In the thirty-fifth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we are done with the Blacksmithing of the Lightning Steel Ingots, we challenge ourselves to participate in some patch 5.3 Barrens content, it’s end-of-game for Sláinte after completing Loremaster, our alts get some love thanks to the MoP zone experience bonus, TradeSkillMaster continues to be awesome, two new Molsan Methods are revealed, the Pet Battle addiction is now being fueled by dailies, and we try to pick our least favorite boss for our thirty weeks of World of Warcraft.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.


Are the “Reborn” weapons worth it now?

Prices falling while time-consuming

Weekly Challenge

Do the Barrens stuffs?

End of End Game for Sláinte

No longer actively looking for Epic items, running LFR or World Bosses.

Oh yah, Sláinte got Loremaster… no biggie.

Seeker/Insane/Beloved Title Challenge.

Need addon to help track quests not completed.

Everyquest – to show incomplete quests?


Rogue is 90, Warrior is 88.35 and holy crap that was easy.

Warlock leveling is easier!


Guild ‘Stay Classy’, will level FemBElf Warlock and Monk last two Bitter and Salty need for Blood Elf.

TradeSkillMaster Accounting

You don’t need Auctioneer’s Bean Counter

Auctioneer has been removed

TSM Sending Emails

Desktop app is awesome… will send me emails if my in-game dealfinding list(s) criteria are met

No need for scanning the AH

How to Create Your Own Market

New Molsan Method: Smelt Check

Checks to see if the price of ore is greater or less than the cost of making bars

New Molsan Method: Flask Maker

Checks material cost of making flasks and compares it with average and current prices to determine potential profit

New Molsan Method for Enchanting (Coming Soon!)

Determine enchanting mat prices against which armor/weapon pieces yield those mats and display the pieces currently on the AH you should buy

And maybe one for Inscription, and Jewelcrafting, and… EVERYTHING

Friends shouldn’t buy items from friends off the AH… but friends can undercut you? WTH

Terrace of Endless Springs

It’s TES on the Armory, but Heart of Fear is HoF. Why isn’t it “ToES?” Why does this bother Molsan?

Pet Battle Addiction

Okrut Dragonwaste down… Now on to Major Payne with epic-level pets

Tried the “Level a Pet to 25 in 9 Fights” guide from Episode 22 with Cinder Kitten

Fight #1 – Dinged 6

Fight #2 – Dinged 9

Fight #3 – Dinged 11

Fight #4 – Dinged 12

Deviated from guide at this point as level gained was less than expected

Fight #5 – Dinged 13 (Zangarmarsh)

Fight #6 – Dinged 14 (Nagrand)

Fight #7 – Dinged 16 (Shattrath)

Want complete, simple guide to daily quests: which flight point, matchups, and what pets you should use against the tamer… so I made a spreadsheet.

Now alts are placed at PB daily quest givers. So sad.

Pet Battle N00b Question of the Week

How to I use abilities 4,5,6?

#TWoWoW – Week 14 – Your least favorite/most challenging dungeon/raid/world boss?


Flame Leviathan (WotLK)

High Prophet Barim (second boss of Lost City of the Tol’vir; Cata)

Faction Champions, Trial of the Crusader (WotLK)

Vaelastrasz the Corrupt (Vanilla)


BPC (Does this count for 3?) Keleseth, Valanar and Taldaram







Lord Godfrey from Shadowfang Keep

I know he’s a Lowbie but, back in the day, this guy was the bain of my dungeon existence. The combination of being under-geared, new to the game, and learning to heal had me dead so often it just wasn’t fun. As a self-confessed Altiholic and a fan of dungeon leveling, I have spent excessive amounts of time in Shadowfang. I recently ran it on a new girl, in full Heirlooms (!), and I’m not sure if I’ve changed so much, or if they Nerfed him, but we had him down in minutes. Man it felt good!!


Week 10-14 Haikus

week 10: (favorite mount)

my favorite mount

I spent a lot of money

for Yak with vendors

Week 11: (favorite gear set)

favorite gear set

AFK in Alterac

warlock shoulder skulls

Week 12: (proudest moment)

am I proud that I

stole an account from a child?

deleted his toons

Week 13: (favorite BC dungeon)

Escape from Dunholde

Pal with Thrall before he got

married to Yoko

Week 14: (least favorite boss)

We beat Twilight Hour

now boat to take on Deathwing

Why is this cow here?


#TWoWoW – Week 15 – What is your favorite addon?



Donated by Ben!

Here is a giveaway, to enter. Just answer the following: What’s is your favorite wow pet (companion) and do they have a name? If so, what is their name?

Random twitter account that mentions us will be chosen on June 14, 2013 at 10:00 AM PDT.


Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba and “C’Mon” by Analog By Nature

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In the thirty-fourth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we fall behind what’s happening in patch 5.3, we continue to argue about herb and ore prices, we wonder what the rare MoP BoE armor and weapon market is, we ask why one would run both TSM and Auctionator, we sort of figure out how to manage in-game whispers, we realize wow-pro is broken in Northern Stranglethorn, and we progress in LFR, pet battles, and with our thirty weeks of World of Warcraft by answering the question: what is your favorite Burning Crusade dungeon.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

More 5.3 Thoughts

Sláinte hasn’t even made it to 5.2 yet. Am I falling behind too fast??

Screw End Game, level all teh things.

Counter-Argument for Pre-Mop Herb/Ore Market Changes

Sláinte says… NO!

Blue Market Blues

What blue armor/weapon market?

TSM and Auctionator

Why both?

AddOn/Manager for Tells

I miss a lot of whispers/tells… how do I manage these?

WoW-Pro Broken?

Northern Stranglethorn Crash… now what?

Loremaster tales, story line continues. Stop and smell the lore!

Taming pets with Hunter. Pogeyan <The Fire Spirit>


Running out of bag space for possible TMogg pieces…

Pet Battle Weekend?

Oh heck yah!

Okrut Dragonwaste is OP! Then I found this and this and decided to go get some MoP pets and level them.

Pet Battle Daily Quest Guide:

Raid Progression

All the ToEs! They removed loot-from-bosses from the game, but was still fun.

Call from Strumpet

TWOWOW – Favorite Burning Crusade Dungeon


Shadow Labs… and Sethekk Halls… and ALL OF THEM!


Mechanar (for Rogue farming)

Magister’s Terrace (for looks and crazy boss fights)

Hellfire Ramparts (for nostalgia)

Old Hillsbrad Foothills (young Thrall)




G’day Lads,


Like most things in wow, I have favourite things for different reasons. There’s been some great times had in several of the BC dungeons as part of the Kara attunement, grinding sporregar rep and ‘erbing in Slave Pens and Underbog was always fun, and I loved the look of the Netherstorm dungeons. But I’m going to choose Opening the Dark Portal as my favourite. This dungeon was different than most; once you started the event , it was do-or-die. This made for an exhilarating and adrenaline filled time, beta cause no one wants to start over again!  The tank would often dash off to the next portal while dps finished off the current one, leaving the healer (me) to decide who gets heals, or sometimes to even go pickup some mob that had gotten through and was beating down the shield. Good times indeed!

For the Horde!




#TWOWOW – Week 14 – Your least favorite/most challenging dungeon/raid/world boss?

Answers that include “Elevator Boss” will not be accepted


Royal Satchel give away from Kanzaki. ER only

In game give away, find Sláinte and win!

Check my Twitter for announcement!



Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba and “C’Mon” by Analog By Nature

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In the thirty-third World of Warcraft podcast episode, we ask if patch 5.3 will change our game and speculate on how the changes to leveling mining and herbalism will affect the market, we move forward with Loremaster and recap memorable moments from lower-level zones, we talk pet battles and match-up strategies, we reveal our favorite moments from the game for our thirty weeks of World of Warcraft, and we debate about whether or not healing is boring.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Anything about Patch 5.3 Going to Change Your Game?

Molsan – Resuming alt-leveling in MoP zones

Sláinte – Ditto… and maybe more Pet Battles.

Patch 5.3 Changes to Mining and Herbalism


Herbalists of low skill can now pick herbs in Pandaria for a small amount of usable material. The yield an herbalist will be able to harvest from each node is determined by skill level.

Miners of low skill can now mine mineral deposits in Pandaria for a small amount of usable material. The yield a miner will be able to harvest from each node is determined by skill level.

Pre-MoP ore and herb prices going to go up!!


Leveling hunter through Silverpine Forest has lead to interesting lore quests and cinematics.

Lady Sylvanas BAD ASS! Who knew Cata would bring some good things…

Has Mulgore changed? I probably don’t care to find out.

160 quests to go! Hillsbrad Foothills, Northern Stranglethorn and Cape of Stranglethorn.

Monksational Continues

Blasted Lands complete

Hellfire ramparting

Terokkar farming

Pet Battling

Ding 65!

Future of Pet Battles

From CM Crithto:

We’re looking to make further Pet Battles adjustments in a future patch (potentially 5.4), and your valuable feedback is needed!

Currently, in an Elemental vs. Mechanical matchup, Elementals gain both an attack bonus versus Mechanicals as well as a defensive bonus against Mechanical abilities. In order to help even the playing field a bit, we were mulling over some potential changes to damage types, and the families they would be weak against.

Here are some initial ideas that are being kicked around:

Mechanical abilities would deal less damage versus Critter (instead of Elemental)

Elemental abilities would deal less damage versus Dragonkin (instead of Critter)

Flying abilities would deal less damage versus Elemental (instead of Dragonkin)

And here is a second set of ideas we’re considering:

Undead abilities would deal less damage versus Elemental (instead of Aquatic)

Mechanical abilities would deal less damage versus Aquatic (instead of Elemental)

Your thoughts on these potential changes would be really helpful, so please take a moment to reply below and let us know what you think.


Holy Priest Heals LFR


Future of the Tillers

Seeds and Seed Bags for ALL tiers of ore, herbs, enchanting mats, etc.

#TWoWoW Week 12 – Favorite Moment/Achievement


Tanking Magmadar in MC on my Dwarf Warrior, “Big Popi”











Saltyutations Chaps,

There’s been so many proud moments in this awesome game that it’s hard to pick a favourite. Getting down bosses like the Lich King after much hard work is certainly up there. So is hitting personal goals in gold making (5000g in vanilla from selling scopes!).

My runner up moment would have to be hitting level 70 on Ashayo – my first max level toon in the new and growing wonderful AIE guild. But nothing beats your first, and getting my first toon to 60 would have to be my proudest moment. It was a Night Elf Hunter (of course!) and apon dinging I spent the evening in Iron Forge shouting everyone stout dwarven ale and dancing with guild mates. I don’t think I even knew what raiding was at that point, so to me it seemed like I’d beat the game ; this was the ultimate achievement and goal. Sadly, now I know differently!

Keep up the awesome work!


#TWoWoW Week 13 – Favorite Burning Crusade dungeon



Hi, Flahx from Dropped Stitches on Draenor here. Just Dinged Zen Master FISHING woot! Just discovered the show today (on google +) and I Love!! Keep it up!



Hey guys,

After listening to the last show, I wanted to explain why Mardge the mage is lazy and has no professions at her advanced level.

Mardge started life as a level booster for my warlock, Shirlea, when I was RAF dual boxing. She spent most fights sitting on her mount on /follow while Shirlea and her voidwalker fought all the mobs. I originally planned to delete Mardge, actually, but by the time I was done dual boxing, I had become a little attached to her. So instead of committing alticide, I moved her to Earthen Ring to be part of the Bitter and Salty guild. She has reformed her lazy ways, and she does do questing on her own now.

Also, my favorite outfit to wear while I play is… pajama pants and a t-shirt.

Happy 5.3!

Heart of the Aspects Recap

Hope I’m not too late. Combined Mounts between Molsan and Sláinte as of 5/20/2013: 215 — Rexor

Hyacinth Macaw Giveaway

Mention us on Twitter @bitterandsalty and ask us a question

We will give away the pet on Thursday, May 30th at 10:00am PDT



Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba and “C’Mon” by Analog By Nature

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In the twenty-second World of Warcraft podcast episode, we share our feelings about the 5.2 patch, discuss leveling a pet to 25 in less than 10 fights, we get into the iLevel 409 bind-on-equip item market, we ponder the gold-making etiquette when selling items to friends, we run Naxxramas for Herald of the Titans gear, and we ask about your first character for week 1 of our thirty weeks of World of Warcraft.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Patch 5.2

  • Bonus reputation for scenarios and dungeons

Level a Pet 1-25 in Ten Fights

Level 80 i409 BoEs

  • Call from Jameson/Rubick
  • Twink yourself out when you run Cata dungeons for JPs

Buying/Selling Etiquette

  • What do you do if someone you know buys your stuffs? Give gold back?

#HotT Update

  • Who is our raid leader?!?
  • First Ulduar Gear Run
    • No one showed… Including me
    • Funn ICCs
  • OpenRaid
    • Help power level “lowbies”?
  • Justice Points from Weekly Raid Quest (thanks, Knoxinbox)
  • Gearing run in Naxx
  • VOA 25
  • Achievements!

Thirty Weeks of World of Warcraft — Week 1: First Character

  • Sláinte
    • Night Elf Priest
  • Molsan
    • Human Warlock

#TWoWoW Submissions

  • Call from Strumpet
  • Call from Honen
  • Call from Plastic Duck
  • Audio from Hasteur
  • Audio from Rho
  • Email from Mystek AKA Tydanis
  • Email from Mildrid
  • Email from Sabrina
  • @HunterSalty 2008. Female Nelf Druid. Used random name generator. Spent ~40 hrs getting out of Darnassus. Got better w/ Bear in Darkshore
  • @NevAHAddict human paladin & still my main achieve junkie even tho I hate the holy power mechanic!
  • @Hend_Horderlies I still play my very first character as my main. A shaman named Hend I rolled on release day. /flex
  • @LowPopWow A human warrior that I dressed in shaman spirit mail since I couldn’t heal and someone told me spirit helped health regen
  • @Aldirick1022 Aldirick, Tank/Fury Tauren Warrior. Named after character in a good book. Tanked through LK and DPS through Cata.


  • Zavulon

Hi Guys,

Have only recently started listening to your show and I would like to add that 11 90’s is not impossible, I work full time and manage my time with my wife first and WoW second(Luckily she is really understanding of my Warcrafts).

Really enjoy the show


@BREELYRICAL Shout out to @bitterandsalty for the free pizza
@SpankingBArthur DING! 8th 90! Alli Feral Drood.


  • Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba.

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In the twenty-first World of Warcraft podcast episode, we profess our love for Outland and for being able to say it correctly, we get back into the Transmog business, Elegon goes down, and Healbot is installed. We look for efficient ways of obtaining Justice points at level 80, we figure out what a Vermling is, and we introduce Bitter and Salty’s Thirty Weeks of World of Warcraft.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

How to Make Use of Outland

Transmog Business

  • Sláinte’s back! — And he hates it
  • Best places to farm for T-Mog
    • AQ20

Elgelan… Elgalone… Els…

  • Sláinte’s raiding update!
  • HoTT gearing raid update!
  • Molsan wants to be like raider… installed and using HEALBOT


    • Honor point to Justice Point RIP OFF
      • 375-250
  • Epic JP tip from Rexor
    • Get iLevel up to be able to queue for regular random Cata dungeons and earn JPs through dungeon finder

Cata Randoms

  • Yep, Molsan’s tanking again! Ran BRC and loved/hated it.
  • Already 2 / 5 on Tier 8 (25)!


  • Call from Strumpet
  • Upcoming change in 5.2 to buy the farm:
    • “Players that have grown attached to working the land at Sunsong Ranch can now acquire the farm from Farmer Yoon via a quest. The farmhouse becomes a rest point like an Inn, where the player can bind and instantly log out. Work orders will pour into the farm from factions across Pandaria, and completing a work order will earn a reputation boost with the issuing faction. The option to take over the farm is available to characters that are exalted with the Tillers and have unlocked all 16 farm plots.”

Going to Need More Leashes

  • Call from Jean
  • Achievement reward is… Feral Vermling!
  • A virmen is from wiggling crops (a Voracious Virmen), but what is a Vermling?
  • Call from Jean


  • Sláinte earns guild achievement while watching the Oscars

Glory of the Hero

  • Share the Love
    • Complete! Gundrak with AIE folks… Here’s how we did it.

Bitter and Salty’s Thirty Weeks of World of Warcraft


  • Moodahla from Emerald Dream, Alliance “Slow Children at Play”

Hey guys,

I’m a little late getting caught up on my podcast listening and I just listened to ep 20. You guys were talking about having trouble keying your PTT on vent or mumble when things get real busy. I’m sure you have received many suggestions by now on this issue but, I just wanted to give my suggestion about that. i use the grave(~) key as my PTT key. It is positioned just right in my opinion. As my hand rests on my keyboard during raiding I can reach that key with my little finger from just about any place on the keyboard.

 Love your show, keep up the awesomeness.


@Lanctharus Awww you guys are great! 😀

@Grozlok Hey @bitterandsalty , why is it that the BnS calendar broken in the WoW Armory app? All my other guild calendars work fine.

@benredington I loved hearing @The_Koltrane on the@bitterandsalty show. Poor@SaltySlainte, what a good sport.

@HunterSalty @SaltySlainte Just following up on this – do you have time today to get@bitterandsalty to 600 cooking/fishing? #heirloompants

@SaltySlainte Here you go @bitterandsalty

@jwesleyproctor Hit Exalted with the Order of the Cloud Serpents!!!!

@Mominatrix75 Just found your podcast. ^5 from a local W. Mass girl!

@Elamari I’m proud of my Insane in the Membrane ach. I got it before all of the Cata changes. So many hours 🙂

@sabrinafaire Sunday I finally got Master Angler of Azeroth & Accomplished Angler!

@apsana After@sabrinafaire tweeting Accomplished Angler, my completion of Shadowmoon Valley quests is just boring! Lol!

@HunterSalty Game

@Ashayo I think I look forward to the@bitterandsalty bloopers each week a little too much. Always a fun laugh/smirk/giggle…aaaaaand stop.

@NevAHAddict just listening to latest show, I have same problem on my rogue-fan of knives with slowing poison is my only action in BG’s!

@NevAHAddict also, The Wakener achieve is for waking all the guys but can get to exalted without waking all of them

@Grozlok For next weeks (5 90’s)


  • Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba.

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