gear, iLevel, etc.) you want. A nice side-effect.

AQ20 Challenge Update




This was the result of a full clear by moomoocachoo (feral druid). Got about 750g after all items were sold/auctioned. Ran 6 other toons through. The others got about 350 – 500g depending on what pieces dropped for auction. The plate breastplates sold pretty well.

The Tale of the Pink Dress

Audio from Strumpet

Monk Zen Pilgrimage Tip

Audio from Rubmahbelleh

Noob Tillers Tip

Anvil and forge up the hill between sunsong ranch and flight point.

TWoWoW Week 8 – PvP/PvE/RP





I know I’m late for this weeks show but I’m sending my favorite piece of lore anyway so… 😛  My favorite piece of lore isn’t 1 piece per se, it’s all of the books that you find throughout the game. I love when you find one that’s written by some major NPC and you get a glimpse of their life at that time. It’s pretty cool. Honorary mention goes to the coins you fish up in the fountain in Dal. They’re pretty awesome too.

My week 8 of 30 weeks of WoW answer is PvE, but I’d love to learn how to RP. I hate hate hate PvP, even as a DK I get my butt handed to me no matter what BG I’m in. It gets frustrating waiting to rez when you know you’ll be back in a minute or two. >.< grrr!

Stay classy guys! Hugs!

Rubmahbelleh (Rub Mah Belly), Bitter and Salty Guild, Earthen Ring

You guys continue to make excellent podcasting look easy. Thanks and keep it up!

My favorite playstyle continues to be PvE with some RP thrown in when it fits and happens organically. One of my lowbie pandas was finishing some quests near Ratchet and ran into the inn for a quest turn in. The quest had something to do with Garrosh and I happened to be in a mood about him and made some cutting comments about the illustrious Warchief in spatial chat. Almost immediately, I received a whisper warning me he had ears everywhere and that I should be careful talking like that. Turns out there was a group sitting at the tables in the inn and they invited me over so we could trash Garrosh and look forward to his hopefully imminent demise. I sat there with them for about a half hour, drinking with them, answering questions about Pandaria and “translating their fortune cookies.” That began when I passed along one of Koltrane’s fortune cookies from the Convert To Raid podcast and eventually I had a bunch of websites open that were filled with fortunes and was cobbling together fortunes for them on the fly. Some were hits, some flamed out but it was a ton of fun doing this stuff off-the-cuff. We eventually went our own ways and I later discovered they were regular RPers just meeting out there to do a nightly meetup and included me, thinking I was another regular RPing friend of theirs that liked to show up as different characters.

From the sounds of what I just told you, it seems RP should be my preferred style but I’ve found the fun of it really disappears quickly if I try to make it happen.


When I started playing WoW like most people I started due to some friends recruiting me into the game. So that I wasn’t alone I joined the server that they were on, US Thunderlord, a PvP server. Being new to the game I didn’t know the difference as far as an experience so I went with it. Lucky they were all at level cap (Wrath) so if I needed help they would help me out. This created some challenges when leveling but some epic memories. Running to Scarlet Monastery from Southshore as an alliance toon to get my gear around level 30. The whole shouthshore experience and the PvP element that it had naturally. Just being ganked and ganked and going into general / trade asking for help.

Once hearing about the CTR guild on Aerie Peak I moved a character over there to a PvE server. It works out much better for leveling as I was never good at PvP and I still have the option to PvP. I still feel it’s missing a little something. Maybe that’s due to other elements like CRZ, Not really having to fight over a summoning stone outside on an dungeon or a bit of the quality of life additions have taken away from the experience since I first leveled. As much as I hated the waste of time of being killed and killed during questing I still feel PvP adds a huge element of Alliance vs Horde. The problem is, most servers are heavily Alliance or Horde, not really to many 50/50 servers.

Now I’ve been leveling with the Bitter and Salty guild, Earthen Ring RP server. So far I really haven’t had much interaction with others outside of the guild. I haven’t been in a capital city for a long period of time to be around trade / general chat. When leveling and seeing others in the same zone as me, I have gone out of my way to /wave to them. Overall the guild chat has been the biggest effect on my leveling. Just having that social aspect that you don’t get in a guild with 4000 players.

So my answer would be, no matter PvP, PvE or RP as long as you are around others who you interact with, stay there. I personally do like the PvP element but I’m very happy on Earthen Ring.

Mildrid/Batibat – Earthern Ring (US)

I’ve spent most of my WoW career on a PvP server, and have gotten somewhat accustomed to the paranoia, but at the same time I’ve been long frustrated with Blizzard’s attitude that it’s perfectly accepted for max level players to maurade around and one shot defeneseless leveling toons with no repercussion.  Personally I dont think a player more than 5 levels below you should be attackable at all unless they engage in specific behavior to flag them such as invading capitol territory, capturing a resource, etc.   It’s a terrible system that encourages miscreant behavior. Rarely does low level ganking culminate in full blown open warfare in the fields that proponents seem to offer as a defense for allowing this.  The population does not police itself like it may have in previous expansions and in the pre Cross Realm environment.   I’ve kind of had enough of it, and at the same time I started covertly playing WoW more at work(!) where I can’t devote my full attention to whether I’m safe at the end of a flight path, so I recently followed the podcasts to Earthen Ring PvE/RP for the lower stress experience.

On another topic, I found another source of Herald calibre gear that isn’t as obvious as the justice point vendors.  While at first it may seem that all the PVP vendors in Dalaran peddle gear too high a level to be suitable, if you take a flight over to the WINTERGRASP vendors you will find an assortment of interesting trinkets, rings, and some other gear in the 213-226 range that can be purchased for a couple hundred honor points.  I got a +95 int lvl 213 trinket and a lvl 226 int/haste ring.  They aren’t perfect itemization, but they are better than most available gear if you are having trouble getting drops from ICC normals or getting run through raids.

@strumpet101 PvE all the way. I do not enjoy getting banked. And I suck at PvP. (no audio for TWoW since I sent a different one)

Week 09 — Horde or Alliance?


@GrimmAIE Pro tip: you can already transmog from your void storage with…. Function built into WoW, just no UI

@GrimmAIE This week’s achievement: Dinged 80 on my DK

@lucasmines Thanks to @bitterandsalty for fueling my return to WoW after a 2 year break.  Episode 11 makes me want to try my own gold challenge

@_Winkee Sunwell 1 shot solo except I couldn’t take Brut with pally or warrior but hunter 1 shot. Outland raider achieved!




  • Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba.

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