In the fifty-second World of Warcraft podcast episode, we walk the tightrope on the Timeless Isle for coin-filled chests and disappointment, Molsan’s Shaman dings 90 and gears up for Throne of Thunder in about an hour, we speculate over future patches and what Blizzard can do to change how content is delivered in the next expansion, we buy all the things from the auction house using a macro, Sláinte wants to keep the gold in the guild bank all for himself instead of using it for repairs… and still dislikes Murloc costumes, we wonder what we’ve learned from our Thirty Weeks of World of Warcraft and plan ahead for future weekly challenges, and we switch markets to make more gold so we can spend even more gold on items like the Ethereal Soul Trader.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Was the Timeless Isle a Mistake?

Is it boring?

Tightrope Walking is for winners only

Shaman is 90

Quintessential Quintet

From dinging 90 to ToT… in about an hour

… and my DPS is at the bottom of the meters

Added an AoE macro so I will be ready for next time

Call from Strumpet

Achievements, the DMF Wolf, Nameplates for Only Friends

Call from Mystery Man

More content patches are on the way!

Rare Blue MoP Market is No Moar

Time to get into a new market… How about some Enchanting err… Inscription

How to Macro Any Add On Button

For TSM 2.0:

/click TSMAHTabBuyoutButton

/click TSMAHConfirmationActionButton

I use this to buy herbs “in bulk” below my max price.

Guild Bank Management

What should we do with the gold?

Our current cash flow (aside from generous donations) only covers repairs for two individuals running LFR.

Guild Bank Cleaning

We should discuss plans to clean out the guild bank in preparation for 6.0.

Your Ethereal Soul Trader Shall be Mine!

This is why I make and save gold… what are some big ticket items you’d spend your gold on besides Mimron’s Head?

Call from Juuno

No TWoWoW so now what?

Sláinte is totally wrong about Murloc costumes

Email from Jean

Hey guys!

Is it really over already? I’ll miss the 30 Weeks segment, but can’t wait to hear whatever you guys come up with next.

I’m answering two weeks at the same time, because I missed Week 26 and /played time and mains seem interrelated to me.

My total /played time between all my existing toons on all servers came in around 344 days. My first main, however, isn’t even included in this number. I deleted her a while back. I know, I can scarcely believe it myself. Onoma, Tauren hunter, was my first Horde character and my first max level character. I leveled her to 60 in Vanilla, and I still remember how excited I was to take her through the Dark Portal for the first time. That’s gotta be like 50 or 60 lost days of playtime, right?

Anyway, for most of BC and the beginning of Wrath, my main was my rogue, Marrsha. She had a name change and a server change along the way, and she was my first raiding toon. I liked sneaking around and pickpocketing and stabbing things. My played time on Marrsha is 70 days.

At some point during early Wrath, I went back and picked up an old abandoned priest alt. Suddenly, I was in love! I was in love with standing back and casting and being able to see what was going on. I was in love with healing. I leveled her up and she quickly became my new raiding toon–my new raid team needed a healer, so I specced Sindei Disc/Holy and she became my new main. She has been my main ever since, and she too, has about 70 days of playtime.

When I quit playing WoW, I eventually came back because I missed Sindei. When I got a FigurePrint for my birthday, it was Sindei who got the honors. I prioritized Sindei’s Darkspear Revolutionary title because, in my mind, Sindei is proud to be a Darkspear and to support and aid Vol’jin.

I admit, these days I find myself playing my Forsaken warlock Shirlea quite a bit. I have just 8 days /played on Shirlea, but she is my current raiding toon and is better geared than Sindei at this point. I even recently considered whether I should move her to the top of my character selection screen… but no. Shirlea may be most played lately, but she is still not my main. Shirlea may be the main of the moment, but Sindei is my main: the character I always go back to, the one who brought me back to the game, the one I love the best.

Thanks for a great 30 weeks, guys!

#TWoWoW Recap

What did we learn?

What will we do in its place? Bring back Weekly Challenge? Spin the Achievement Roulette wheel?!?

Sláinte’s Blizzcon Tip

No tips, just good vibes

Don’t carry around your Goodie Bag


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In the fifty-first World of Warcraft podcast episode, we announce the world first 25-man raid takedown of Garrosh while wondering if non-raiders are feeling left out in patch 5.4, Molsan rapidly levels his Elemental Shaman using only a macro and a mouse wheel, Sláinte explains his own methods for finding people to Flex raid with, we question whether or not we could actually switch classes and specs permanently, and we wrap up our thirty weeks of WoW with stories about our main characters and what they mean to us.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.


Is that all there is now… raiding?

Is Blizzard purposely ignoring the rest of the game in order to wrap up this expansion?

Did they mismanage features and put too much into the game too soon?

Look at the Patch Game Tape

Patch 5.4 is just… raiding….?

Shaman Leveling with a Mouse Wheel

Like a whole new world of character leveling just opened up.

Plastic Duck Solves the Raid Scheduling Problems

Use the in-game Guild Calendar!!!1

Corections and Mistakes Department

Yes, oQuest was WRONG and FAIL

Email from Crusader Kaje

I feel like I’m channeling the Mystery Man here…

After listening to your latest podcast, I decided to go looking for the oQuest addon you mentioned.  After many dead-ends, I finally found oQueue (not oQuest) on  This addon seems to be what you were describing.  Just thought you might want to update that on your webpage.

Thanks for a great podcast, it’s one of my favorites.

What if We Switched Mains?

What would you do? How would you play?

Would you switch factions, races, genders?

What spec would you be?

Does your playing your “main” ever make you feel locked in to a particular playstyle?

TWoWoW Week 30: Your main and what he/she means to you.










I came back to WoW for Jean.

That’s not entirely true, but it serves a a pretty nice logline, don’t you think? I had started playing WoW mostly to get an in with Jean while we were dating; once I had managed to convince her I was a worthwhile housemate, I mostly stopped playing. It was the end of Cataclysm, and I had ground to a halt in Deepholm, bored out of my mind and gazing longingly at other games. So I let my sub lapse, and moved on.

But then MoP came out, and Jean (and many of our friends) returned to WoW and started talking about how much fun they were having. And so I bought a copy of MoP, and rolled up a Pandaren Monk to see what all the fuss was about. And my friends were right; WoW was *fun* again. And Jean and I were now playing together again. Ghraycee was brilliant to play, simple and clever, and I started to think that maybe I could, one day, be a part of that community of people built around WoW.

I started running dungeons, going after achievements. I started focusing on Rep and doing dailies. I even signed up with a VERY casual raiding group, and started learning to Tank (well, off-tank, but still). I started rolling alts and playing on my own, not just grouped up with Jean. Reaching out to new people, making new friends, becoming a part of the community, counting myself lucky. And Ghraycee was my vehicle for that, my vector of infection.

Ghraycee made me want to play WoW for *me*, not just to play along with others. She made me understand how other people feel when they play WoW, how possessive and effulgent and invested they are when they talk about this game, and what it means to them. Ghraycee helped me understand Jean better, and for that I will be forever grateful.

My main is Ghraycee on Proudmoore, a member of Wowcoholics Anonymous. And she means at least one world to me.


My main toon and what she means to me, Hmm…Well, my original main was an undead mage named Onehotmama, I picked undead because Belf’s felt too close to Nelf’s to be “hardcore” horde and I wanted something with a human-like form. Once Cata dropped, I rolled a goblin DK, Mominatrix. She became my new main because I related to her. She’s a short, sassy little firecracker with cute little purple pigtails. Just like me! (minus the purple pigtails…Although if I could make my hair do that I totally would.) All the /jokes and /flirts she comes up with are exactly the things I would say if I was allowed to! After almost 3 years of playing her she is totally the digital version of me. Big grats to you guys on 50 episodes, it’s a huge milestone and something you should be proud of. Heres to many many more! /toast

Time is money friend.



Sláinte’s Blizzcon Tip

Be nice to “celebrities.”


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In the forty-ninth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we catch up with patch 5.4 and run around the Timeless Isle, we spend all of our coins on keys and chase giant sharks around on our raft, Sláinte flexes but not as holy while Molsan begins his Legendary LFR grind, we have a spoiler-free discussion about the Siege of Orgrimmar cut scenes, we prepare our blacksmiths for more ingot grinding, and we reveal our favorite dungeon, raid, or world boss for our Thirty Weeks of World of Warcraft.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Timeless Isle

Find all teh coins/treasures! FREE LOOT!

Email from Svander (Dark Iron) / Mildrid (Earthen Ring)

So there’s that big whale shark Evermaw that circles the new Timeless Isle frequently and drops over 1000 coins per kill.  Kind of a pain to pew pew something in the water that’s moving as fast as it does, right?  Well did you know that you can hop on your Angler’s fishing raft and chase him around as long as you board it before entering combat?  Makes the fight much easier and more hilarious to look at!

PS. Grats to Svander on obtaining his legendary cloak!

Cloaks and Reputations and Changes in 5.4

Eternally in the Vale – Completed and… removed from the game.

Time to buy gear with Justice Points… now what to do with Valor?

Legendary Questline

Why is this so confusing and weird? Stones dropping in LFR but not all LFR?

Sláinte is retired

Pally will no longer be actively played sans from JC duties.

Dangui takes over as “Main”

War Ch(i)ef Talk’mon


Molsan’s UI

Did you use any new HUDs?

Call from Mystery Man

Tell Me When

Started using TellMeWhen … thank you, Grimmclaw and Mystery Man!

Cluttering my UI a bit… Would almost prefer using only TMW and dropdown menus to keep everything else tucked away

In non-ElvUI-is-the-best-evar news… MayronUI Gen 2 was updated last week:


28 Days later… EPICS!!!

#TWoWoW Week 28 — Your favorite dungeon/raid/world boss

Molsan – BPC or Kara Opera or Kara Chess

Sláinte – VDW



Big Steve aka Soulfinger

Strumpet (revision for Week 28)



#TWoWoW Week 29 — Your favorite Mists of Pandaria dungeon

Call from Mominatrix

Terrific Trio!

Call from Jaminbee

Achievements – Reputation Dings

Call from Strumpet

Achievement Goals – Pandaren Ambassador

Armored Bloodwing Giveaway

From Rubmahbelleh/@wheeble_esq

Another Q&A number-answer reveal!

Blizzcon Tip

Do not party too hard Thursday night. You’ll want to feel your best on Friday!


Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba

Additional clips of music taken from “Daft Punk Get Lucky (Mexican Monkey Mix)” by Magic Finger

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In the forty-seventh World of Warcraft podcast episode, we’ve got super big plans and lofty goals before patch 5.4 drops, Molsan steals Lei Shen’s thunder — and his hat — and completes ToT; Sláinte tanks LFR and almost gets kicked from a group for the first time; we wonder why PvP is part of the legendary quest line; we tally up our slash played for our Thirty Weeks of WoW; we hit you with some quick TSM operations tips; we remind you to charge your battery before you attend Blizzcon; and we ask the party for help when running a heroic scenario for the first time.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

5.4 coming September 10th

Any goals before 5.4? Make some gold? Grind some JPs? Finish ToT? OH WAIT.

Stole Lei Shen’s Thunder

All raid content complete and his helm is mine!


What the What?

Call from Ahrag

PvP’ing for Legendary Quest… WHY?!?

TWoWoW Week 26 Your /played

Sláinte (92d 18h)

180d 12h 30m total

Molsan (91 days-ish)

Top 5 chars /played

Top 3 servers /played

Total /played








/played is 108 days, 6 hours across all toons.

This is probably less than most of you old-timers, but it’s a pretty scarry account of all the sleep that I’ve lost since my beginning in 4.1.


Numbers are scary, but they don’t really tell the full story. I’m sure you guys are like me, and have days, weeks or months of AFK time at the Auction House!

Or similar amounts of time watching for the TLP out of the corner of your eye. Well, not Slainte – lucky bastard guy!

Anywho, for what it’s worth, here are my crazy silly stats for both accounts. It excludes realms that I just have a couple of lowbies that I didn’t spend much time on. And of course,

alot of the time, I’m logged into both accounts at the same time.

Quick catchup – Fav Cata dungeon is Throne of the Tides (many of the others had mechanics that were very pug unfriendly). Least fav profession – First Aid ; though I’d prefer they buff or enhance it rather than take it away.

TWoWoW Week 27  – A time you made friends with someone in a group?

TSM 2.X Talk with @Molsan

Living Steel and Titanium Bar operations

Email from Abbish: TSM allows multiple operations on an item. For example, you can mail one alt a set number of Trillium Bars and then the excess go to another character.

Whitelist your friends! Under Operations -> Auctioning -> Whitelist

Bitter and Salty FFL

Are we allowed to talk about this?

How did the draft go?

Call from Juuno

Utgarde Keep Dungeon Tale

Challenge Dungeon and Heroic Scenario

Challenge Dungeon… Can I tank it, or do I NEED to DPS?



Call from Mystery Man

Tier 3 correction and more mouseover tips

Email from Jerome

Mrs. Salty reading the intro

Perfect. Absolutely perfect. Keep it up!

Sláinte’s Blizzcon Tip #7

Battery Charging!


Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba

Additional clips of music taken from “Daft Punk Get Lucky (Mexican Monkey Mix)” by Magic Finger

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In the forty-sixth World of Warcraft podcast episode, the Vale goes away in patch 5.4 and it makes us feel; we proclaim the Death Knight as the new main and tank all the LFRs; we study greatness as Sláinte explains all the things Holy Paladin, macros, and the Nostromo; we reveal our least favorite profession for our thirty weeks of WoW; Molsan finally gets his blue dragon; and we want you to smile when you attend Blizzcon 2013.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Patch 5.4 Trailer

The Vale going away

Garrosh DESTROYS it, how does that make you feel?

Greatest WoW trailer evar?

DK is the new main… main focus

Tillering,Cooking,Dailying,Ignoting and FISHING!

Maybe buying Nat’s Fishing Journal (+50 skill up to 600)


LFR Tanking, the Molsan Method way! (Watching YouTube strats while fight is going on)

Holy Pally Macros and More

Email from Abbish

I’ll elaborate on my question after giving a little background.

I played WoW from mid Wrath to mid Cata and then took a break and just came back to MoP. I’ve always played a paladin as my main but have always tanked. My raid group of friends recently convinced me to come back, but they needed me in a healer role. I leveled and geared up as quickly as I could much as I’ve done in the past (more on that later). Since healing is quite different from dps and tanking I’m feeling a bit lost on how to setup my keys.

After looking around and talking with our other healers I realized people either click to select raid members and then hit keys or bind mouse over macros and use some sort of key combination while hovering over the raid frame. I believe most healers prefer and recommend the mouse over method so that’s what I went with.

I have a Naga with 7 of 12 usable buttons on the side (I have big hands and can’t contort to hit the others) and a Nostromo (which I’m still getting used to) on which I can use almost every button comfortably. I then went through the spells I’ve been using and those I think might come in handy and grouped them up.

Mouse Over Targeted – Main Usage: Holy Shock, Holy Light, Divine Light, Flash of Light, Holy Radiance, Eternal Flame, Cleanse

Mouse Over Targeted – Support Type: Hand of Purity, Hand of Freedom, Hand of Salvation, Hand of Sacrifice, Hand of Protection, Lay on Hands

Non-Targeted – Main Usage: Light’s Hammer, Light of Dawn, Divine Plea, Divine Protection, Divine Shield, Crusader Strike

Non-Targeted – Support Type: Devotion Aura, Avenging Wrath, Holy Avenger, Divine Favor, Guardian of the Ancient King

So my thought was to bind each group separately to the Naga buttons using the Nostromo button as a modifier. So the way this works is I can cast group 1 with the Naga and no modifier, group 2 with Naga + Nostormo 06 bound to control, etc.

I end up with all 4 groups bound to key combinations of the Nostromo and Naga and I just have to learn which is which. In game I’ve tried just about every raid frame addon and I kind of like Grid + Clique the best so far with Vuhdo a close second. I think I ended up where you were going in your Tweets to me.

Now to my questions.

Does this sound like a good setup? I hear people talk about their favorite raid frames all the time, but no one explains how they use it, what’s connected to it, what keys they are hitting and why, etc.

How do you move? I’ve bound the Nostromo thumb pad to wasd (with strafe not turn) but it feels very slow and clunky. I primarily used the mouse + both mouse buttons to move before with wasd used just a bit in combat for minor adjustments. But if I use my mouse to move I have to take the pointer off the raid frames which means I can’t cast anymore. When I need to cast again I have to find the cursor on the screen, which isn’t easy in some fights, and get it back to the raid frame meaning I’ve stopped moving again. So I tend to stand in a single spot, cast cast cast, move with the mouse – no casting – to find a new spot, then find my cursor and start casting again. In high movement fights I tend to have low hps. Is that just the way paladins are? Is there a good binding setup for Holy Shock/Light of Dawn so I can at least cast something on the move?

Week 25 TWoWoW Least Favorite Profession

Molsan – FIRST AID

Sláinte – Inscription


Juuno – Archy

Strumpet – Inscription

Tansattia – LW

Jellad – Feeshing

Mystery Man – Drool Crapping



I was so excited about the TSM info that I forgot about the 30 weeks!

First Aid.

At least you can collect usless stuff with archaeology.

Third time’s a charm, right?

After thinking about this for a bit, I’d like to change my answer to Archaeology.  The question is “least favorite” not “least useful”.  At least I can ignore First Aid.

I’m not sure what I was thinking to say that a basically useless profession, First Aid, is worse than the grind to get a Crawling Claw.  I think, possibly, that I have a memory blockage caused by the trauma from digging for it.

— Professor “just buy a Sandstone Drake on the AH” Baloku




Oh. Um…geez, I don’t know. I guess inscription because it causes Molsan so much consternation.

Week 26 TWoWoW Your /played value


Yes!! Thank you to the Strumpets

Call from Strumpet

Email from Baloku

Loved the info on the new TSM, thanks.

A question about Battle Pets with TSM: how do I query a market value for them?

The undermine journal has good info for pets:

…quality and breeds and levels oh my!?

Is there is a way to have TSM price my pets intellegently.


Blizzcon Tip #6

Smile more and give everyone a hug. No room for H8rs.

… and Molsan says: Smile for pictures! We will be there with our Canons!!


Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba

Additional clips of music taken from “Daft Punk Get Lucky (Mexican Monkey Mix)” by Magic Finger

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