In the forty-sixth World of Warcraft podcast episode, the Vale goes away in patch 5.4 and it makes us feel; we proclaim the Death Knight as the new main and tank all the LFRs; we study greatness as Sláinte explains all the things Holy Paladin, macros, and the Nostromo; we reveal our least favorite profession for our thirty weeks of WoW; Molsan finally gets his blue dragon; and we want you to smile when you attend Blizzcon 2013.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Patch 5.4 Trailer

The Vale going away

Garrosh DESTROYS it, how does that make you feel?

Greatest WoW trailer evar?

DK is the new main… main focus

Tillering,Cooking,Dailying,Ignoting and FISHING!

Maybe buying Nat’s Fishing Journal (+50 skill up to 600)


LFR Tanking, the Molsan Method way! (Watching YouTube strats while fight is going on)

Holy Pally Macros and More

Email from Abbish

I’ll elaborate on my question after giving a little background.

I played WoW from mid Wrath to mid Cata and then took a break and just came back to MoP. I’ve always played a paladin as my main but have always tanked. My raid group of friends recently convinced me to come back, but they needed me in a healer role. I leveled and geared up as quickly as I could much as I’ve done in the past (more on that later). Since healing is quite different from dps and tanking I’m feeling a bit lost on how to setup my keys.

After looking around and talking with our other healers I realized people either click to select raid members and then hit keys or bind mouse over macros and use some sort of key combination while hovering over the raid frame. I believe most healers prefer and recommend the mouse over method so that’s what I went with.

I have a Naga with 7 of 12 usable buttons on the side (I have big hands and can’t contort to hit the others) and a Nostromo (which I’m still getting used to) on which I can use almost every button comfortably. I then went through the spells I’ve been using and those I think might come in handy and grouped them up.

Mouse Over Targeted – Main Usage: Holy Shock, Holy Light, Divine Light, Flash of Light, Holy Radiance, Eternal Flame, Cleanse

Mouse Over Targeted – Support Type: Hand of Purity, Hand of Freedom, Hand of Salvation, Hand of Sacrifice, Hand of Protection, Lay on Hands

Non-Targeted – Main Usage: Light’s Hammer, Light of Dawn, Divine Plea, Divine Protection, Divine Shield, Crusader Strike

Non-Targeted – Support Type: Devotion Aura, Avenging Wrath, Holy Avenger, Divine Favor, Guardian of the Ancient King

So my thought was to bind each group separately to the Naga buttons using the Nostromo button as a modifier. So the way this works is I can cast group 1 with the Naga and no modifier, group 2 with Naga + Nostormo 06 bound to control, etc.

I end up with all 4 groups bound to key combinations of the Nostromo and Naga and I just have to learn which is which. In game I’ve tried just about every raid frame addon and I kind of like Grid + Clique the best so far with Vuhdo a close second. I think I ended up where you were going in your Tweets to me.

Now to my questions.

Does this sound like a good setup? I hear people talk about their favorite raid frames all the time, but no one explains how they use it, what’s connected to it, what keys they are hitting and why, etc.

How do you move? I’ve bound the Nostromo thumb pad to wasd (with strafe not turn) but it feels very slow and clunky. I primarily used the mouse + both mouse buttons to move before with wasd used just a bit in combat for minor adjustments. But if I use my mouse to move I have to take the pointer off the raid frames which means I can’t cast anymore. When I need to cast again I have to find the cursor on the screen, which isn’t easy in some fights, and get it back to the raid frame meaning I’ve stopped moving again. So I tend to stand in a single spot, cast cast cast, move with the mouse – no casting – to find a new spot, then find my cursor and start casting again. In high movement fights I tend to have low hps. Is that just the way paladins are? Is there a good binding setup for Holy Shock/Light of Dawn so I can at least cast something on the move?

Week 25 TWoWoW Least Favorite Profession

Molsan – FIRST AID

Sláinte – Inscription


Juuno – Archy

Strumpet – Inscription

Tansattia – LW

Jellad – Feeshing

Mystery Man – Drool Crapping



I was so excited about the TSM info that I forgot about the 30 weeks!

First Aid.

At least you can collect usless stuff with archaeology.

Third time’s a charm, right?

After thinking about this for a bit, I’d like to change my answer to Archaeology.  The question is “least favorite” not “least useful”.  At least I can ignore First Aid.

I’m not sure what I was thinking to say that a basically useless profession, First Aid, is worse than the grind to get a Crawling Claw.  I think, possibly, that I have a memory blockage caused by the trauma from digging for it.

— Professor “just buy a Sandstone Drake on the AH” Baloku




Oh. Um…geez, I don’t know. I guess inscription because it causes Molsan so much consternation.

Week 26 TWoWoW Your /played value


Yes!! Thank you to the Strumpets

Call from Strumpet

Email from Baloku

Loved the info on the new TSM, thanks.

A question about Battle Pets with TSM: how do I query a market value for them?

The undermine journal has good info for pets:

…quality and breeds and levels oh my!?

Is there is a way to have TSM price my pets intellegently.


Blizzcon Tip #6

Smile more and give everyone a hug. No room for H8rs.

… and Molsan says: Smile for pictures! We will be there with our Canons!!


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In the thirty-third World of Warcraft podcast episode, we ask if patch 5.3 will change our game and speculate on how the changes to leveling mining and herbalism will affect the market, we move forward with Loremaster and recap memorable moments from lower-level zones, we talk pet battles and match-up strategies, we reveal our favorite moments from the game for our thirty weeks of World of Warcraft, and we debate about whether or not healing is boring.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Anything about Patch 5.3 Going to Change Your Game?

Molsan – Resuming alt-leveling in MoP zones

Sláinte – Ditto… and maybe more Pet Battles.

Patch 5.3 Changes to Mining and Herbalism


Herbalists of low skill can now pick herbs in Pandaria for a small amount of usable material. The yield an herbalist will be able to harvest from each node is determined by skill level.

Miners of low skill can now mine mineral deposits in Pandaria for a small amount of usable material. The yield a miner will be able to harvest from each node is determined by skill level.

Pre-MoP ore and herb prices going to go up!!


Leveling hunter through Silverpine Forest has lead to interesting lore quests and cinematics.

Lady Sylvanas BAD ASS! Who knew Cata would bring some good things…

Has Mulgore changed? I probably don’t care to find out.

160 quests to go! Hillsbrad Foothills, Northern Stranglethorn and Cape of Stranglethorn.

Monksational Continues

Blasted Lands complete

Hellfire ramparting

Terokkar farming

Pet Battling

Ding 65!

Future of Pet Battles

From CM Crithto:

We’re looking to make further Pet Battles adjustments in a future patch (potentially 5.4), and your valuable feedback is needed!

Currently, in an Elemental vs. Mechanical matchup, Elementals gain both an attack bonus versus Mechanicals as well as a defensive bonus against Mechanical abilities. In order to help even the playing field a bit, we were mulling over some potential changes to damage types, and the families they would be weak against.

Here are some initial ideas that are being kicked around:

Mechanical abilities would deal less damage versus Critter (instead of Elemental)

Elemental abilities would deal less damage versus Dragonkin (instead of Critter)

Flying abilities would deal less damage versus Elemental (instead of Dragonkin)

And here is a second set of ideas we’re considering:

Undead abilities would deal less damage versus Elemental (instead of Aquatic)

Mechanical abilities would deal less damage versus Aquatic (instead of Elemental)

Your thoughts on these potential changes would be really helpful, so please take a moment to reply below and let us know what you think.


Holy Priest Heals LFR


Future of the Tillers

Seeds and Seed Bags for ALL tiers of ore, herbs, enchanting mats, etc.

#TWoWoW Week 12 – Favorite Moment/Achievement


Tanking Magmadar in MC on my Dwarf Warrior, “Big Popi”











Saltyutations Chaps,

There’s been so many proud moments in this awesome game that it’s hard to pick a favourite. Getting down bosses like the Lich King after much hard work is certainly up there. So is hitting personal goals in gold making (5000g in vanilla from selling scopes!).

My runner up moment would have to be hitting level 70 on Ashayo – my first max level toon in the new and growing wonderful AIE guild. But nothing beats your first, and getting my first toon to 60 would have to be my proudest moment. It was a Night Elf Hunter (of course!) and apon dinging I spent the evening in Iron Forge shouting everyone stout dwarven ale and dancing with guild mates. I don’t think I even knew what raiding was at that point, so to me it seemed like I’d beat the game ; this was the ultimate achievement and goal. Sadly, now I know differently!

Keep up the awesome work!


#TWoWoW Week 13 – Favorite Burning Crusade dungeon



Hi, Flahx from Dropped Stitches on Draenor here. Just Dinged Zen Master FISHING woot! Just discovered the show today (on google +) and I Love!! Keep it up!



Hey guys,

After listening to the last show, I wanted to explain why Mardge the mage is lazy and has no professions at her advanced level.

Mardge started life as a level booster for my warlock, Shirlea, when I was RAF dual boxing. She spent most fights sitting on her mount on /follow while Shirlea and her voidwalker fought all the mobs. I originally planned to delete Mardge, actually, but by the time I was done dual boxing, I had become a little attached to her. So instead of committing alticide, I moved her to Earthen Ring to be part of the Bitter and Salty guild. She has reformed her lazy ways, and she does do questing on her own now.

Also, my favorite outfit to wear while I play is… pajama pants and a t-shirt.

Happy 5.3!

Heart of the Aspects Recap

Hope I’m not too late. Combined Mounts between Molsan and Sláinte as of 5/20/2013: 215 — Rexor

Hyacinth Macaw Giveaway

Mention us on Twitter @bitterandsalty and ask us a question

We will give away the pet on Thursday, May 30th at 10:00am PDT



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In the thirty-second World of Warcraft podcast episode, we catch up on our Loremaster progress and talk about things we like and dislike about the old zones, we wonder how we can make our weekly guild mount runs more fun and efficient, we continue to spy on each other at the auction house, we talk outfits of all kinds for our thirty weeks of World of Warcraft, and we help out a lazy, profession-less Mage.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Loremaster Weekend
Completed Badlands and Burning Steppes
Hated the Power Core quest!!1
Received a missing pet as a quest reward – Tiny Flamefly
Ding 60! Outland… or continue with Loremaster?
Badlands… Imperfect Draenethyst Fragment turn-in for bag of Transmog, then Flawless Draenethyst Sphere turned into Valorous Greaves and Cassandra’s Grace!


Mount Run Disaster
How do we make this more efficient?
Use second account with alts stationed at summoning stones and/or get a Mage
Why was Kaelthas all bugged out?

Auction House Crafting and Spying
Sold first BS-crafted item with Blood Spirits: Bloodforged Warfists
Sale was about a 55% profit using Living Steel bars and Blood Spirits
Using crafting spreadsheet, but don’t take into account Spirit of Harmony, Imperial Silk, etc.
Trying this with Tailoring next
Molsan caught flipping rare BoEs!

Call from Aleeve

Auction House Etiquette Follow-Up

#TWoWoW Week 11 – Favorite Gear Set
Priest Tier-5 Avatar Raiment

Priest Tier-2 Merciless Gladiator




Jellad CTR Aerie Peak

Hey guys,

As far as week 11 goes. I don’t really have a favorite outfit. I like a couple of pieces that could make a cool outfit but I am generally too lazy to transmog stuff. I really like the new tier 15 pieces, but that’s pretty much all I’ve got


@benredington Favorite gear, Tier 3 Dreadnaught’s Battlegear for a Warrior. Only obtainable via BMAH

@GrimmAIE favorite gear set? The t15 druid set. It’s a Sleepy Hollow tree with a giant spider in it! Looks like a druid ate a warlock.

#TWoWoW Week 12 – Your proudest moment/achievement?



Also, if your trying to become best friendlys with the tiller squad. Mouse over their xp tab it will tell you what item they like as well as what FOOD they like. IF you have 5 foods that they like in your bags when you talk to them, then they will give you a food turn in quest for about 2000 rep with them. But the quest is only available once a day and you need the food in your bags.

Love the show.


Call from Jean #2

Call from Jean #3


@CSprandel My alt is a resto druid with engineering.. Aitze@aerie peak… I don’t pay attention to lore though. 🙁

Heart of Aspects Giveaway

Guess the number of mounts Molsan and Sláinte have, corrects guesses get put into drawing.
No purchase necessary. Tweet, email us with your answer. Winner to be selected 5/20.


Clips of intro and outro music taken from “Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)” by spinningmerkaba and “C’Mon” by Analog By Nature

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In the twenty-fourth World of Warcraft podcast episode, we try and get organized with auction house workflow, we give out a tip for capturing wild pets, we explain how Google Translate helped win Mogu’shan Palace, we debut Trofie’s “Glory of the Hero,” we get a step closer to running Ulduar at level, and we find out what everyone’s least favorite class is.

Bitter and Salty is brought to you weekly by Molsan and Sláinte.

Auction House Etiquette/Strat

  • I want out of the Transmog business for good
  • How do you successfully get out of a market completely?
Ghostcrawler Answers Leads to More Questions
  • Would learning a third profession be okay? What if you could learn all of the professions?

Sláinte’s a n00b Tip

  • Battle Pet capturing
  • Use Turnup
  • Will not drop health below 1 hp
Mogu’shan Palace with Shadow Priest
  • Storytime with Molsan
  • Pally tank d/c mid-dungeon, mid-boss fight… a DPS dies, people go ape
  • We can’t kick him until the loot is rolled on, 3 people drop
  • We get a new tank, but he only speaks Spanish
  • On last boss, Xin the Weaponmaster, tank keeps standing in the middle of the room, dragging the boss around from one bad spot to another
  • People keep yelling at the tank that he’s standing in the AOE
  • He starts shouting in Spanish CAPS
  • I look up, “Please tank the boss back by the door” on Google Translate
  • I put, “Por favor tanque del jefe de nuevo por la puerta” in chat, tank asks, “Aki?” which is “aqui,” I think? I reply, “si”
  • Tank pulls Xin to the door… we WIN.
Glory of the Hero
#HotT Ulduar Update
  • 9 of 10 are Level 80… Grimm?????

#TWoWoW Week 3 – Least Favorite / Most Challenging Class to Play

  • Sláinte
  • Molsan
    • Shaman
  • Hasteur
    • Mage – as a Warlock, the Mage feels underpowered and disappointing
  • Mominatrix
    • Rogue – power-leveled but still despises; bottom of the meters, hated stealthing, couldn’t stand daggers… deleted a week into MoP
  • Rho
    • Warlock – green fire quest is serious business… Rogues too
  • Strumpet
    • Warlock – purchasing grimoires for demons was irritating
    • Druid – Horde Druids are ugly
  • Falstad Wildhammer
    • Paladin – Hammer, justice, and holy lights

@Lilulicious My least favorite class: Paladin. Hammers, seals, just too damn many buttons! Ack!

@leenovak16 Druid. Haven’t tried one in a while, but the feral forms, at least on the Horde side are so goof,y that I can’t stand it.

@LowPopWow Warrior! I’ve started at least one a year and never can get than past lvl 40…let’s face it, usually level 20
@TheOvercut mage, was main in vanilla like /played 100days but cant get into them now
@thebiggameover pet classes/specs aka hunters and locks. the added pet thing just kills it for me
@Wowhonen Hunter. The pet always seems to be on my loot, node, quest item on the ground. Didn’t like companions in SWTOR either
@NevAHAddict rogue but I got to 85 & mage – never got beyond lvl 20 without deleting it! 

@TrofieTheMage I’ve never been able to level a shaman past 11. Can’t stand the class #TWoWoW


  • Synnthetic from <Bitter and Salty> on Earthen Ring
Week 1

It was a call from a good friend of mine that said “hey, me and the fellas are gonna run to the store at midnight and get World of Warcraft, you coming?”  I replied, “I don’t know what the hell that is but sure”.  I got the details in the car and I was told that I should be a tank because that is the easiest class to play.  I was very new to games on the PC as he let me barrow his game Horizon and I just walked around and dug stuff up.

I got home and loaded the 4 discs and a couple hours later I’m in!  I call my friend and say, “why the hell are we making alliance because the Horde look sweet”.  I didn’t win that argument so my first toon was a Male NE Warrior spec’d as a meat shield!  His name was Zofideous and holy hell did I spend waaaaaaaay to long in Darnasus getting lost in the caves.  There is nothing like spending 2 hours trying to get out of a cave, die inside, and then have to try and get back to recover your body.  After 5 server changes, a name change, and a haircut he’s now 70 and inactive.

Week 2

Favorite Raid!  Truly I only ever raided MC, BWL, and ONY-(if that counts) on a consistent basis and boy did we spend hours upon hours in MC.  My favorite out of the 3 was MC.  We had 2 tanks for MC (40), I was one and had zero clue what I was doing except saunder…saunder…saunder…taunt (repeat)!  The two giants at the beginning had my heart racing the first couple of times in and you better not pull that extra fire lord dammit or you’ll wipe us!  The teamwork that was needed for most of these fights was spectacular in my noob eyes.

There is this good feeling to have been around when Leroy Jenkins came out and the guy from the Ony fight…WHELPS…LEFT SIDE!

Keep up the good work

  • Kanzaki from Earthen Ring

This question also goes back to the week 01 question. My first character was Jaundice, a warlock. I only got to 14 and then switched to Tricinosis, a hunter. Over 6 servers and 6 warlocks and 4 hunters later and I still can’t stand pet classes, especially locks. Odd knowing that I love playing my shadow priest.

Oh, and for favorite raids, Ulduar. Love the challenge, the bosses, and Tier 8 Priest gear!

Well, Keep up the great work.

  • Medicakes from Epic Podcast

My least favorite class to play would probably have to be the hunter. Now before I have a bunch of present day hunters jump on me, my first toon ever was a hunter. I started her at the end of BC and had her to level 80 not long after Wrath came out. I just didn’t feel challenged enough and thought either I need to make another class, or I’m going to stop playing this game. I ended up making my priest, Medi and deleting my hunter. I tried to bring her back for Cataclysm and got her to 85, but so many things had changed (I mean really, they took away my precious Volley!) and I still could not get back into that hunter.

Warriors are another class I just cannot play. I leveled a warrior to 85 and was having fun in fury/arms…but it got a little too complicated with the different stances, priorities and rotations for me to handle.

<3’s to Salty and Molsan

  • Tydanis, Blood Elf DK on Earthen Ring US

Hey guys, hope everything is going great for you all. Here’s my submission for week number 3’s question:

I might be the odd man out here, but I actually don’t have a least favourite class to play. I’m an altoholic; I have a character of each class (the lowest being my lvl 72 warrior), and I love every one of them. I plan on getting each of them to lvl 90 this expansion. So far I’m at 5/11, and working on number 6 now.

Before I had a one of each class I suppose I had least favourites, but this was simply because I had not tried said class at all, and only had what I heard about them to go on. The ones that sticks out the most for me I suppose would be the warrior and rogue. I never touched either of these classes until Cataclysm actually. Simply because I either never got around to it or had heard bad things about them. But, as we all know, Cata gave us all kinds of time to pursue alts and the like, so I took advantage of it and became an altoholic 😛 I tried out the warrior and rogue and I fell in love with them, much the same as I had with every other class.

That’s all for me, have a great show guys! I’m looking forward to listening to my favourite podcast this week, and for many weeks to come! 🙂
  • Jellad – Aeire Peak – CTR

So I am lame and fell behind on listening to all the wow podcasts I listen to so I had to answer week’s 1 – 3 in one email

Week 1: My first character was a Night Elf Druid way back in Vanilla.  My friend decided to power level me but stopped playing when he got me to 30.  Having not played an MMO since Ultima Online launched, I had no clue what I was doing.  i tried for a few levels to get to know what was going on but gave up and deleted him at lvl 35.  Afterwards I started my Human Rogue, Jellad.  I’ve been playing him since (hit 60 about 1 month before BC).  Jellad has always been and always will be my main.  I love the rogue class and everything about it.

Week 2: Hands down, Kara

Week 3: I HATE WARRIORS.  I cannot figure out how to not be rage starved 3 seconds into combat.  He’s low level atm so I imagine it will get better.

Love the show!


Pet Giveaway Reminder

  • Send Us Your Favorite Battle Cry
  • Mention us on Twitter @bitterandsalty with your favorite battle cry for a chance to win a Soul of the Aspects in-game pet!

Dings and Achievements

Call from Mildrid

@Asyluun01 just got 60 exalted reputations now i am known as “the beloved” lol

@SpankingBArthur Klaxxi rep picking up farm rep veggies: “These will have to do. The Klaxii send their thanks. Though I don’t know why.”

@mbuhtz Suggestion: if friend buys your item and doesn’t want $$ back, give him something useful like flasks, gems, pet as a thanks.
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